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Hay Fever & Homeopathy / Allergic Rhinitis & Homeopathy


What is Hay Fever/Allergic Rhinitis?

Hay Fever is an inflammatory condition of nasal mucous membrane caused by allergic air-borne substances like pollens, fungi and others coming from plants and characterized by sneezing, running nose and eyes, heaviness of sinuses but no fever. The name ‘Hay Fever’ has nothing do with ‘hay’ or ‘fever’; possibly, the name relates to its origin from plants and influenza-like symptoms (except elevated temperature). This condition is also known as Allergic Rhinitis. Readers would please note that influenza / flu, though, has the same set of signs and symptoms plus running temperature is caused by virus.



What are the causes of Allergic Rhinitis?

Cause of the disease is the altered immune reaction of the patient’s body towards other harmless substances like pollens and others related plants. So, the primary cause is the dyscrasia in the immune system of the patient which takes otherwise harmless substances as harmful ones and attacks the same. 

What are signs and symptoms of Allergy?

i)Running nose and eyes;

ii)Bouts of sneezing;

iii)Heaviness of head;

How are patients with Allergic Rhinitis managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Allergic Rhinitis is definitely a systemic disease where the person’s immune system is involved. Classical Homeopathy treats patients according to constitution of them, as such Allergy Rhinitis, though treated as a disease of idiopathic nature, has a definite place in Homeopathy to manage. Let us take a live case: 

Case Study 1:

Mr. Kapil Burman, a footballer of a first division club of the city, aged about 25 yrs, reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)A pt. of Chronic allergic rhinitis for last 2yrs.;

2)Sudden appearance of volleys of sneezing with running nose and eyes; watering so profuse that handkerchief had to be changed;

3)Did not know when and where attack would appear; it appeared as though bolt from the blue;

4)Heaviness in the frontal sinus area ++;

5)Though the symptoms were not grave but he was very much anxious about cure of the disease as he had tried many medicines for last 2 year in vain;

6)This trouble also irritated him because he had been in an odd situation in club and football ground; in fact, it affected his career as a footballer, since club authorities pressed him to get cured as early as possible; otherwise, he might not get selected in the team.

Appearance & Personal history:

  • Body Structure: Athlete-like; muscular slim stature;

  • Daily Practices: Used to get very early in the morning and practice football for 2 hrs. at a stretch; Of late, there was a break in the routine; yet if he could not practice, he used to run for 6-7 km. in the morning;

  • Appetitie: Gradually diminishing;

  • Thirst: Used to take 2.5 L. water daily;

  • Food habits: Along with eggs, fishes, he used to take enough fruits and vegetables daily;

  • Addiction: Had no addiction, even, in festive days, he did not take an iota of drinks;

  • Sleep: Used to get sound sleep for 7 hrs., now-a-days sleep had become restless and shallow; unrefreshing sleep;

Past history:

1)Suffered from ringworm at 15 yrs., treated with ointment;

2)Tonsillectomy at age of 8 yrs;

3)Lost 3 kg. of body weight in last 6 months;

Family history:

Maternal side: Insanity ++;

Paternal side: Tuberculosis; Cancer;

Mental Generals:

1)Too much affinity for music;

2)Very much melancholic, sometimes bordering on going insane;

3)Phobia of street dog++;

4)Talked in sleep with teeth-grinding;

Physical Generals:

1)Liked sour things very much but could not in fear of allergy;


Patient acquired a strong tubercular diathesis from both paternal and maternal side; Hay Fever has a strong relationship with Tuberculosis; It has been that hay fever is a precursor of PTB and patient’s mental generals also indicate the same.  

1st Prescription:

Bacillinum 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml aqua dest to be taken twice a day;


1)To continue physical activities and other diets/drinks as usual;

2)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks there occurred one attack of rhinitis but duration and intensity both was less and most important change noted that his melancholic attitude was completely gone and their definite improvement in sleep, now he gto sleep 6 hrs. at a stretch;

Medicine: Bacillinum 0/2, 12 doses; other advices as before; thereafter he was treated with the same medicine up to 0/6 during last 8 months in which he experienced only two attacks in all. Towards concluding part, dry type ringworm reappeared when Psorinum 10M/1 dose was administered; Thus Mr. Burman was rendered completely free form Allergic Rhinitis.  


As the cause of the disease is altered immune reaction of the body, there is no definite preventive treatment. However, attempts should be made to preserve body immunity intact and follow other rules of normal health. Readers may kindly read and study articles ‘Body Immunity’ & ‘Rules of Health’ under menu “General Advices” of this site.

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