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What Cholecystitis?

Cholecystitis means inflammation of Gall Bladder(GB). Very often (approximately 85% cases) it is the result of Cholelithiasis (stone in the GB);

Before, proceeding further, let us first study a little anatomy and physiology, for, it will help understand the article. The GB is a small pear-shaped hollow organ situated below the Liver. It stores bile secreted by the Liver and sends the same to Small Intestine (SI) to help digestion. Bile comes to the intestine through a duct named Common Bile Duct (CBD). Please study the picture the below








Due to many factors, stones (size a grain of sand to size of a golf ball) are formed in the GB; this causes pressure, irritation to the GB which gets inflamed to cause the ailment. The ailment may of two type:

1)Acute : when the trouble is first seen;

2)Chronic : when the trouble occurs recurrently;

Of the two above, Chronic Cholecystitis is more dangerous; because  recurrent attacksdamage the wall of the GB badly and in any acute flare-up during this stage, there may be rupture or penetration of GB which is a serious medical emergency.

What are the causes of Cholecystitis?

1)Commonest cause is Gall Stone(GS); please note, stone formation is a tendency related to the following factors : i)genetic predisposition, ii)obesity, iii)GB activity, iv)dietary habits and b)habit of drinking less water over years; [Here lies the reason why women use to suffer from Gall Bladder Stone (GBS) than men amongst individuals over 40yrs; taking less water is a common practice of women due to socio-infrastructural problems. Due to availability of less water in the body, bile secreted by the liver of a woman is denser and there is easy sludge formation in the GB which ultimately form the stone. Here, I would give one tip to young ladies: Chew a Neem leaf on alternate morning regularly and take adequate water [about 2 L. a day], the chance of suffering from cholelithiasis in your lives is minimum. Neem leaf would look after the error in constitution (genetic predisposition) and water will keep the bile thin.] 

2)Infection of CBD;

3)Block of CBD;

4)Space Occupying Lesion (tumours) of Liver and Pancreas;


6)Excess cholesterol;

What are the signs and symptoms of theCholecystitis?

1)Severe pain below right chest and back below right shoulder-blade;

2)Abdominal cramp and swelling with gas;

3)Nausea and vomiting;

4)Diffuse itching over skin;


6)Fever and chill;

How are patients with Cholecystitismanaged with Classical Homeopathy?

First the status of the disease is ascertained. If it is found that there is neither stone formation nor any malignant space occupying lesions in liver or pancreas, it can be safely treated in homeopathy after collecting all the signs and symptoms of the case and following the principle of Totality of Symptomsof the patients as usually one does in any other Chronic disease.

Had there been stone formation, the sizes of stones are important factor; if stones are  of sizes less 5mm +- 1 [normal lumen of CBD], the cases are well under control of homeopathy.

However, if the diameter of the stone is slightly over than normal lumen of CBD, utmost care of the physician is required, for, during treatment in such cases due to effect medicines and excess taking of water by the patients (often advised by the doctors), a stone may get dislodged from the GB and starts moving through the CBD. During this phase, whena stone is stuck within the lumen of CBD and medicine fails to increase the circular fibres of the lumen, severe pain may be felt by the subject leading to a stage acute emergency.

Thus, in cases, where the stone sizes are greater than the normal lumen of the CBD, the physician must be adaptive enough to manage the case with constant supervision on the state of the patient. The physician must have knowledge over and above the knowledge of Materia Medica and strong conviction in his manipulative endeavours, otherwise, there is ample scope of spoiling the case.

At this juncture, I like to mention a practical situation. Everyone should  know that stone formation is a diathesis. If stones are removed surgically and the GB is there, stone may form again, no one can guarantee otherwise; only constitutional treatment through Hahnemannian or Classical Homeopathy can eradicate the constitutional dyscrasia. After surgical removal of stone, every patient should attempt Hahnemannian Homeopathy to save her/his from recurrence of stone formation.

I personally do not venture to take cases with stone sizes over 6mm for treatment. I am placing a live case below where the USG of the showed onset of sludge formation with the GB.

Case Study 1:

Chief Complaints:

Mr.Sandip K. Basu, aged 65+, a retired Govt. officerreported the following:

1)Suffering from mild constant pain below rt. shoulder blade for last 5-6 months last; 

2)Loss of appetite;

3)Stool irregular; even soft stool required strain;

4)Gradual feeling of weakness;

5)Bitter taste in mouth;

6)Could not lie on left side;

7)On exam: Tongue: Showed dirty yellowish brown patches of irregular shape; Conjunctiva : Normal; Nails: Normal

Personal history:

No addiction; no history of diabetes;

Past history:

1)About 10 yrs. ago he suffered from Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy;

Family history:

1)Mother suffering from Asthma in Rainy season every year;

2)Grandma used to suffer from Chronic bronchial asthma and finally succumbed to it;

3)His elder brother committed suicide by shooting himself without any apparent cause;

Mental Generals:

1)Irritable, peevish and vexed easily;

2)Could not stand music, made him weeping;

3)Melancholic and often thought of suicide;[He was asked whether there was any event of serious mental shock during last years, he replied nothing of the sort]

4)Did not like to speak to nor spoken to;

Physical Generals:

1)Skin soft, moist, unclean;

2)Veg. and fruits grown in water intolerable;


He looked normal in weight and height;

1st Prescription:

Natrum sulph. 0/1 , 12 doses in 120 ml aqua dest to be taken twice a day;


1)Get an USG of Upper Abdomen;

2)Foods should be devoid of extra oil and fat;

3)Avoid heavy meal, rather, take 5-6 small meals a day;

4)Drink water at least 2 L. a day;

5)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 2 weeks, the constant pain at the back almost gone; stool still colorless; he produced an USG / UA which showed heavy sludge formation within the gall bladder but no stone. Thereafter, he was treated with Azadirachtaindica [Neem]mother tincture 10 drops once in every morning empty stomach in addition to Nat. sul. in millesimal potency up to  to 0/5. After 8 months he was advised to get a Repeat USG/UA and the report said Gall Bladder: Normal; he was released with preventive measure to follow as below.


The disease can be prevented to a great extent if one

  • Avoidsmuch oil and fat in foods;

  • Takes water 2L. a day;

  • Avoids addiction of all sorts;

  • Takes some physical activity regularly;

  • Chews a neem leaf a day in empty stomach.

  • Keeps BMI within normal range;[Read‘BMI’ under menu ‘General Advices’ in this website]

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