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Bedwetting & Homeopathy

What is Bedwetting/Nocturnal Enuresis?

Probably one of the most embarrassing situations subjects face after the event happens is Bedwetting. Passing urine involuntarily in bed is very much common in babies and children. The reason is definitely associated with two things: 1)nerve sending the sensation of waking up from sleep before micturition is not fully developed in them or there is a block so that the brain does not receive the signal; 2)they are not aware of socio-familial aspect of the event.







What is the age beyond which bedwetting should cease automatically? There may a debate on the issue; however, it would be admitted on all hands that at the age when a particular child becomes aware that she /he commits a nuisance, is the age when it should have ceased naturally. 

How are cases of bedwetting managed in Classical Homeopathy ?

Bedwetting occasionally in grown-up children may be ignored; it is cured with passage of time. But, if it becomes a daily affair and the subjects are aware that they commit a nuisance and they feel guilty,then it is the time that they need medical attention. And, here lies the open field of treatment by Classical Homeopathy, for, in modern medicine, the disease being idiopathic in nature, there is no definite treatment.

Constitutional anti-miasmatic treatment of the subjects by Classical Homeopathy has been proved a great success in this field. In fact, Homeopathy considers that in such cases children are never the culprit, rather the constitutional dyscrasias present in the parents are to blame. Accordingly, the treatment is generally guided by the family history and trouble faced by the mother during the period of conception. Let us take a live case.

Case record 1:

Mrs. Debashree Ghosh and her husband came to my chamber with their only child Biswarup, aged about 8 yrs to report the following :

Chief Complaints:

1)Biswarup used to wet bed within two hours of his first sleep almost regularly; he used to go to sleep at 9pm and about 11 pm he used to do it.

2)The problem was persisting for last 3 yrs or more; they were very much annoyed with it.

3)Mrs. Ghosh informed that Rabin, her immediate neighbour’s son and who was still below 5, stopped bedwetting; but why his son, even at 8,  was still doing it – there was a note of resentment in her voice.

4)Mrs. Ghosh was apprised of the fact that it was not the fault of her son; Biwarup’s constitution was rather erroneous, as such he was behaving so.

5)Mrs. Ghosh informed that her child used to take a lot of water (about 2L.) a day; she enquired whether she should restrict it. The child played a lot also during whole day, some say, due to this he used to wet bed, should she restrict his play?

Appearance and personal history:

1)Biwarup’s head was a bit larger; Scalp was moist, hairs coarse, curly and black; He was immunized with all contagious disease as per Govt. rule; His mile-stone development was delayed; Scalp’s bones remained open till he was 3yrs.

Physical Generals:

1)Craving for meat, eggs, sweet, salt;

2)Used to eat dry mud, ash from burnt cow-dung cake;

3)Sweat around scalp ++;

4)Caught cold easily; cold settled in chest in the first chance;

Mental Generals:

1)Sleep very deep; used to grind teeth and talk loudly;

2)Very shy; kept himself behind before guests;

3)Very fond of music;

4)Fear of dogs ++;

Family History :

Paternal side:

1)Biwarup’s father reported that he and all his brothers and sisters suffered from bedwetting till 10yrs. of age;

2)His uncle suffered from PTB and father from chronic asthma;

Maternal side:

1)Mrs. Ghosh informed that she and her brothers and sisters did not suffer from any nocturnal enuresis;

2)Her father died of liver cancer;

3)Her mother suffered from some gynaecological problem (she did not know the name) for which Total Hysterectomy was done;

4)Her paternal aunt suffered from ovarian cancer and died very young;

1st Prescription:

Calcarea carb. 1M / 6 doses, one dose every morning empty stomach;


1)No restriction in the habit of drinking water and play; let thesecontinue;

2)Parent had to rouse him up every day about three hours after first sleep to take him to urinate – this practice was to continue;

Review: 3 weeks after;

Follow Up:

Mrs. Ghosh reported after 3 weeks that there had not been any change, her child was carrying on his duties(smilingly) as usual, only change was that previously he used to do it at 11 pm, how he used to at 1 am as she used to take him to urinate at 11 pm;

2nd Prescription:

Tuberculinum 10M/2 doses; review after 4 weeks;

After 5 weeks Mrs. Ghosh appeared and reported that during last 5 weeks there were only 2 occasions;

No Medicine; review after 4 weeks;

Mrs. Ghosh reported timely that said with a smile on her face that  her child was possibly cured, there was not a single episode of bedwetting during last month.

She was told not to jump to a conclusion so early; let us wait and watch. No medicine; Review after 6 weeks.

This time she came after 2 months and reported that there was only a single day of bedwetting. Then she advised to keep her duties of rousing and taking him to urinals to continue; Possibly he was cured.


No definite preventive treatment is available; however, if children are made to rouse in the midnight and are taken to urinals regularly, they would be habituated to do the same; and who does not know habit is the second nature !!


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