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Abscess & Homeopathy

What is an Abscess / Boil / Furuncle?

An abscess is a tender, painful elevated mass of dead tissue, white blood cells and bacteria beneath skin caused by mainly bacterial infection. However, sometimes virus, fungi, parasites or other microbes may cause abscess. Abscess, boil and furuncle refer to the same entity. Of course, there is a slight difference, skin abscess is called boil or furuncle.

Abscess may be of two kinds:

i)Skin abscess

ii)Internal abscess

Skin abscesses are seen anywhere in the skin but mostly noted in the following sites:






Internal abscesses are seen in the internal organs like lung abscess, liver abscess, cerebral abscess etc.

What are the causes of abscess/boil/furuncle?

The main cause of skin-abscess/boil/furuncle is Staphylococcus bacterial infection. However, internal abscesses have different causes e.g., lung abscess from pneumonia, abdominal abscess from appendicitis, cerebral abscess from ear infection etc.

What are the signs and symptoms of abscess/boil/furuncle?

A Skin abscess/boil/furuncle has the following signs and symptoms:

i)Tender smooth swelling on the skin

ii)Redness and warmth of the site


iv)Visible collection of pus

v)Fever (Occasional)

An Internal abscess has the following signs & symptoms: In fact, these depend on the site of the disease, e.g., jaundice from liver abscess, cough and shortness of breath from lung abscess etc. Following general signs and symptoms may be there:



iii)Loss of appetite


v)Discomfort in the area

How are cases of abscesses managed in Classical homeopathy?

Homeopathy has got a very wide scope in managing tonsillitis. Let us get a life chronic case.

A senior lady came to my chamber with his son aged 15yrs. She reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)The boy named Ansur used to suffer from attack of crops of boil every summer; this summer too he has been suffering from the same. Just to show us the problem he was brought to city from his house of maternal uncle at village where he generally resided and performed schooling;

2)Every year he used to receive injection procaine penicillin from a doctor of the village to avoid the problem of crops of boils; but his mother informed, she decided to cure the problem once for all; so, she came to us with much hope;

3)That was the 5th year of problem;

4)From inspection, it was noted that in the face of Ansur there were 7 small boils – 3 on the forehead, 3 on the left cheek and chin and 1 on the right chin; boils were red with sharp tip; the face of the boy appeared a little swollen and his heart-bit was 100 p/m but his body temperature was normal;

5)His mother disclosed, this year she had taken Ansur here in the city during very early phase of his problem just for the sake of treatment and this year he had not taken penicillin still then; in the height of the disease, he used to get as many as 22-25 small boils on his body;

6)It was collected from Ansur that in the village-home at his maternal-uncle’s house, he used to rise early in the morning and collect fruits like ripe dates, falsa (a type of black berry), star-apples etc. from the ground which usually fell down during night from the trees; most of the fruits were cracked but like all other friends he would not mind it; just after collection, he often started eating those before any type of cleaning or washing; this was his practice in summer of each of the last five years.

7)It was also made known to us that he would return to his maternal uncle’s house just after treatment that day and would return again as the doctor would advise;


He looked a bit thin but otherwise OK; his skin was rough and dry. His face appeared sallow, pale, lacked the usual glow of a boy of his age; but lips were livid red;  

Past history:

1)He suffered from scabies in his childhood; treated with ointment;

2)From his childhood he did not like washing at all; too lazy;

3)He had always been a grumbler;

Family history:

1)His elder sister also suffered from disease of boils as he did;

2)His mother had chronic skin disease of some 20 yrs. standing;

3)Father died of an fatal accident when he was just 5yr.

4)One of his maternal suffered from dropsy; he was an out and out drunkard;

Mental Generals:

1)Sleep is very light; woke up at slight sound; dreams fearful; sometimes woke up singing;


Physical Generals:

1)Burning sensation of palms and soles; during sleep liked to keep feet out of bed;

2)Appetite : +++; sometimes got up at night to eat behind others;

3)Desire for sweets+++, fatty foods++;

4)Sweat : Axillae, feet and palms++;

1st Prescription:

Sulphur 0/2  12 doses in 120 ml. aq.dest; to be taken 1 dose on every morning;


To stop eating picked up cracked & trampled fruits immediately; his mother and he was apprised that such picked up cracked fruits consisted of much dirt, filth and bacteria. Unless eating of these was stopped, no permanent cure would be possible; these might be taken after proper washing with water thoroughly many times and that too if the fruits were intact that is, neither  cracked nor trampled, i.e., cracked and trampled fruits could never be taken. 

Review: After 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Ansur reported after 4 weeks; it was noted that there was only 1 boil remained on his forehead and too in drying phase. His face appeared much brighter than before and his behavior was also smarter; On query, he informed that he stopped taking of picked-up fruits before washing and he had also advised his friends to follow suit. He was prescribed Sulphur 0/4; 12 doses in 120 aq. dest. To be taken as before and to report after a month.

Ansur was still under treatment.


Proper hygienic measures in respect of inner garments, handkerchief is very important. Equally important are care about foods, drinks /diet and washing of hand with water carefully before taking food and use of fully cleansed utensils.


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