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Back Pain & Homeopathy


What is Back Pain?

Back Pain needs no definition; however, it may be anywhere in the back and extends up to buttocks and even behind legs. It is such a common complaint that about 55-60% of Indians suffer from this at least once their lives, and that is why, being a mere symptoms only, it deserves to be discussed at length and breadth like a full-fledged disease.


Who are at risk?

  • Persons leading idle lives;

  • Persons in the age group 35-55 yrs;

  • Persons suffering from anxiety, Depression or Stressful lives over a long time;

  • Obese persons; [Who is obese? Kindly consult ‘BMI’ under menu ‘General Advices’ of this site, if you are interested… ]

  • Smokers;

  • Persons undertaking strenuous physical exercises or works;

  • Ladies in general;

  • Pregnant ladies in particular;

When Back Pain is associated with any of the following signs and symptoms, one needs to consult a doctor as soon as possible:

(i)Gradual weight loss  (ii)Faecal or urinary incontinence (loss of control over passing stool or urine) (iii)Numbness(loss of partial sense) around genitals, anus and buttocks  (iv)Difficulty in passing urine (v)Persistent pain even during rest.


A group of expert clinicians remark the following persons should see their doctors if they suffer from Back Pain:

  • People  20 yrs.< age >55 yrs.

  • Patients taking steroids over months;

  • Patients having low immune systems;

  • Patients who conquered cancer;

  • Patients with cancer;

  • Persons used to take drugs;

What are the causes of Back Pain?

Causes of Back Pain are so many viz.

  • Strained muscles or ligaments;

  • Abrupt awkward movements like pulling, pushing, carrying, lifting especially with a heavy load;

  • Slipped disk of spine;

  • Sciatica;

  • Arthritis;

  • Osteoporosis;

  • Tumor or infection in spine;

  • Infection in bladder, kidneys, nerve (Shingle);

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases of females;

  • Sitting long in a chair in bad posture;

  • Long Driving spell; etc.etc.   


How are cases of Back Pain managed in Classical Homeopathy ?

Cases of Back Pain can be amply dealt with by Homeopathy.   Be it an acute case or a chronic case, Homeopathy has a definite answer; of course, if after investigation, it is noticed to be a case of malignant tumor or something like this which needs immediate surgical intervention, this requires to be communicated to the party that a Surgeon should be consulted immediately. But in most of the functional cases, Homeopathy fits quite squarely. Let us take a live case from my chamber:

Case study 1:

Mrs. Annapurna, 45 yrs., an elderly house wife of the city was brought my chamber over a stretcher by her husband. The following signs and symptoms were collected from Mr.

Chief Complaints:

1)Pain in waist region for last 2 months;

2)Inability to walk; problem gradually increasing;

3)To start with she could walk with support; but, now-a-days walking had become impossible;

4)Problem started when once she attempted to lift a pail full of water;

5)Report:X-ray lumbar Region: Rupture of disc between L4 & L5 with tissue swelling around;

6)O/E: Swelling of the region around lumbar vertebra with muscle guard on both sides of spine noted; On palpation, the region appeared highly tender.

Personal History:

Mrs. Annapurna appeared considerably fat; Wt: 75kgs. Ht: 1.62M. BMI = 28.57 Normal value of Body-Mass-Index: 19-23.9; Her face was swollen, pale with a dark ring beneath lower eyelid; She used to work a lot in her house-hold day in and day out; used to go to bed late and rise up early as she had to prepare breakfast and lunch singlehandedly in the morning for her two sons who had to catch train of 8 am to the metropolis and in the night she would get relieve only after feeding her husband who used to return home from his gaddi at about 11-30 pm; she suffered from constipation and in the habit of taking laxative regularly. She had undergone menarchae (cessation of menstrual period) a bit early at the age of 42 yrs. In her younger days, she used menstruate a lot and over a long period but no pain was there;

Past history:

i)She used to suffer from headache for many years in her school days;

ii)She used to perspire a lot on her scalp in girlhood days;

Family history:

1)Her elder brother and younger sister both   had suffered from Ricket in their childhood;

3)His younger sister suffered from Uterine fibroid;

Mental Generals:

1)Very melancholic and despondent;

2)Thinks his disease incurable;

Physical Generals:

1)Used to go out of breath when going upstairs; sometimes vertigo;

2)Perspired too much around head from girlhood days;

5)Easily caught cold; neck gland swelled up;

6)Rawness of soles from sweat;

7)Thirst: Little; took about 4 glass water a day;

1st Prescription:

Calcarea carb. 0/2, 12 doses in 120 ml. aq. dest; to be taken following standard procedure twice a day;


1)To use a belt for support of the waist;   

2)Mrs. Annapurna’s husband was instructed to arrange for her bed-rest for at least 7 days; during the period she would not perform any house-hold duty, rather there should be an attendant attached to her for 24 hours a day;   

3)Mrs. Annapurna was instructed to remain laid down till tenderness/pain in the back subsided; however, she would perform various movements of her legs, hands and trunk in laid-down state; she was shown how to perform the said movements. She was apprised that as her rest was important for cure so the movements are; she had to perform those at least 4 times a day.

3)She was instructed to take a cup of green tea and a few biscuits as morning breakfast and evening refreshment; as lunch and supper she might take less amount of rice may be 100-150gms. or chapattis -2pcs. and  enough salad and fruits with foods (MUST). She was to mind that salad and fruits to be taken along with staple food, not separately, it will keep stool soft and will also help in absorption of toxin from foods and drinks and expel out the same of the body with stool. This practice should be carried out even after treatment was over;

4)To take 1.5 - 2 L. water daily as a routine, even if there is no thirst;

5)Review : after 1 week;

Follow up: 

Mrs. Annapurna’s husband reported after 1 week that she could now sit erect on the bed and move her trunk lest and right easily; 70% of his pain gone within 4 days. He was told that she now could walk gently in the room but still no work to do except the movements shown to practice. He was warned that if she moved too much or tried to perform house-hold works, situation would turn again worse. Repeat the medicine 0/2; Review : after 10 days; In this way she was given the same medicine up to 0/8 in 4 months period. From 3rd month onwards she was permitted to do house-hold light works but never to lift heavy load do something which required strain.  However, for last 2 cycles of medicine, there was no improvement. Medicine: Sulphur 1M/ 2 doses for two days. Review: 1 month after; Neither Annaurna nor her husband reported any more. 

How to prevent Back Pain?

There is no definite ways of prevention of back pain. However, since the trouble mostly arises out of bad posture and awkward movement in elderly aged subjects, it can be controlled to a large extent by following the instructions given under ‘Prevent Back Pain’ under menu ‘General Advices’.



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