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Allergy & Homeopathy


What Allergy?

Allergy is an altered immune reaction of an individual’s body to substances which are otherwise innocuous. These substances are called allergens. Allergens may be foods, pollens, vegetables, medicines, dust, fungi etc. The total number of allergens may be few hundred.One thing must be understood, one allergen may cause disturbing troubles to a person or a group of persons while the same may not affect another at all. Common allergens are : foods, pollens, vegetables, medicine, dust, moulds, fungi etc.





What are the causes of Allergy?

1)Cause of Allergy is always the altered immune reaction of the patient’s body towards a particular allergen. Since a particular allergen does not produce same set of symptoms and signs to all and again no reaction can occur on its own and at least two agents are required, it can  be inferred that allergen is also responsible for the reaction, though the primary cause is the dyscrasia in the immune system of the patient which takes otherwise harmless substances as harmful ones and attacks the same.

What are signs and symptoms of Allergy?

i)Skin rashes & Itching;

ii)Swelling of eyes, cheeks, limbs;

iii)Sneezing and wheezing respiration;

iv)Shock, especially known as Anaphylactic shock, which very occasionally lead to death even;

How are patients with Allergy managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Allergy is definitely a systemic disease where the person’s immune system is involved. Classical Homeopathy treats patients according to constitution of them, as such Allergy, though treated as a disease of idiopathic nature, has a definite place in Homeopathy to manage. Let us take a live case:

Case Study 1:

Mrs. S. Banerjee, aged about 30 yrs, reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)A pt. of Chronic allergy for 10 yrs. to a lot of things like brinjals, pumpkin, cotton, egg, crayfish, all green veg., milk & milk-products;

2) While gone to bed at night feeling of pricking needle in the throat for 15-20 mins. then sleep set in;

3)Often cough, used to take water to get relief but no action;

4)During last 1month and a half loss of 4 – 5 kg. body-weight;

Past history:

1)Suffered from jaundice 8 times – last attack 1yrs. ago;

2)Typhoid twice followed by severe hair loss;

3)Tonsillectomy at age of 8 yrs;


Mental Generals:

1) Too much affinity to music;

2) Very fond of domestic animals and birds;

3) Fond of travelling ++;

4)Sleep: OK;

5)Very angry at trifle and threw things in anger;

Physical Generals:

1)Liked sour things very much but could not in fear of allergy;

Family history:

Maternal side: Insanity ++;

Paternal side: Suicidal tendency;

Addiction &Personal history:

  • No addiction;

  • No trouble in Menstrual Period from menarchae;

  • No leucorrhoea

  • Unmarried for personal reason;

  • Physical built: Weight appeared commensurate with height;

  • Used to take walk for 4 km. a day;

  • Used to get water 1 L. a day;

  • Very late riser 9am) and late in taking supper (11 pm) and going to bed(about mid-night);

  • Sleep: Restless; took at least 1 hr. to set in;

1st Prescription:

Tuberculinum 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml aqua dest to be taken twice a day;


1)To attempt to take supper before 10pm, target to bring to 9pm;

2)To drink water at least 2L. a day; to take a glass of water before going to bed;

3)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks throat problem reduced a little, all other problems as before;

2nd Prescription :

Repeat the earlier 0/2,12doses;
Other advices to follow as before;

Review : After 4 weeks;

After 4 weeks, patient reported severe aggravation of mental irritability; She was given HeparSulph. 0/3, 12 doses in 120 ml. distilled water; Review after 4 weeks. Thereafter, there was all round improvement. The same medicine was given upto 0/8 over a period of 8 months when her allergic problem was much abetted and she used to take a lot of so-called foods which were allergen to her previously. Thereafter, patient did not turned up.


As the cause of the disease is altered immune reaction of the body, there is no definite preventive treatment. However, attempts should be made to preserve body immunity intact and follow other rules of normal health. Readers may kindly read and study articles ‘Body Immunity’ & ‘Rules of Health’ under menu “General Advices” of this site.


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