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Chronic Bronchitis


What is Chronic Bronchitis?

Let us first understand what Bronchitis is. Inflammation of bronchial tube, the air passage that carry air into lung alveoli, is known as bronchitis. Inflamed tube (inner layer) produces mucus which narrows down the air passage to cause wheezing respiration, shortness of breathing, low fever and chest tightness. Now, bronchitis are of two types: 1)Acute Bronchitis 2)Chronic Bronchitis

Chronic Bronchitis is a bronchitis which is a long-term disease that keeps coming back, never goes away permanently. It is a type of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.









What are the causes of Chronic Bronchitis?

1)Cigarette smoking is the chief cause;

2)Lung irritants as found in Coal Mines, Construction Works and Metal works;

3)High level of pollutants in the environment;

[Acute Bronchitis is caused by viral and bacterial infection]

What are the signs and symptoms of the Chronic Bronchitis?

1)Shortness of breath;

2)Feeling of chest discomforts;

3)Persistent phlegm-producing cough;

4)Wheezing sound in chest;



7)Nasal congestion;

How are patients with Chronic bronchitismanaged with Classical Homeopathy?

Case Study 1:

Chief Complaints:

Mr.KhatuaOraon aged 42+reported the following:

1)He has been suffering from bouts of attack of shortness of breath,  chest discomfortsand constant sputum producing coughfor last two and half year. He managed the acute flare-ups with inhaler/puffer.But he came to us with a hope to cure it.

2)It was collected from Mr. Khatua that he had been working as a Construction labor for last 20 yrs. He used to drive a huge diesel-driven machine to prepare the cement-mortar for casting; it was also collected that he had not so far used any mask during work.

3)He used to feel now-a-days a peculiar type of fatigue;

4)Profuse discharge of thick, whitish-yellow gelatinous mucus from nasal passage; he had to hawk and hem a lot to bring out the phlegm occasionally;

5)Recently he had become sexually weak too;

6)Sometime, the frequency of cough became very high in day time but in night the cough ended with a ‘hoop’ like sound; thereafter cyanosis with severe prostration followed;

7)He had psoriasis type  of skin disease in soles for many years.

8)He showed 3 – 4 smooth circular copper colour spots of 1” diameter which had no special trouble, no itching, no secretion;


He was in the habit of smoking ‘bidi’ 20 times a day, now decreased to 10 times a day;

Past history:

1)About 10 yrs. ago he suffered from syphilis;

2)At the age of 7-8 yrs. he suffered from dry eczema;

Family history:

1)His father suffered from Emphysema ;

2)Grandpa used to suffer from Chronic bronchial asthma and finally succumbed to it;

3)Mother had a few copper colored smooth circles as he  showed on her upper arm;

Mental Generals:

1)He is irritable, peevish and vexed easily, but soft natured;

2)Most often he suffered from anxiety, fear about midnight;    3)Thinks his disease incurable;

Physical Generals:

1)He suffered from gastric trouble from cold foods, ice-cream;

2)His skin dry & scaly;

3)Desire for acid fruits and salty foods;


Physicallyhe looked Ok; Height & weight quite commensurable;

1st Prescription:

Coralliumrub.1000/2doses to be taken in 2 consecutive morning in empty stomach; Take just one TSF after mixing 1 dose with a cup of water; supportive medicine 18 doses;


1)To stop smoking completely; he was apprised of the fact that unless smoking is stopped, cure could not be possible;

2)During work use mask compulsorily; this was also a must if he wanted cure;

2)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks there was only one attack which subsided naturally; He was administered Corallium rub. 10M and 50M; meanwhile 4 months elapsed; no fresh bout of attack; Treatment was terminated with Syphilis 10M/2doses;


The disease can be prevented if one

  • Avoids smoking completely;

  • Gets one-self vaccinated for viral influenza, pneumonia & whooping cough;

  • Washes hands carefully before getting food to minimize infection;

  • Avoids overcrowded place during flu and cold;

  • Uses mask to avoid infection from hacking & sniffling persons and to avoid environmental pollutants & irritants;

  • Takes regular exercise;

  • Takes healthy foods with sufficient fruits and veg.;

  • Takes 2-3 liters of water a day;

  • Keeps BMI within normal range;

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