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Acidity & Homeopathy


What is an Acidity/Acid Reflux/GERD?

Acidity is by far the most common disease characterized by burning pain (heart burn) about lower chest area, occasionally sour-water at the back of throat. This is also known as Acid Reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases(GERD). About 60 million persons in India suffer daily in this disease. Chronic Acidity/ Acid Reflux can lead to serious complication.








What are the causes of Acidity?

The disease is idiopathic (unknown cause) in nature. Sometimes it is related to certain foods and drinks and lifestyle factors. The following are the risk factors of the disease:

1)Obesity (too much fat)

2)Alcohol or coffee drinking;

3)Certain medicines like pain killers, antihistamines, sedatives, anti-depressants;

4)Lack of physical culture;

5)Low dietary fibres;

6)High salt intake;


What are the signs and symptoms of Acidity/Acid Reflux?

i)Heat burn;

ii)Sour feeling at the back of throat;

iii)Dry, persistent cough;


v)Low grade asthma;

vi)Vomiting and nausea;

vii)Soreness and hoarseness in throat;

viii)Difficulty in swallowing;

ix)Chest pain;

x)Uneasy feeling in upper abdomen;

xi)Dental erosion;

xi)Bad breath;

How are cases of Acidity/Acid reflux/GERD managed in Classical homeopathy?

Homeopathy has got a very wide scope in managing this disease.

Let us get a life chronic case.

A lady aged about 26 yrs. of age came to my chamber. She reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)Acidity/ throat burn almost always; after eating anything she suffered; this was running for at least 3 years last; to start with, problems were felt towards afternoon, now almost ways;

2)She used to take antacid tabs. almost regularly for last 1 yr. or so. Now since her husband commented that she might suffer from a grave disease due to daily-intake of antacid tab., she came here to treat it.

3)When she was asked to describe the signs and symptoms of the disease when it was started, she disclosed that in those days trouble was not that much; whole day she was good; towards evening when she used to get up from afternoon nap, heartburn, throat burning felt at about 4-30 pm and it lasted till 8 pm in the evening; thereafter it subsided naturally. Now, it had become generalized and lasted almost always; there was no remission unless antacid tab. was taken.Very often, belching with smell of food taken came out; she feared whether the disease had become incurable;

4)Sometimes, if foods were a bit more oily and spicy, she used to suffer from heaviness in chest with increased rate of palpitations and slight dyspnea; it generally subsided only after taking antacid tab.

5)She used to suffer from constipation for last 6 months or so; had to spend a long time in the closet;occasionally felt pain in anal region after stool; but generally she did not require any laxative still;


She looked a bit more plump; there was light darkness beneath her lower eyelids; her hair had become thin, though, she did not mention it. Her wt: 62 kgs; Ht:150cms. She was definitely overweight. BMI >28.

Personal history:

1)She was unmarried; usually had her menstrual period timely but she bled profusely; she did not suffer from any white discharge; she usually took fried items with parched rice often bhujia in the evening regularly as light refreshment; On examination: Tonsils found enlarged; tongue swollen;

Past history:

1)She suffered from scabies in his childhood; treated with ointment;

2)From her childhood daysshe did not like washing at all; too lazy;

3)She had always been a grumbler;

Family history:

1)His elder sister suffered from Diabetes type II;

2)His mother had chronic hypothyroidism;

3)One of his maternal suffered from dropsy; he was an alcoholic;

Mental Generals:

1)Sleep is very light; woke up at slight sound; dreams fearful; sometimes woke up singing;

2)She was miserly; had tendency to save money whenever shegot some;

Physical Generals:

1)Burning sensation of palms and soles; during sleep liked to keep feet out of bed;

2)Desire for sweets+++, fatty foods++, Eggs+++;

4)Sweat : Axillae, feet and palms++;

1st Prescription:

Sulphur200/2 doses in 15ml. aq.dest; to be taken 1 dose on every morning on successive days;


1)To stop taking fried  item/bhujia in the evening; she was made realized that these foods acted as source of acidity and obstacle to cure and unless she stopped taking these, there would be no permanent cure;

2)To keep antacid tab. reserved for extreme emergency, i.e., do not take this if unbearable pain compelled her to do so.

3)She was informed of facts about her BMI and the consequences of increased BMI; she was advised to keep her body weight under control  and start walking/jogging regularly. She was advised to reduce fatty foods and carbohydrate too; instead take fruits as much as possible along with lunch and supper;

4)Drink water 2-2.5 L  a day;

Review: After 3 weeks;

Follow up:

The lady reported after 3 weeks that she was better  but acidity was still troubling him; she did not require to take any antacid during last 3 weeks and passing of stool was less painful; of late, she felt an imperative desire to take eggs; She was prescribed Calcarea carb. 1M /6 doses to be taken every third day and to continue other advices as before. Report after a  month.

After a month when the lady reported, it was collected that she had been feeling acidity about evening very much, but strangely burning was not there and the extra urge for taking of eggs also gone; she was given Lycopodium clav. 10M/1 dose. To report after 2 months. Thereafter, many months elapsed, the lady did not turn up.

How can Acidity be prevented ?

Acidity basically is a disease of erroneous practice of foods and drinks; and lack of physical activities. If foods cooked with transfat (burnt oil) and highly spicy things are avoided altogether and some daily physical exercise are taken, the disease can be prevented. Drinking of water is also a factor, one should drink water at least 2 L. a day.


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