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Adenoiditis & Homeopathy


What is Adenoiditis?

Adenoiditis is inflammation of adenoid glands situated behind the internal opening of nose or behind soft palate. These glands are a kind lymphatic tissue found in neck, groin and armpit. Their function is similar to tonsils. Only difference between adenoids and tonsils is that while the adenoids are not easily visible and requires special type of ENT instrument to make them visible, the tonsils are easily visible whenever one opens one’s mouth.

It may be borne in mind that adenoiditis and tonsillitis go hand in hand. Because of their proximity and similar nature, they are affected jointly. As suchsigns and symptoms of adenoiditis and tonsillitis are also similar.





What are the duties of Adenoids?

Adenoids together with Tonsils form the first line of defense of our immune system. They guard the entry passage into the windpipe and esophagus like doorkeepers. However, during performance of their duties, they often get attacked by various microbes like bacterial, virus etc. giving rise to sensation of pain, roughness and uneasiness in the throat if the person’s immune system is not enough healthy.

In fact, repeated infection of adenoids is a warning signal of the body to attract attention of the person concerned that his body needs proper care and treatment to raise the level of immune system.

Is it judicious to operate the Adenoids off surgically?

A group of physician think that repeated infection of adenoids are a threat to the person’s health. They think that if a part of the body cannot perform its duty properly and becomes a problem to the body itself, it is better to cut it off, i.e., they prefer surgical operation of adenoids (Adinoidectomy). There is logic in their thinking.

 However, classical homeopathy always thinks that surgical operation of adenoids is not desirable, for, in such a case, the door becomes wide open to the microbes to go inside the body and create trouble without an iota of resistance. There will be no resistance because the first line of defense is not there, neither will there be any warning that the person’s body has been invaded by external inimical microbes.

 Homeopathy thinks that let us strengthen our doorkeepers  rather than driving them away altogether. So classical homeopathy attempts to rectify the dyscrasia in the constitution of the person by properly treating the latter on the basis of totality of symptoms. It realizes the event of repeated infection of adenoids as a signal of the body indicating that proper treatment of the individual is required.

The reader can take now his own view whether operation of adenoids is judicious!

What are common causes of Adenoiditis?

Infection by bacteria like streptococcus bacilli, virus like adeno virus, rhino virus, Epstein-Barr virus etc. are the common causes. Now there is  a cause behind a cause! If one tries to realize why a particular person is attacked by microbes again and again! Then, the cause behind the cause comes out. It is the person’s constitution which is at stake. Person’s diet, regimen may need adjustment or the person may need proper medical treatment.

What are common signs and symptoms of Adenoiditis?

1)Sore throat, pain, sometimes pain to ear;

2)Painful deglutition;

3)Tonsils appear swollen and more red, sometimes whitish or yellowish patches are visible;

4)Swollen lymph node in neck;

5)Fever may be there;

6)Foul breath;

How are cases of Adenoiditis managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Let us take a live case from our clinic.

Mr. Kartik , aged 12, a student of class Vii of a local High School came along with hisfather who narrated the following symptoms:

1)Repeated fever with throat pain;

2)On Examination it was noted that Mr.Kartik’s body temperature was normal. Pulse rhythm, strength and rate were normal too; Her adenoids &tonsils look angry and swollen . White spots on the adenoids & tonsils were visible.

3)Kartik looked very sickly and lacked the boyish go!

4)It was collected that his other mile-stone developments were normal; however, he suffered a lot during dentition;

5)His both tibia bones were curved outside;

6)He suffered from headache after returning from school;

7)He used to hawk too much to clear his voice;

Past history:

1)Suffered from oozing of blood from navel after birth for one month;

2)His neck was too weak; took a long time to hold the head;

3)During age 4 yr. to 6yr. he suffered from abnormal curvature of spines(Scoliosis); now almost normal;

The following information were elicited querying Kartik himself:

Mental Generals:

1)He often sighed involuntary;

2)He was unable to perform arithmetic; prayed to help him most earnestly;

3)He is irritable & fretful type;

Physical Generals:

1)She craved salted meat;

2)Her palm was always moist and very cold;

3)His scalp perspired profusely during sleep;

4)Thirst: OK; took water about1500 ml. a day;


1)He is tall and lean; particularly his neck appeared too thin;

2)Cheeks full of acne vulgaris;

3)Appeared tall & under-weight compared to his age; Wt: 35 kg; Ht:5’1”;

Family history: (as reported by his father)

1)His elder sistersuffered from very slow ossification of scalp bones;

2)Mother suffered from benign uterine neoplasm .

1St Prescription:

Calcareaphos. 1M; 4 doses of medicine was prescribed in 30 ml of aqua dest. To be taken for 2 days twice a day; one dose at night one and a half hour after supper and another in next morning in empty stomach dry mouth;


1)Start taking warm milk mixing with equal amount of water for a cup after supper every day;

Follow up:

Kartick was given Calcareaphos. up to CMpotency following 10M and 50M over a period of more than one yr. There was no episode of fever and throat pain so far;  now she put on 3.5 kg weight. There was a definite change in his face and outward appearance too; it was reported that now he used to take part in outdoor games actively and most interesting fact was that he scored 50% marks in last arithmetic class test.

How can Adenoiditis be prevented?

1)Avoid sudden chilling with cold bath, cold drinks, cold foods; while taking such drinks or foods, take a small portion in mouth, play with it there for some time and then swallow it.

2)Take enough of fruits and veg. with Vitamin C.

3)Gurgle with warm saline water (250 ml. with a pinch of salt) in the morning at least once a day.

4)Take morning-bath daily; it helps a lot in preventing adenoiditis /tonsillitis; use normal water, not hot / warm even in winter; if necessary, use less water, but normal water. Please remember, practising bath in warm water daily lowers the body-immunity; however, if you cannot do without warm water, warm the water to a temperature slightly less your body-temperature.

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