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Fatty Liver & Homeopathy


What is Fatty Liver?

Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) are a group of diseases characterized by accumulation of extra fat in liver cells that is not caused by alcohol. However, if the weight of extra fat is more than 5% of the total weight of liver, the disease condition is called fatty liver(steatosis).









What are the causes of Fatty Liver?

Exact causes of fatty liver is still unknown; however, persons who are overweight, obese or have diabetes or have high cholesterol or high triglycerides generally fall prey to this disease.

What are the signs and symptoms of Fatty Liver?

Sometimes they have no symptoms; otherwise, they have the following symptoms:



3)Loss of appetite;

4)Weight loss;


6)Abdominal pain;

7)Spider-like blood-vessels visible on the abdomen;

8)Itching of skin;


10)Edema(accumulation of fluid in legs) and ascites;

How cases of Fatty Liver are managed in Classical Homeopathy?

Fatty liver is essentially a chronic systemic disease where the constitution of the patient is deformed. Since classical homeopathy aims at constitutional treatment of an individual,  it has definite management in classical homeopathy. Let us take a case record.

Mr. K. Pramanik, 47 yrs., an executive of a bank presented himself with the following signs and symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Swelling of legs for last 6-8 months; degree of swelling is gradually increasing;

2)Profound weakness and lethargy; no desire to work;

3)Bluish blood vessels are visible on the abdomen;

4)No appetite for food and thirst for drink;

5)No taste in the mouth;

6)Has produced USG and Enzyme tests of liver to confirm that he is suffering from NAFLD(Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease);

O/E: Tongue: Covered with greyish yellow thick coating;

Past history:

1)Suffered from jaundice twice at age 12 & 18 yrs.;

2)No history/ habit of hard drinks;

3)No history of diabetes;

4)Used to take ghee with lunch and supper for last 15-20yrs;

5)Got obese at the age of 25yrs(Ht:5’3’’ Wt:85kg); of course, now losing weight; lost about 20kg weight in last 12 months;

6)Maintained sedentary habits all along; happy-go-lucky type man; No out-door activity for last 15yrs.

Family history:

1)Father died in Cardiac attack; paternal uncle also suffered from heart trouble, exact disease-name cannot be referred to;

2)Younger brother also very overweight but still doing well, no trouble;

3)Sister commited suicide because of family disharmony.

4)Mother aged 70 yrs. still doing well; had undergone some gynecological operation 30 yrs. ago (Name of operation not known);

Mental Gernerals:

1)Courageous person;

2)Very much sympathetic to others;

3)Intelligent but weary of life;

4)Restless, fidgety type; cannot sit still;

Physical Generals:

1)Want cold food and drinks; juicy fruits; ice-creams;

2)He is in the habits of passing loose motion throughout his life; cannot remember when he passed formed stool;

3)Sweat smells of Sulphur; leaves yellowish stain on clothes;

4)Eyes surrounded by dark rings; lids puffy;

5)Thirst: almost nil;

6)Appetite: no desire to eat;


Though there are many dark sides of the case, one silvery side is he has no diabetes;  diabetes very often acts as an obstacle to cure; More, his signs and symptoms all along show a beckon light to a particular medicine; this suggests that the patient has a fair chance of getting cured.

1st Prescription :Phosphorus 0/2;12 doses in 120 ml. Aq. dest. The patient needs mild but repeated stimulation; as such low potency of 50 millesimal scale is chosen;

Following diet and regimen to be observed strictly:

          Morning walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

  1. Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker

  2. 9 am: Fresh-Rice(100 gms) + Fish soup / Veg.soup + plain curd(50 gms.) + fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate)

  3. 1 – 30 pm : 25 gms.parched rice + wet germinated gram (20gms) [no salt] powdered cardamom may be taken

  4. 5 – 6 pm: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. CC

Evening walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

  1. 9pm : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate);

  2. Drinks at least 1.5 – 2.0 L. of mineral water daily;


The patient was very much co-operative; observed all instructions meticulously; as a result, there was gradual and steady improvement; He was administered up to Phosphorus 0/12 rising in sequence 0/4, 0/6 ….; then he was administered Ars. Alb. 0/2 as an intercurrent and complementary; then again Phosphorus 0/14 was resumed. He is still under treatment and is making nice progress.


Since the exact cause of the disease is unknown, there is no definitive procedure of prevention. However, if one wants to avoid fatty liver, one should take care that one must not get overweight, obese, fall prey to diabetes and must not have high cholesterol or triglycerides in one’s blood. Over and above one may follow the set of instructions to keep the liver healthy under sub-menu ‘Healthy Liver’ under menu ‘General Advices’.

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