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Depression & Homeopathy


What is Depression?

 Depression is a type of mood disorder where affected personsare under the grip of feeling of sadness, helplessness, despair over an extended of time thereby gradually losing interest in life. It affects every aspect of their lives, their emotions, physical health, relationships, routine of works, eating patterns, sleeping hours etc. To them life appears as a long dark tunnel; a deep overwhelming tiredness and disinterest in all matters of life cover them. Finally, thought of suicide/death looms large over them.




What are the causes of Depression ?

Researchers opine that these disorders are the results of combination of biological, psychological, genetic and other individualistic factors like age and health condition.

How are cases of Depressions managed in Classical Homeopathy?

Depressionis essentially an individualistic systemic disease where the constitution of the patient is deformed. Since classical homeopathy aims at constitutional treatment of an individual, it has definite management in classical homeopathy. Let us delve into a case record.

Case Record 1:

It was the case of a 27 yrs. old lady, named Miss Alisha. Actually I was called in her house by her mother, for, the patient was non-ambulatory. When I reached by her bed side, I noted that she was seated on her bed in a reclined position supported by pillows. Following details were collected from her mother who used to attend her. The patient was completely dumb-founded during the period. Her dresses and bed were highly tip-top which appeared somewhat queer.

Chief Complaints:

1)She was sometime under delirious frightfulness and sometime kept completely mum;

2)Very much cautious about her dresses and bed; Used to complain from slightest loss of neatness ;

3)Tried to commit suicide by hanging herself about 10 days before; from then onwards, she was watched day and time by one or another of the family members always.

4)Most of the time stayed silent and reserved; but sometime got very restless, specially around 1pm and midnight;

6)Couldn’t stay alone; loneliness brought extreme anxiety; always wanted somebody beside her;

7)There was a sitar hanging from the hinge on the wall behind the patient; when asked, her mother said, she was very much fond of sitar playing, however, now her physical weakness refrained her from playing, nevertheless, sometime she pressed her(mother)to hand over the sitar to her. And, very occasionally, it was observed, if she could manage to play sitar, she got very well in humor and demeanour.

8)When asked about appetite and thirst, her mother said, she was very much reluctant to take food, however, drank water frequently a few sips.

Menstrual History:

1)Menarchae(First appearance of menstrual period): about 11yrs. Severe pain usually preceeded;

2)At present, menses too early, too profuse and very long lasting; most often frightful dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation); used to take painkillers in those days;


Ms. Alisha looked like a statue of moroseness with semi-cachectic appearance; during case taking, she mostly kept silent; she was very thin-built, tall with fine hairwhich was matted, entangled and crusty in appearance here and there.

O/E: Tongue: Covered with greyish yellow thick coating;

Past history:

2)In girlhood days she suffered from repeated attack of headaches which increased by study;

3)she suffered from severe infestation with lice while she read in class IX.

4)She had an affair with a young man who eventually forsook her and married somewhere else; in fact, this incident preceded the present onset of her depression.

Family history:

1)Father died ofPulmonary TB;

2)Elder brother was lost since 20yrs. age;

3)Maternal uncle suffered from insanity and still was in sanatoium;

Mental Gernerals:

1)Liked to move around; didn’t like to stay in a single place;

2)Very much desirous of travelling around;

3)Very much fond of music;

Physical Generals:

1)Appetite: no desire to eat;

2)Thirst: almost nil; took hardly 500 ml. a day; very small quantity often;

1ST Prescription :

Arsenicum alb. 1000/ 2doses; to be taken on two consecutive mornings in empty stomach& dry mouth before teeth-brush;


Following diet and regimen to be observed strictly:

Morning walk : 1km; attendant must accompany her;

Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker[CC]

  1. 9 a.m.: Chapattis(1pc.) + Fish soup / Veg.soup + plain curd(25gms.) + fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranade)[about 50 ml]

  2. 1 – 30 p.m. : 50gms.boiled rice + Veg. soup + (20gms) +

  3. 5 – 6 p.m.: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. CC

Evening walk : 1km (attendant must accompany her)

  1. 8-30 p.m. : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+ fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranade);

  2. Drink at least 1.5 – 2.0 L. of mineral water daily;

Review : After 1 month;


Mother of Miss Alisha  reported after a month that her daughtershowed a remarkable recovery;restlessness and fearful state gone; though, in the beginning she resisted, now she used to take foods and drinks as advised; however, now-a-days, she very often insisted on playing sitar; Ms.Alisha was subsequently treated with Tuberculinum 10M to 50M potency along with Kali.phos 12x biochemic as support from 2nd prescription onwards. According to last report, Alisha had started doing day to-day work herself.


Since the exact cause of the disease is predominantly lies in psychic level of an individual, the best prevention lies in the calculated opposition to prevent the person to go to that level; that is possible if one follows the instructions as given in the content of sub-menu ‘FightAnxiety/Depression’ under menu ‘General Advice’. Please read, study and follow those sincerely.


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