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Autism & Homeopathy / A.S.D. & Homeopathy


I would like to start the article with a myth-breaking fact established by all researchers and caregivers associated with Autistic persons that though the latter cannot express their feelings in the way all other normal persons can do, THEY DO FEEL LOVE, HAPPINESS, SADNESS, PAIN, SCOLDING, DISLKES, HATRED, INDIFFERNECE LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. EACH OF THEM DESERVES DIGNITY NOT MERCY FROM US !!!

What is Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder/Autistic Spectrum Disorder(ASD)?

Autism is a developmental disability caused by brain dysfunction where the patients suffered from deficiency of social and communication skill from the very 1st year of birth. This is a wide spectrum disease,  that is, no two patients of this disease have completely identical signs and symptoms as to their types and intensities.







What are the causes of Autism/ASD ?

Researches established that autism is related to a mutated gene; however, the cause of mutation of gene is still unknown; the following risk factors are reported by the researchers:

1)Suffering from Flu and persistent Fever over a week during pregnancy may increase the probability of child born being  autistic very high; however, this point is highly controversial as some senior clinicians of highest quality opined the risk in such cases as NIL;

2)Use of Antibiotic during pregnancy slightly raise the probability of child born to be autistic;

3)A child whose parent, brother or sister has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia has a high risk of being diagnosed with ASD/Autism;

4)A child born of an older father has a high risk of being diagnosed with ASD/Autism;

5)Pregnant mothers exposed to air traffic pollution have high probability of giving birth to autistic children;

What are the sign and symptoms of Autism?

1)Autistic children/persons are socially clumsy and often pass offensive  comments during interactions;

2)They may be of withdrawn type showing little interest in others;

3)Generally, they do not do eye-contact with others, unless they are educated to do so in this regard which most of them follow;

4)They have less skill in talking / involvement while talking;

5)They show less empathy while interacting socially; their words are woody and monotonous;

6)They dislike cuddling, i.e., caressing or fondling or hugging;

7)Speech disability increases with severity of the disease, i.e., many autistic persons do not speak at all;

8)Repetitive behaviours are a routine to them;

9)Their developments are not uniform in all aspects of life; one autistic person may have rich vocabulary while suffering in social behaviours; another may be quite strong in cognitive behaviours (thinking and intelligence)but lacks in motor functions etc.,etc;

10)They are socially retarded;

11)They are obsessive;

12)Their learning process is very unpredictable and cannot be relied upon; one may learn to do a complex job easily while cannot perform an easy task;

13)Stimming and tics are very much common in their behaviours; [Tics are twitching of faces; stimming means repeating body movement to self-stimulate, viz., constantly flapping one hand like a bird’s wing while writing something with another hand]

14)In many cases they have much higher IQs or very fine sense of music or drawing capabilities of high quality;

15)Males are prone to get affected with autism compared to females;

How are cases of AUTISMS managed in Classical Homeopathy?

We already know that Autism is a disease of mutated gene or due to effect of a specific environment that changes the constitution of a mother as well as the child growing in her womb.  Constitutional disorder is essentially an individualistic systemic disease where the constitution of the patient is deformed. Since Classical Homeopathy aims at constitutional treatment of an individual, Autism has definite management in Classical Homeopathy. In fact, these days, studying Autism has been a popular subject-matter in Post-Graduate level of Homeopathic Institutions in India. Let us take a Live case.

Child Archana, a 4year-old picturesque girl-child, was brought to my chamber by her both parents; her father informed me of the following facts:

Chief Complaints:

1)Archana’s mile-stone developments were delayed;

2)There was no steady eye-contact till that day;

3)No babbling till 2yrs. of age;

4)At the end of 16 months of her birth, when she started crawling, we noticed her movement to be bizarre; and immediately reported the same to the Pediatrician who, after performing a few tests, diagnosed the case to be of an Autism;

5)While I was listening to Archana’s father, Archana was constantly handling with a big button on her garments with fingers; she was performing a peculiar movement with her fingers again and again without paying least attention to anything else beside;

6)When she started babbling at the age of 2yr., the abnormality of her  behavior was noticed more vividly; when she was called by her name, she paid attention for a few seconds only to get distracted again to perform some function of her choice;

7)Most of the time stayed silent and reserved; she used to keep herself busy with routine work.

