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Acne & Homeopathy


What is Acne?

Acne or common acne medically known as Acne vulgaris is a type of bump or pimple on the skin like a blackhead or a whitehead  or a cyst or a nodule.

These may appear on face, shoulder, chest, throat, neck or any other portion of body surface; however, their most common seat is face.

It is said, every person on the earth faces this problem at least once in her/his life. Though, this problem generally first arises at puberty with the activation of endocrine system, yet a child or even a person may be affected with acne at any age. Persons with oily skin suffer most.

Acne rosacea, acne conglobata are two dreadful varieties  of acne.

              ACNE ROSACEA

What is the cause of Acne?

Acne forms due to action of bacteria on the clogged pores of hair follicle on the skin for excess secretion of oil from sebaceous gland. In other words, at puberty androgenic hormone testosterone starts secreting which increases sebum secretion of sebaceous gland. Excess sebum clogs the opening of the hair follicle. Then comes the natural bacteria residing on the skin to create acne.

However, following life-style, personal hygiene and environmental factors are supposed to play a role in their sustenance:

1)Exposure to sun

2)Heavy exercise

3)Spicy foods  


What are the signs and symptoms of Acne?

1)Bump like swelling with white, black, brown head with tenderness;

2)Uneasiness on the area of skin of affection;

3)Sometimes a generalized swelling is visible;

4)Repeated and continued infection of the place may lead to scar formation;

5)Person concern may suffer from emotional stress;

How is the problem of Acne managed in Classical Homeopathy?

General Discussion:

Therapeutically there are a lot of medicines that may be used for patients with acne, like Belladonna, Calcarea carb., Calcarea phos., Sulphur, Psorinum  etc.  However, it may be mentioned, therapeutic aims at managing acute stage of the disease only; since this website is dedicated to manage chronic patients constitutionally with classical homeopathy, we will take up a case or two of chronic in nature.

Case Study 1:

Miss Riya Apte, aged 18+ reported the following:

Chief complaints:

1)She has been suffering from acne rosacea (a virulent form of acne) for about  last 10 months;

2)Whole of right part of nose, cheek and both sides of chin are  matted with numerous brown-head pimples and appeared intense red and swollen; 

3) Skin appeared thickened and blood vessels are visible below.

4)She felt whole part tender and a smarting sensation all over;

5)Takes a lot of medicines both orally and applied a lot ointments only to worsen the situation;

6)Her mother, who accompanied her to the chamber, reported that she could not sleep in the night and tossed in bed restlessly till late night; and she always sleep in knee-elbow position;

Menstrual history:

1)Nothing abnormal reported;

2)Very often leucorrhea troubles him; it is very thin hot and runs up to heels; the skin surface over which it runs, smarts;   

Past history:

1)Severe form of scabies almost covered whole body at age 10yrs., treated with Ascabiol lotion for 3 months;

2)At the age 12yrs. dry eczematous eruption appeared on outer surface of both elbow joints, treated with ointment;

3)Measles – 15 yrs.

Family history :

1)Father suffered from many types of skin disease; now, he is suffering from asthma, has to take Asthalin puff regularly;

2)Paternal uncle is reported to suffer from psoriasis.

3)Grandpa died of cancer;

4)Maternal uncle is suffering from osteoarthritis;

5)Mother suffered from joint pains during new moon and full moon.

Daily intake of foods and drinks:

1)Morning 7am – Tea/Coffee and biscuits (2pcs)

2) 10 am : Rice, dal, sabji, bhajee, dahi;

3) 2pm (during of college): Jhal muri, parotta -sabjee;

4)6pm (after college): she feels very hungry and takes almost every day either noodles-chicken or special rolls with egg and chicken and  enough of fish-chops & fish-fingers and thereafter cold-drinks; while she was reporting this, her mother intervened and reported that for this she did not take anything in supper – and daily cross-talking occurs at home over the issue; for last one year, this was her routine of food-intake;

Appearance :Lean, thin, narrow chested, fair-complexion;

Mental Generals:

1)Very much fastidious; obstinate;

2)Like fuss++;

3)Very much apprehensive in nature;

4)Flies into anger when consoled slightly;

5)Lover of music and dance; very often keeps rhythm with music while doing other job;

6)Very much sympathetic to others’ suffering; Her mother reported Riya had a tendency to  hand over his taxi fare to a needy person and come home on foot from the college; in fact she did it many a times, so they gave her some extra money always;

7)Sleep: Suffered a lot from insomnia; while noting this symptoms, the patient almost prayed with folded hands to physician: “kindly, doctor give me deep sleep! I cannot remember when I last slept 2 hrs. continuously!” Her mother also stressed on this point. She used to lie down in dog-coil manner;

8)From her mother, it was collected that Riya was very intelligent and always faired a very good result in all exams.  

Physical Generals:

1)Likes meat, cold drinks, fat, sweets—all these four most intensely;

2)She does not like washing; have unclean habits;

3)Appetite: OK

4)Thirst: less; takes about 3 glasses water in a day;

1st Prescription:

Carcinosin: 02/12doses; to be taken 1 TSF on every alternate morning in empty stomach after 10 strokes of medicine-bottle and mixing a dose with one glass of water; Advice: To stop taking fast food and cold drinks  immediately; Her mother has been advised to arrange for her food from home; to take at least 8 glasses of water a day; to take enough fruits and green salad along with staple foods;

Follow up :

The patient was subsequently treated with Sepia in various 50 millesimal potencies with intermittent carcinosin 0/4 and 0/6 potencies for about one year when the disease tamed;

How can Acne be prevented?

It is said that acne vulgaris, i.e., common acne is a disease of puberty and it will affect all; however, preventive measures are there always. Following measures may be adopted:

1)Keep bowel movement easy with daily intake of enough veg and fruits;

2)Avoid salt, sweets and fat(Junk foods/Packaged foods);

3)Take some physical exercise regularly;

4)Get at least 1.5 – 2 lit. of water daily;

5)Wash face with cold water at least 6 times a day; use soft soap 2 times esp. after returning from outside;


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