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Cervical Spondylitis


What is Cervical/Lumbar Spondylitis?

The word ‘spondylitis’ means ‘inflammation of spine or vertebra’; to elaborate, it is a painful inflammatory conditions of spine / vertebra of cervical region (neck) or lumbar region (waist).



What are the causes of Spondylitis?

Modern medicine says there is no definite cause, i.e., it is an idiopathic disease. However, genetics plays a definite role. One hypothesis is that the disease starts when the defense mechanism of intestine breaks down and certain bacteria pass into the blood stream triggering altered immune response. However, bad posture is one of the most important precipitating factors of the disease.

What are the signs and symptoms of Spondylitis?

i)Pain and stiffness of spine;

ii)Inability to move spine freely;


iv)General uneasiness and languor;

How is a case of Spondylitis  managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Case study 1:

Mr. Anup Kumar, 45 yrs., a senior lecturer of a local college presented himself with the following signs and symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Pain in cervical region for last 2 months;

2)Inability to move neck; problem gradually increasing;

3)The joint is warm in touch;

4)Vertigo and pain radiating to shoulder;

5)Report:X-ray Cervical Region: Spondylitic changes seen between C6 & C7 vertebra with tissue swelling around;

Personal History:

Mr. Kumar appeared considerably fat; Wt: 75kgs. Ht: 1.62M. BMI = 28.57 Normal value of Body-Mass-Index: 19-23.9; His face is swollen, pale with a dark ring beneath lower eyelid; He used to smoke 8-10 cigs. /day; Generally  he did not take any hard drink regularly except on the days of festivity; He maintained a more or less idle life, went to bed late and rose up late; he suffered from constipation and in the habit of taking laxative regularly.

Past history:

1)From his mother he came to know that there was much delay in fusion of skull bones during his infanthood;

2)In his childhood and boyhood days he used to eat muds, pieces of bricks, ashes of cow-dung etc.

Family history:

1)His elder brother had the same problem of delay of fusion of skull bones;

3)His younger sister suffered from Ricket;

Mental Generals:

1)Very melancholic and despondent;

2)Thinks his disease incurable;

Physical Generals:

1)Used to go out of breath when going upstairs; sometimes vertigo;

2)Small wounds used to suppurate; unhealthy skin;

3)Extremities went to sleep while he slept;

4)Perspired too much around head from the boyhood days;

5)Easily caught cold;neck gland swelled up;

6)Rawness of soles from sweat;

7)Thirst: Little; took about 4 glass water a day;

1st Prescription:

Calcareacarb. 0/2, 12 doses in 120 ml. aq. Dest; to be taken following standard procedure;


1)To decrease smoking to 4-5 a day and decrease laxative dose to 50% with objective to bring to 0% within a month;

2)To take enough salad and fruits with lunch  and dinner regularly;(MUST) Mind that salad and fruits to be taken along with staple food, not separately, it will keep stool soft and will also help in absorption of toxin from foods and drinks and expel out the same of the body with stool. This practice should be carried out even after treatment was over;

3)To take 2 L. water daily as a routine, even if there is no thirst;

4)To start exercise of neck as demonstrated and walking at least 2 Km. / day daily; (Must)Mr. Kumar was apprised of his high level of BMI and was told that if he did not bring it down, he might be a patient of Type 2 diabetes in near future. Walking should be carried even after treatment;

5)Review : after 3 weeks;

Follow up: 

Mr. Kumar reported after 1 month; his pain gone within 4 days; his mind appeared fresh and lifely; but he could move his neck freely and slight pain remained on shoulder. He  was administered the same medicine up to 0/6; his bowel movement was better and purgative was no longer required yet uneasiness around neck still persisting; he was given Sulphur 10M/2 doses which worked for 3 months nicely with all-round improvement; thereafter, the patient did not turn up; however, he informed over phone that he was doing nicely; if situation demands, he would contact later.


Since the disease is idiopathic (without any definite cause) in nature but assumed to be related to heredity and altered immune reactions, persons with such a heredity should be more careful about the following:

i)Keep your body-immunity intact; please study seriously the content of sub-menu ‘Preserve Body Immunity’ under menu ‘General Advices’ of this website.

ii)Take absolute care about posture;  while sitting, try to keep the back straight; while reading something in prone position, give support below your chin with a hand, so that vertebra do get fatigue bearing the weight of the head; while lying down to sleep, use flat pillow and keep the mattress of your bed firm. 


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