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What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease(COPD) refers to a group of diseases that lead to block air passage in the lung causing severe breathing problem with other associated troubles. The diseases are: Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Bronchiectasis and Asthma. Damages to the lung due to the COPD generally cannot be reversed and in extreme cases patients suffer from fearsome breathlessness at all times even in absolute rest condition.In India, about 10 million people suffer from COPD.








What are the causes of COPD?

1)Cigarette smoking is the chief cause;

2)Allergic reaction from environmental Lung irritants;

3)Viral, bacterial infection causes exacerbation/flare-up;

4)Weather change;


6)From loss of sleep;


What are the signs and symptoms of the Chronic Bronchitis?

1)Shortness of breath;

2)Chronic cough with profuse expectoration; depending on the depth of the disease, color of expectoration may be yellow, green, tan and bloody;

3)Feeling of chesttightness;

4)Wheezing respiration;

5)Blueness of lips and nails;


How are patients with COPD managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Case Study 1:

Chief Complaints:

Mr.K. Mukherjee, aged 45+, reported the following:

1)He has been suffering from bouts of attack of shortness of breath,  chest discomforts and constant sputum producing cough for last three years. He managed the acute flare-ups with inhaler/puff. But he came to us with a hope to cure it.

2)It was collected from Mr. Mukherjee that he had been working as a Supervisor in a Coal Minefor last 20 yrs. He used to go to actual field to inspect situation therein. Generally he did not use any mask.

3)He felt that these days the frequency of attack increased so much that there was sometimes only 2 days of lucid interval between two attacks; Sometimes, even inhaler failed to give relief;

4)Tremendous fatigue round the clock;

5)During flare-up, lips and nails turned blue;

6)Expectoration of profuse sticky yellowish mucus;

7)Sometimes, the frequency of cough became very high in night and  the cough ended with a ‘hoop’ like sound; thereafter cyanosis with severe prostration followed;

8)White scaly dandruff++; hair dry; falling out;


He was in the habit of smoking ‘cigarette’ 20 times a day, now decreased to 10 times a day; he used to take hard drinks 2 pegs a day daily;

Past history:

1)About 10 yrs. ago he suffered from severe form of gonorrhea; treated with modern medicine;

2)At the age of 7-8 yrs. he suffered from dry eczema;

3)Otitis media with purulent discharge at 5-7 yrs. of age;

Family history:

1)His mother suffered from Bronchiectasis & ultimately died;

2)Grandma used to suffer from Chronic bronchial asthma and finally succumbed to it;

3)His elder brother still suffering from eczema;

Mental Generals:

1)Irritable, peevish and vexed easily, but soft natured;

2)Highly suspicious of everybody around himself;

3)Thinks his disease incurable;

Physical Generals:

1)Skin soft, moist, unclean;

2)Craving for milk and salty foods;


Physically he looked underweight; Height: 1.7mt.& weight:55kg. BMI:19.03; (Normal: 19 – 23.9)

1st Prescription:

Medorrhinum 0/1 , 12 doses in 120 ml aqua dest to be taken twice a day;


1)To stop smoking completely; he was apprised of the fact that unless smoking is stopped, cure could not be possible;

2)During supervision work around actual fields use mask compulsorily; this was also a must if he wanted cure;


4)Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up:

Patient turned up as advised and reported that during last 3 weeks there was only one attack which subsided naturally; but a type of nagging discharge appeared from urethra. He was very anxious about the discharge as it reminded him of gonorrheal discharge about 10 yrs. ago. He was told not to worry about, since it was a very good sign; he should not take any medicine to stop the discharge, it would cease gradually. He was advised to bear with it for a few days more.He was administered the same medicine up to 0/5. From 0/4, the discharge was completely gone; now he was doing very nicely. His treatment was still continuing.

Diets for COPD patients:

Diets for COPD deserve special mention. We know that every action of a man, however little or big, consumes energy of the body. COPD patients have to do extra work day and night compared to other normal individuals, for, they are to exert round-the-clock for breathing. Otherwise, they will gradually lose weight and fall prey to malnutrition making the situation for complex. As such, diets should be carefully selected and planned in these cases. The following points have been collected from persons who were dealing with COPD patients for years together:

i)Size of meals:

These should be small and increased frequency; it may be reiterated that COPD patients need more energy, as such amount of foods, better say, total calorie requirement for such patients should never be less than an ordinaryhealthy person, rather they need more calorie. If size of meal is small, this would facilitate their breathing; but the number of meals would be more, may be six times a day.

ii)Types of foods:

a)First, they should avoid salt as much as possible;

b)Avoid simple carbohydrates like sugary snacks, white bread, ordinary pasta, processed foods since these break down quickly to produce carbon-di-oxide;

c)They should prefer complex carbohydrates like whole grain pasta, bread, beans, peas, fruits and veg.;

d)Always avoid foods that produce gas, as they cause bloating to make the breathing more troublesome; as to items of food to avoid, each patient may have different list depending upon the individual system and constitution;

e)Take plenty of safe water; at least 2.5 – 3 L. a day;

iii)Consistency of foods:

For COPD patients, taking soups and soft semi-solids is better than solid foods, for, chewing, munching are not comfortable for them.

iv)Supplements to aid digestion:

Digestive enzyme pills and probiotics help a lot in minimizing the uneasiness of COPD patients; however, selection must be done in consultation of the physician.


Prevention of COPD:

The disease can be prevented if one

  • Avoids smoking completely;

  • Gets one-self vaccinated for viral influenza, pneumonia & whooping cough;

  • Washes hands carefully before getting food to minimize infection;

  • Avoids overcrowded place during flu and cold;

  • Uses mask to avoid infection from hacking & sniffling persons and to avoid environmental pollutants & irritants;

  • Takes regular exercise;

  • Takes healthy foods with sufficient fruits and veg.;

  • Takes 2-3 liters of water a day;

  • Keeps BMI within normal range;

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