8)She used to perform tics (twitching faces)very rarely; but perform stimming often;


Archana  looked a bit thin and under-weight compared to her biological age. She always remained busy fingering with the button of her garments; 

Family history:

1)Father suffered from Pulmonary TB at 30 yrs, the he was 38;

2)Mother suffered from severe form of Psoriasis at the age of 20, then she was 28;

3)Her paternal uncle died prematurely from severe form of Pleural Effusion;

4)Her maternal uncle still suffering Psoriasis;

5)Paternal aunt suffered from insanity and then she was admitted in a Mental hospital;

Mental Gernerals:

1)Archana had an unnatural sense of rthym;  though clumsy in her movements, she used to dance with any music keeping perfect time with her hands flying like birds in all her dances (stimming);

2)She was fearless; no household pets, insects, flies, mosquitoes -- she feared from; she often tried to catch lizards, cockroaches, though never succeeded;  

Physical Generals:

1)Appetite: took foods from mother’s hand only and no body else’s; very much strict about the quantity; when she felt ok, she refused to take a single more mouthful; if insisted upon, she raises serious hue and cry;

2)Thirst: almost nil; drink hardly 500 ml. a day;

1ST Prescription :

Carcinosin 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml. distilled water; to be taken from 2nd glass as directed;


1)Her mother was advised to drink water herself within the view of Archana before every meal; the idea behind was to send a message to Archana to drink water before meal; having done this for two days, she should attempt to make Archana drink water before meal. Her mother was also instructed to feed Archana one more meal a day; to start with she was instructed not to force Archana for more meal, just intimate Archana that she had  to take an additional meal; from next 2nd or 3rd  day onward, attempt should be made to feed her another meal. In this way, Archana should be fed more meal and be drunk more water.

2)Her mother was also instructed to take Archana to Children-Park like places where she would get chance to meet her peer group and watch from her a close distance and restrain her or others from any untoward event.

Review : After 1 month;


After a month Archana’s mom reported that there was no change except that she was taking water before every meal and an additional meal was added to her routine; the same medicine was repeated with gradual increased potency up to 0/6 when two remarkable changes were noted.  Archana had now stopped ‘stimming’ during dances and her movements were a bit better now; and now she spoke to her mother with steady eye-contact. Her mother was very glad at this. Archana’s management was still going on.


Since the exact cause of the disease is mutated gene; exact preventive measures is very difficult to chalk-out; however, following steps may be taken to minimize birth of an Autistic child by controlling regimen, diet and environment of expectant mothers :

i)Pregnant mothers should be vaccinated against Flu, Rubella;

ii)Anti-biotic should be used as less as possible during pregnancy;

iii)Pregnant mothers should be kept off from air traffic pollutants;

iv)Avoidance of smoking and hard drinks during pregnancy;

v)Following normal healthy rules like taking regular walking, drinking water adequately, taking healthy foods with enough fruits and veg.

vi)Taking at least 7-8 hrs. sleep;

The last thing, but probably the most challenging suggestion, is that Homeopathic Stalwart J.T. Kent of USA once remarked that during pregnancy, mother’s constitutional problems surfaced on her physique and that was the high time to treat her with anti-miasmatic drugs to remove the constitutional dyscrasia so that mother as well as the coming new-born child became free from dyscrasia!! Just imagine the level of thinking!  While other systems of Medicine try to avoid administering medicine on a pregnant lady, lest  her health and the newborn’s health are affected untowardly,  the Great Kent suggested just the opposite. HE was really a student of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who said ‘Dare to be wise!!’.

I personally consider that Brilliant Kent was absolutely on the dot because I personally took up a very simple case some 20 years before where the lady used to abort naturally around 3rd month of her pregnancy (actually 3 times she suffered from this). And after my treatment she gave birth to a normal healthy baby. So why could other disease-dyscrasias  not be corrected during pregnancy with proper treatment??   


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