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Alzheimer's & Homeopathy


What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

This  is an old-age progressive brain disorder that damages and finally destroys the brain cells leading to gradual loss of memory(Dementia), failure to recognize time, places, persons and many other types of difficulties like personality changes to trouble in movement. About 5 million Indians suffer from this pathetic disease.This is a so-called incurable type of disease.

   What are the causes of Alzheimer’s Disease?

 Cause: Death of brain cells of cerebral cortex. Between dying      cells foreign tiny inclusions called plaques and tangles are formed  out of proteins of  the brain tissue. In the diagram above, white  colored matters are the plaques and tangles. As to the reasons of  death of brain cells, it has been ascertained that towards the end  of the process of changes in brain cells, some immune reaction  finally causes the death of the cells. Emperically it has also been observed that the disease is most prevalent in the persons who are accustomed to take meat and wine abundantly in their lives !


What are the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Early signs:

i)Memory loss that hampers daily life; they cannot remember things they keep a minute before; use to ask the same question repeatedly; do the same thing again and again like counting money, washing hands etc.

ii)Difficulty in planning and solving even small problems; if sent to market to purchase three or four things from different places, they cannot decide how to do it;

iii)Difficulty in performing daily task; they require help in buttoning or unbuttoning shirts, wearing trousers or other dresses, cannot comb hair;

iv)Confusion as to time and places; they cannot tell what day and date today or where they are though the place is well-known to them ;

v)Cannot find right word to speak to or write to; while speaking with others cannot find the right words, often fumbles and gropes for words, look dumbfounded;

vi)Withdrawn from society; they keep themselves away from others, do not like to mix with others, take part in social activities; do not respond to calls of others;

vii)Mood changes and personality changes; sudden out-burst of anger on trivial matter; most commonly irritable person becomes unexpectedly gentle and timid etc;

Late signs:

i)They forget own personal history;

ii)Fail to control bladder or bowel – involuntary urination and defaecation (pass urine & stool unknowingly);

iii)Changes in sleep pattern – they who used to sleep at night start sleeping in day and stay awake all night;

iv)Tendency to get lost or wander away – many patients get lost during this phase;

v)Require round-the-clock assistance;

vi)Lose awareness of surroundings;

vii)Lose physical ability to stand, sit, walk even swallow;

viii)Fail to communicate even with attendants;

ix)Become prone to be attacked with Pneumonia;

How is a case of Alzheimer’s Disease managed with Classical Homeopathy?

General discussion:

The disease is an old age disease which advances in slow but definite pace and some-how it is related to immune system of the patients – all these are challenging situations, for, in old age generally immune reactions become very weak and altered. However, there are a few medicines in homeopathy which can cover the pathophysiology of the disease and naturally can be tried hopefully. Let us get a case.

Case Study :

Mr. Jalebi Baba Khan, aged about 62, accompanied by his son came to my chamber and presented the following the signs &symptoms:

  • Mr. Khan had been suffering from last 5 yrs; his memory was gradually falling and failing;

  • Loss of memory started  with names of friends and distant relatives; now he failed to remember the names of his own sons and daughters;

  • Along with appeared a disabling type of weakness, particularly in his legs; previously, he used to take morning and evening walks, however, of late, he was reluctant to do the same; when asked, he reported his legs were as heavy as lead, so he could not walk any more;

  • He had become very reticent these days; his son reported that his father had not been so reserved earlier, he used to take part in social get-together at home; but now he was withdrawn; he kept himself bolt in a room during get-together so that none could disturb him;

  • I asked him personally whether he got sound sleep during night; Mr Khan looked at me vacantly; his son replied, he has observed light stayed on in his father’s room late at night.

Past History:

  • He maintained a robust and active life till 55 yrs. of age; his son could not name any disease his father suffered from;

  • He used to take huge amount of beef, meat daily, even, twice a day from the age of 20yrs.; along with it, he had been a habitual drinker; he used to take 5-6 pegs of high branded wine of foreign make; still now he insisted on having it, however, persons at home, somehow managed to restrain;

  • He had been a professional wrestler till the age of 45 yrs;


Family history:

  • Father suffered from syphilis; used to drink throughout his life;

  • Elder brother had been suffering from complete loss of memory;

  • Grand mother died in Cancer uterus;

  • Maternal uncle also died in Cancer penis;

  • Maternal aunt reported to die in ovarian cancer at the age of 22 yrs.

Mental Generals:

  • Loss of memory, esp. of names;

  • Liked to stay alone brooding;

  • No complaints whatsoever;

Physical Generals:

  • Little thirst; however, tongue was moist, large, flabby and imprints of teeth on both sides;

  • Perspire too much, however, no relief;

  • Problems aggravated at night;

  • Stool constipated; had to take purgative regularly;

1st Prescription:

Plumbum met. 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml. aq. Dest; to be taken following standard procedure;

Advice:  to be followed strictly

  • To decrease dose of pugative to 50%; object is to stop it gradually;

  • Stop wine and meat completely;

  • Morning walk: for at least 2kms. Attendant must accompany him.

  • Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker(CC)

  • 9 am: Tanduri roti(2 pcs) + Veg.soup + plain curd(100 gms.) + fruits-salad

  • 1–30 pm: Chapattis(2 pcs.) + plain curd 150gms) + fruit salad

  • 5 – 6 pm: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. C.C.

  • Evening walk : 1km (to increase gradually)[Attendant must accompany]

  • 9 pm : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+ fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate)

  • To take water (preferably mineral water): 1.5 to 2 L. a day;

  • Review : after 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Mr. Khan’s son reported after three weeks; patient’s status was unchanged. He was administered Plumbum 0/2, 12 doses as above. Advice: Diet to follow as advised; review after one month. One month after one family member of Mr. Khan reported no change. The patient was given the same medicine up to 0/8 when first change was noticed. It was reported that the patient was getting sound sleep for 4-5 hrs.Mr. Khan treatment was still going on.


Since the disease is idiopathic (without any definite cause) in nature but somewhat related to altered immune reactions, my experience says if one likes to prevent herself/himself from this disease, she or he should follow this:

  • Not to indulge in too much wine and meat;

  • Better to be a vegetarian and teetotaler from 50yrs. of age;

  • To take part in active physical exercises like brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming etc.

  • To take part in mental work like reading books, playing chess games or card games;

  • Not to do anything which damages ‘Body Immunity’; please read and follow strictly ‘Body Immunity’ under menu ‘General Advices’ of this site.


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