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Constipation & Homeopathy


What Constipation?

Constipation is a condition of Alimentary canal where subjects feel serious difficulty in expelling stool; though, in most cases, it is associated with hard faeces, it may also happen with cases where subjects have to exert a lot of pressure though the stool is semi-solid in nature.

What are the causes of Constipation?

1)There is a group of hot oily spicy fried foods containing micro-toxins causing semi-paralytic condition of circular muscles of the intestines and consequent difficulty in expulsion of faeces;

2)Want of adequate fiber in food;

3)Lack of physical activity;

4)Few patients reported that they get constipated from milk or milk related products;

5)Lack of water intake;


7)During pregnancy due to mechanical pressure of increasing uterus constipation may result;

8)Some medicines likes narcotics, anti-depressants, diuretics, aluminium-containing antacids etc. may cause constipation;

9)Over use of laxativesmay cause constipation;

10)Intentional non-compliance to urge for stool may cause constipation;

11)Diseases of colon and rectum, like tumors, scar-tissue formation, colo-rectal strictures etc;

12)Few disease-condition such as spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, stroke, uremia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, cancer et.

What are signs and symptoms of Constipation?

i)Severe strain during expulsion of faeces;

ii)Sometimes, a dull pain felt in the rectum after ablution;

iii)Occasionally the patient may perspire profusely during passing of stool;

How are patients with Constipation managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Case Study 1:

Chief Complaints:

Miss M. Murad, aged 22+, reported the following:

1)She used to take laxative for last 6 yrs. for constipation of severe nature;  occasionally laxative failed to work;

2)She feels urge but stool cannot be expelled out;

3)Bleeding Per Rectum occurred in 2011 and 2014(Dec) 2016(Dec);

4)Each year problem increased in Dec; whenever, she takes highly spicy food or water intake is less, the problem started;

5)After expelling out the stool, pain persists for 24 hrs; troubles increased from water of ablution; trouble relieved from warm application;

Addiction& food habits& regimen:

  • No addiction;

  • still taking 50% of a full dose of laxative;

  • Used to take a bowl-full of ‘Nimki’ every afternoon as refreshments;

  • Not used to take any sort of physical activities;

Past history:

1)Chicken pox: 12yrs;

Family history:

1)Maternal side: grand pa died of Liver Ca;  aunt died of cancer uterus;

2)Paternal side :2 aunts died from Kidney problem; history of  High blood  sugar, high blood pressure; Older aunt still suffering from Piles;

Mental Generals:

1)Likes music and dance(herself dances in her room with favourite songs)

2)Cancer phobia

Physical Generals:

1)Skin soft, moist, unclean;

2)Craving for milk and salty foods;

3)Used to take free salt with lunch and supper daily for last 10yrs;

4)She used to take about 2 L. water a day.


Nothing abnormal detected;

1st Prescription:

Carcinosin 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml aqua dest to be taken twice a day;


1)To stop taking ‘nimki’ regularly; very occasionally it may be taken mixed with enough of other foods like parched rice since these used to be fried in cheap trans fat with high salt content; she was apprised of the fact these used to contain micro-toxins which tells upon liver and intestines which would interfere with process of cure; he was apprised of the fact that unless smoking is stopped, cure could not be possible;

2)To take enough salad and fruits with lunch and dinner;

3)To stop taking free salt for ever;

4)To reduce laxative to 25% of a usual dose;

5)To start doing some physical activities like walking, jogging, running etc. regularly;

6)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks there was no problem of defecation; however in fear she used to take every day about 40% of usual dose of laxative;  she was advised to decrease the dose of laxative to 25% with objective to withdraw the same as soon as possible; Medicine : Repeat the earlier 0/2, 12 doses;her treatment was still continuing.


Unless the disease is related to any other systemic diseases as mentioned in the ‘Causes of the disease’ above, it can be prevented to a large extent if one

  • Avoidstaking foods fried in trans fat with high salt content viz., highly tasty oily spicy hot fried light foods  completely;

  • Gets gets enough of fiber with food daily;

  • Takes regular physical exercise;

  • Avoid taking free salt;

  • Takes 2-3 liters of water a day;

  • Keeps BMI within normal range;

  • Does not suppress normal urge for stool intentionally;

  • Avoid taking laxatives regulary;

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