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What is Compulsive Masturbating Disorder?

We all know about masturbation, a most natural and healthy act by which an individual finds sexual pleasure by handling her/his genital. When this natural act becomes unnatural, partly by sheer indulgence, partly by ignorance, and partly by lack of proper guidance, the individual just plunges into the act and its associating vile performances day in and day out from which there is no escape, it is called C.M.D. (Compulsive Masturbating Disorder).





How are cases of C.M.D. managed with Homeopathy ?

I am citing a life case from the case records of my chamber:

One day an emaciated, tall, stoop-shouldered young man of about 25 with guilty looking sunken face and deep dark circles around his eyes came to my chamber and almost touched my feet to beseech that he wanted escape! I could understand that he made a hell out of a paradise! Thereafter, he described how, from the age of about 14,  till that day, he used to perform the act continuously many times a day and then he thought, he was going to die. His face looked like a man who came to a Church to confess before the Clergyman!

When I said to him that he just took too much of nectar in a small time and that he had been suffering from a sort of indigestion and nothing more, he just looked at my face in astonishment. Let me describe the next part of our conversations in direct speech:

Me : My brother, do you ever take honey?

Subject: Yes doc, many times.

Me: What do you think about honey? I mean, what type of food, it is.

Sub: It is a food of high calorie with enough carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins. It gives instant energy ….

Me: If you are asked to drink, say, 250 ml. of honey in one go and you oblige. Have you any idea what would happen next?

Sub: No doc.

Me: There would be sudden burst of huge energy in your body and you would be restless, you would lose normal sleep, you won’t be able to do any work normally,  a sense of violent uneasiness would engulf you. A hell would come out of a heaven!

I continued, he made the same mistake. In place of happiness and calmness of mind, a hell of a thing reigned in his life. And most important thing was that he was not to blame fully for this blunder. He was born with it, he was destined to it!

His face appeared to be brighter. I apprised him that according to Homeopathic philosophy, we all are born with some latent constitutional dyscrasia (deformity) called latent miasmatic taints which led us to troubles i.e., diseases of many kinds. Otherwise, at the age of 14, how did he become a slave of the act! Thereafter, a vicious cycle started, in search of pleasure for a few moments he was involved in it, none was there to help him, neither, out of shyness, could he venture to tell his problems to somebody who could help him in the matter. Again, I return to our conversations in direct speech.

Me: Do you find the ecstasy in that act now?

Sub: Ecstasy ! nothing of that sort ! now it has become a very painful affair to me which I do not want to continue but I cannot do without doing it. I have become an addict! Doctor, kindly save me!

Me: I shall; but in your case only medicines cannot bring complete recovery. You have to follow a strict diet and regimen along with the medicines. Could you follow?

Sub: I will follow your advices word for word; kindly tell what I have to do.

I took his case following the principles of Classical Homeopathy. Getting down his present complaints, past history, family history of both paternal and maternal sides, his mental generals and physical generals and his personal history, addictions and physical get-up, I found that he had a very strong tubercular family background. To start with I gave him Phosphorus 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml. distilled water to be taken twice daily and the following advice to follow strictly:

1)Walking/jogging in the morning: 1km. (To increase gradually) + Abdominal Crunch (5 times – 4sets)

2)7-30 am: Green Tea + 4 – 6 Biscuits of high fiibre content;

3)10 am: Fresh rice / chapattis + veg. soups + fish (About 100 gm)+ curd (100 gm) + fruits;

4)1-30 pm: Light refreshment like parched rice with fried ground nut over dry sand (No oil) + tea

5)5 pm: Green Tea + 4 – 6 Biscuits / butter toast lightly fried / Omlet;

6)Evening walking /jogging: 1km. (To increase gradually) + Abdominal Crunch (5 times – 4sets) + Push up (5 times – 4 sets)

9)9 pm: Fresh rice / chapattis + veg. soups + fish (About 100 gm)+ curd (100 gm) + fruits;

[He had no oher addiction of any sort]

Further he was permitted to practice masturbation 3 – 4 times a week;

Following the above routine and administering follow-up medicines like Sulphur and finally Tuberculinum, within a period of 8 months the young man turned into a complete new man.

Can you give a few names of medicines that can be used to minimize propensity towards Masturbation ?

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