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What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The word ‘Carpal’ has come from word ‘carpus’, meaning a cluster of small 8 bones in the wrist between distal ends of radius-ulna and proximal ends of metacarpus(set of bones in the palm); there is a tunnel-like space in the wrist called ‘carpal tunnel’ through which several ligaments and median nerve pass from forearm to palm. Due to pressure on the median nerve, a person feels a set of symptoms like tingling, numbness, weakness and uneasiness in the hand, especially in thumb, first three fingers, viz., thumb, ring finger and middle finger -- this is known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.









What are the causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Pressure on median nerve causes this disease. Other causes are hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, pregnancy and over use of wrist.

What are the signs & symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

i)Numbness, uneasiness and tingling sensation in the palm

ii)Above difficulties are specially felt in the thumb, ring finger and middle finger     

How is a case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome managed with classical homeopathy?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is not a disease in itself. Besides the case of injury to the median nerve by over-use of wrists and pregnancy (which is  temporary), all other causes relate to some different kind of  systemic disease. As such, management of such a patient would be dependent upon totality of signs and symptoms of her/him and treatment with  deep-acting anti-miasmatic constitutional medicines. I am narrating a life case from my case-record of chamber:

Chief Complaints:

Miss. Narayani, aged 24, a Post-graduate student of the University came along with her mother and narrated the following symptoms:

1)Feeling of tingling sensation& numbness in the right hand for last 10 months and the intensity is gradually increasing;

2)She felt very much fatigue for last few months;

3)Finds no interest in her day to day works;

4)His mother said, my daughter used to remain in sleep for 14-16 hrs. in a day;

4)It  was collected that her mile-stone development were late;

5)She used to perspire a lot, particularly around scalp and forehead;

6)Her memory was failing ;

7)Her menstruation was scanty; period receding by 8-10 days each month;

8)She also suffered from milky leucorrhea for about one year last; 

Mental Generals:

1)During evening her mind became full with fear;

2)She used to grind teeth during sleep;

Physical Generals:

1)She craved for eggs but did not  like milk;

2)Her palm was always moist and very cold;

3)Thirst: almost nill; did not take water more than 400 ml. a day;

5)She easily became out of breath during going upstair;

6)Weight: 60 kg; height: 5’;


Dark circle around eyes; Fat, fleshy with mooning of face;

Family history:

1)Her younger brother aged about 18 yrs. suffered from rachitis in his childhood;

2)Mother suffered from uterine polyp and nasal polyp.

1St Prescription:

Calcarea carb. 0/1; 12 doses of medicine was prescribed in 120 ml of aqua dest. To be taken for six days twice a day; one dose at night one and a half hour after supper and another in next morning in empty stomach dry mouth;


1)Est. of T3, T4, TSH; to be submitted as early as possible;

1)Start taking warm milk mixing with equal amount of water for a cup after supper every day;

2)Take at least 6 glasses of water a day;

Follow up:

Miss Narayani produced pathological reports which showed that her TSH level was high above normal and both T3 & T4 levels were below normal. She reported that tingling sensation and numbness of rt. hand  as it was before; however, it did not increase. Her mother reported, she appeared to be much more active these days and taking usual interest in her studies. He was given Calcarea carb. up to 0/7 over a period of one yr. From  3rdmonth onward, her tingling sensation was gone. There was only one episode of reappearance at the end 4thmonth of treatment; Thereafter, no trouble; she was given finally Sulphur 1M /2 doses. she discontinued her treatment since there was no need.

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