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Calcaneal Spur


Since in most of the cases of Spur formation, there are some maintaining causes, management should cover eradication of these causes too along with medicinal support. Homeopathic medicines for spur are always free from any side-effects, most natural and compatible with patients’ constitutions. Most effective remedies in these cases are the following :

1)Calcarea Carbonica: Chilly patient having cold damp feet with perspiration in palms too; pain in heel sticking as if parts sprained; burning of soles of feet;

2)Sulphur: Cannot stand, standing is very difficult for him; stoop-shouldered person; ankle stiff; burning in soles of feet;

3)Calcarea Fluorica: When gouty enlargements & synovitis are there; patients with varicose veins;

4)Ammonium Muriaticum: Ulcerative pain in heels with contraction of hamstring tendons; specially adapted for fat sluggish persons with weak and lean legs;

5)Calcarea Phosphorica: Problem appearing in change of weather; aching & sore pain; feeling very weary when going upstairs;

6)Natrum Muriaticum: Ankles weak, turn easily; painful contraction of hamstring; cracking of joints on motion; for patients having history of taking free salt for many years;

7)Guaiacum:  Ankle-pain extending  up to the leg causing limping; joints swollen, painful, intolerant of pressure; feeling of heat in the affected area;

8)Ammonium Carbonica: Tearing pain better in bed; heel painful on standing; tearing in ankle better from warmth of bed; especially adapted to fat persons leading sedentary life & uncleanliness in bodily habits;

What is Calcaneal Spur / Heel Spur?

It is an abnormal calcium deposit causing an extension of horn-like bony structure under the heel bone (Calcaneus). It is commonly diagnosed by X-ray study of the affected ankle joint.







What are the causes of Calcaneal Spur?

  • Anything that puts extra pressure on heel bone like running, jogging on hard surface or kicking on sand bag with heel too much as generally done in Karate, Kung-Fu or other self-defense games;

  • Wearing improperly fitted shoes lacking appropriate arch support;

  • Having excess body-weight or obesity;

  • Abnormal walking-gait putting extra stress on heel bone, ligament, nerves around heel;

What are the risk factors for Calcaneal spur?

  • Old age which decreases plantar fascia (tough fibrous sheet lying at the bottom of sole) flexibility and thins heel’s protective fat pad.

  • Persons having congenital flat foot or high arches;

  • Diabetes;

  • Extra pressure on one heel;

What are the symptoms of Calcaneal Spur?

  • Sharp shooting pain felt below the affected heel when setting feet first on the floor after rising from sleep;

  • From gradual movement the pain decreases to a light dull ache;

  • Pain specially felt when standing up from a sitting position for sometime; 









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(+91) 7003600736

(+91)9038135134 (For Payment via Paytm)