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Facial Pigmentation & Homeopathy


What is Facial pigmentation / Melasma?

This is an embarrassing skin disease of chronic nature where blotchy, symmetrical and brownish coloration on the face is noted. The disease is also known as Melasma.

Who are affected more by this disorder?

Healthy individual adults are generally affected. Women are more affected compared to men; individuals between age 20 and 40 are the common prey. It has been noted that this disorder runs in families, i.e., there is a genetic predisposition in its occurrence.









What is the cause of the disorder?

It is obvious that the pigmentation is due to overproduction of melanin by the melanocytes of the facial skin. Sun exposure, hypothyroidism, hormone treatment, certain medications, pregnancy are thought to trigger the effect; however, the real cause is still unknown.

What is the homeopathic approach to the disorder?

Homeopathy considers the disorder to be completely a constitutional disorder which needs to be treated with anti-miasmatic deep acting remedy depending on the totality of the case. To make the matter clear I would cite a live case:

Mrs. Ranjana Kapur, a house wife of 35 yrs reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)Brownish pigmentation of both cheeks for about last 3 yrs.

2)A lot of local treatment by ointment proved in vain.

3)Day by day the intensity of pigmentation was increasing and the affected area also spreading.

4)A lot of so-called SPF creams had been used but no permanent effect was noted;

5)She came to know whether homeopathy had any definite cure for her problem.

When she was asked if she had been suffering from other problems, she replied that there might be but she was very much concerned about her problem of pigmentation over the face and intended to treat this immediately, later on she would try for the other ones. She was apprised that homeopathic constitutional treatment attempts to treat the patient as a whole, there is no concept of piece-meal treatment in this mode of treatment. If she really liked to get treatment from us, she had to disclose all her problems as enquired of by the doctor. After thinking a while Mrs. Kapur agreed to our proposal and on enquiry reported the following more:

6)They were three sisters in all, she was the middle; the youngest one also suffering from the same; her mother aged about 60 yrs, in her younger days, also suffered from the same problem.

7)She was very much melancholic, impulsive and had tendency to commit suicide;

8)Her gums were loose and bled easily; foul odour from mouth;

9)She ate a lot, felt always hungry but she was of zero figure; for this she had to tolerate bitter remarks from her sisters-in-law and mother-in-law constantly; she always felt better after eatimg;

10)She always felt extreme weakness during her menstrual period which was of irregular nature with sharp pain in the lower abdomen. Her mammary glands dwindled. She suffered from acrid, thick and creamy  leucorrhoea.

11)She palpitated from slight exertion. Her pulse proved to be tachycardiac.

12)She favoured a cool place to stay and work in;

13)She was very much forgetful;

Personal Features:

As mentioned above;

Menstrual History:

As mentioned above.

Past History :

1)In her younger days (7 – 8 yrs.) she suffered from goiter;

2)Suffered from frequent Adenoid vegetations at about 10 yrs. of age; which was subsequently surgically operated;

Family history:

1)Maternal aunt: died of Cervical cancer prematurely;

2)Maternal uncle: suffered from pulmonary TB; got DOT treatment.

3)Most of her paternal close relations suffered from high B.P.

1st prescription:

Iodium 0/1, 12 doses in 120 distilled water. To be taken twice daily.

Advices to follow must:

To take 2 glasses of milk (450 ml) daily; 1 egg a day; Enough fruits and green vegetables with staple foods; to drink water 2 L. a day;

Review after 3 weeks;

Patient’s husband along with wife reported after 3 weeks. The first thing the husband reported to me that he was very happy because she lost the foul odor of her mouth and it seemed that she also started gaining weight. Mrs. Kapur reported that her pigmentation problem same as before or might go a little worse but she was happy because her ravenous appetite almost gone; her physical and mental state were stable; the first time after last 10 yrs. she felt a balanced temperament in her mind.

She was administered Iodium 0/2 to 0/8 during last 12 month or so when she reported that her pigmented area looked as if started to fade a little. She was still under my treatment.

General discussion:

If one goes through the signs and symptoms of Iodium in a standard homeopathic material medica, one may note nothing about pigmentation of skin there, yet the same medicine may prove quite efficacious if chosen according to constitution of the patients depending on the totality of symptoms together with miasmatic background inherited from parents’ families by the patient. Herein lies the novelty of Homeopathy !!  

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