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Eczema & Homeopathy


What are effective homeo-remedies for Eczema?

1)Croton tig. 3, 3hrly:

Itching of genitals; itching eczema of face; eczema all over the body; but skin is so tender that scratching is impossible; better by gentle rubbing;

2)Hepar Sulph. 30, 3hrly:

Pusful eczema of scrotum; skin is very sensitive to touch; worse from cold air;

3)Graphites, 30, 4hrly:

Eczema behind ears, palm and round joint of fingers; watery sticky discharge from eczema; suitable to obese persons with habitual constipation;

4)Bovista 3, 3hrly:

Eczema of back of palm; persons awkward, inclined to drop things from hands; adapted to old maids with palpitation;

5)Arsenic Alb. 30, 3hrly:

Red, dry and warm eczema; patient anxious, fearful, restless, melancholic;

6)Urtica Urens 3X, 3hrly:

Itchy eczema with burning and stinging pain; urine acrid, causes itching wherever touched; patient with uric acid diathesis;

7)Sulphur 200, 7days:

Eczema with yellowish scab and unbearable itching; patient ragged philosopher; drinks much eats little; discharge from every outlet acrid, excoriating; puts feet out of bed to keep them cool;

8)Calcarea Carb. 30, 3hrly:

Eczema with whitish scab; patient craves eggs but loathes meat; chilly patient with profuse perspiration around head;

9)Cicuta Vir. 30, 3hry:

Thick eczematous yellow scab on head & face;

10)Bacillinum 1M, 15days:

Dry eczema, very difficulty to cure; persons of tubercular parentage;

11).Petroleum 6, 3hrly:

Eczema with cracks, slightly oozy; troubles worse in winter, better in summer; nostrils cracked & ulcerated;

What is Eczema?

It is a skin disorder where patches of skin become inflamed, red, itchy, rough and even cracked which may be dry or oozy. The most common type of Eczema is Atopic Dermatitis.





What are the symptoms of Eczema?

1)In babies or children --

a)Rashes over scalp, neck, cheek, chest, back, creases of folds – practically anywhere;

b)Rashes swell up and fluid may accumulate in it which may be thin like water or may be thick like a viscous gum;

c)Severe itching and burning over rashes; scratching and rubbing lead to skin infections and disturbed sleep;

2)in children to Adolescents --

a)Rashes become bumpy;

b)They get darker;

c)They get thicken;

3)In aduls –

a)generally rashes around creases of elbow, knee and nape of neck;

b)Skin become dry, itchy, thick and scaly;

What are the causes of Eczema?

Definite causes are unknown; however, hereditary and environmental factors play a significant role;

How a case of chronic Eczema should be tackled in Classical Homeopathy?

Chronic eczema is a challenging disease. It is not a matter of snap-shot prescription! So, thorough case taking covering all the points mentioned below  must be made:

1)Chief complaints:

2)Personal history including addiction and food & drink habits:

3)Past History:

4)Family History(both maternal and paternal side):

5)Mental Generals of the Patient:

6)Physical Generals of the Patient:

7)Pathological Reports:

Then after proper anamnesis and synthesis of all the signs and symptoms of the case, that is, considering the totality of the signs and symptoms of the patient together with her/his miasmatic back-ground and susceptibility, a single anti-miasmatic medicine in suitable scale & potency is selected to be administered in suitable interval of time. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, proper diet and regimen are also advised to the patient.

Thereafter following the reaction of the medicine upon the patients and Kent’s 12 Observations, second prescription and further follow-up is continued.  

What are antimiasmatic remedies in Homeopathy? Can you please elaborate?



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