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Asthma & Homeopathy / Asthma & Homeopathy


What is Asthma/Bronchial Asthma?

It is a form of inflammatory lung disease affecting the air tube carrying air in or out of the lung. Due to some substance called ‘trigger’,the walls of the air tube get inflamed, its muscles tighten up, the inner lining swells up and ooze mucus to constrict the air-passage. As a result, the person suffers from breathlessness, cough, wheezing respiration and this is known as Asthma or Bronchial Asthma.








What are the causes of Asthma?

No definitive cause yet ascertained; research says, it is related to heredity and persons with eczema and hay fever;  Some says, it is due to allergic reaction of the ‘trigger’ with the inner lining of the bronchi.

What are the signs and symptoms of the Asthma?

1)Shortness of breath;

2)Feeling of constriction in the chest;

3)Wheezing respiration;

4)Frequent cough;

How are patients with Asthma managed with Classical Homeopathy?

General Discussion:

Since this website is dedicated to manage chronic patients constitutionally with classical homeopathy, we will take up a case or two of chronic in nature. However, acute attack can also be tackled with Homeopathic medicines with proper follow-up and management.

Case Study 1:

Mr.Kamal Mahato aged 22+ reported the following:

He has been suffering from bouts of attack of shortness of breath and constriction feeling in the chest with frequent coughfor last 10 months. He managed the acute flare-ups with inhaler/puffer.However, he intended to cure it without use of inhaler. As such, he came to me for treatment and asked whether we could give him any guarantee of cure.

He was informed that we could not give any guarantee of cure. However, many cases of asthma had already been treated by us, some treatment was still continuing. A few patients also stopped treatment since results were slow and not up to their expectation. He was requested to take his own decision whether he would try homeopathy in his case. ‘Let me discuss the matter with my family-members’, saying this he left my chamber.

After two days, he returned with father and presented the following symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)For last 10 months he has been suffering from spells of shortness of breathing, constriction feeling in the chest along with frequent cough; he consulted about 6 months ago a lady doctor of modern medicine and according her advice he has been taking inhaler whenever required; but problem was that he wanted to give up the habits of taking inhaler; he liked to have a cure of his asthma and with that intention in mind he and his father came to my chamber;

2)On critical equerry the following information were elicited from them:

a)During attack, some sort of fear of death prevailed on him;

b)He became extremely restless in mind, but physically too weak to move; c)In chest, along with sense of constriction, he felt a peculiar burning sensation with frequent thirst, but he could not take a glass of water, few sips of water quenched his thirst; d)most of cases, attack used to come at mid-night; e)A sense of suffocation compelled him to jump out of bed, then shortness of breathing, cough started with sense of heaviness sensation in the chest; f)he felt relieved when he sat bending backward;

Past history:

1)Till today from his birth, he did not suffer from any mentionable  disease; his father also confirmed this;

Family history:

1) His mother suffered from ascites before his birth;

2) Father suffered from skin eruption of unknown origin which used to               return annually;

Mental Generals:

1)Very fastidious in nature; in his room, everything must be  tip-top; his dresses must be cleaned and ironed;

2)He is irritable, peevish and vexed easily, but soft natured;

3)Most often he suffered from anxiety, fear about midnight;

4)Thinks his disease incurable;

Physical Generals:

1)He suffered from gastric trouble from cold foods, ice-cream;

2)His skin dry & scaly;

3)Desire for acid fruits;

4)He was in the habit of brushing teeth with tobacco from the age of 10 yrs. and still continuing;


Physicallyhe looked Ok; Height & weight quite commensurable;

1st Prescription:

Arsenicum alb.1000/2doses to be taken in 2 consecutive morning in empty stomach; Take just one TSF after mixing 1 dose with a cup of water; supportive medicine 18 doses;


1)To stop immediately the practice of teeth brushing with tobacco;

2)If any fresh bout of attack appears, try to avoid inhaler; in extreme cases, inhaler may be taken.

2)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks there was only one mild attack which subsided naturally; He was administered Arsenicum alb. 10M and 50M; meanwhile 4 months elapsed; no fresh bout of attack; Treatment was terminated with Sulphur 1000/2doses.


Since the disease is idiopathic (without any definite cause) in nature but assumed to be related to heredity, patients should avoid potential triggers. And as a general measure, they should attempt to keep  body-immunity intact; they are instructed to study seriously the content of sub-menu ‘Preserve Body Immunity’ under menu ‘General Advices’.


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