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What is Carbuncle?

A carbuncle is a collection of boils(skin-abscess)of a considerable size having multiple opening full of pus. Carbuncle, the painful elevated mass of dead tissue, white blood cells and bacteria beneath skin, is caused by mainly bacterial infection.






What are the causes of Carbuncle?

The main cause of Carbuncle is Staphylococcus bacterial infection. Diabetics are prone to be attacked with carbuncle.

What are the signs and symptoms of a Carbuncle?


i)A smooth red/bluish red swelling of considerable size

ii)Generally has multiple openings with pus

iii)Surrounding lymph nodes swollen

iv)Affected part felt warm

v)Patient looks toxic


i)Patients reports of burning pain

ii)They feel unwell

iii)Extreme lethargy

iv)Loss of appetite

How are cases of Carbuncles managed in Classical homeopathy?

Carbuncles are generally acute situations. There are many a medicine which can be effective in fighting such emergencies. In some cases, they burst out and resolve within 15-20 days nicely without leaving a trace of it under the care of homeo-medicines; again, other cases are there, where the swellings are reduced to gradually disappear within same period of time.

Frequently used medicines are Arsenicum alb., Anthracinum, Staphylococcinum, Hepar sulph., Mercurius sol., Silicea etc.

However, where a person is repeatedly attacked with carbuncles, the case must be taken seriously following the principles of Hahnemannian Homeopathy and managed as such with special attention to eradication of constitutional dyscrasia of the person affected.


1)Proper hygienic measures in respect of inner garments, handkerchief is very important. Inner garments should be cleaned regularly especially in summer. Equally important are care about foods, drinks /diet and washing of hand with water carefully before taking food and use of fully cleansed utensils.

2)Diabetics should take extra care to control sugar level.

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