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What is FrozenShoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis?

Frozen Shoulder is a disease-condition where the shoulder capsule of the shoulder joint swells up, stiffens which restricts the movement of the joint. This painful disease is also known as Adhesive Capsulitis; in fact, to be precise, there is scar tissue formation following inflammation which restricts the space of movement in the joint.

Many know that shoulder joint is a ball and socket type joint where head of the humerus (upper arm) fits in the concave surface of the scapula. Please, study the image below:



What are causes of Frozen Shoulder?

Cause is unknown; however, the following are thought to be factors in precipitating the disease condition:

i)Injury ii)Fracture iii)Diabetes iv)Age > 40yrs. )v)Gender : About 70 % of the patients are women; vi)Following cerebral stroke; vii)Persons suffering from hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism or Parkinson’s disease;


What are the signs and symptoms of Frozen Shoulder?

1)Initial stage: Joint pain, stiffness and restricted motion;

2)Frozen stage: Stiffness increases with more restriction of motion;

3)Receding stage: Movement becomes easy; pain decreases;

4)Problem always increased in night;

How cases of Frozen Shoulder are managed with homeopathy?

It is a disease without any definite cause; but there are so many risk factors which are nothing but suffering from one or other types of Systemic diseases; as such scope of classical homeopathy is very wide here. Let us take one live case.

Case study 1:

Mrs. NabanitaRoy, a 43yr. oldhouse wife, mother of two daughters, presented herself with the following signs and symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Pain in rightshoulder-joint, movement of joint impaired for last 6-7 months; problem mostly felt at night;

2)Problem gradually increasing as days passing by;

3)Could not get sound sleep at night as pain often broke seep;

4)These days, she used to suffer from forgetfulness of high degree; once a friend came to her place; she was talking to her; as someone called her from outside; she left her friend in her bed room and went outside; after doing business in the out-house, she locked her room from outside and went out to bring her daughter back from college being quite oblivious of her friend sitting in her bed room;

5)She wasvery much sensitive to heat; could not tolerate heat;

Menstrual & Personal History:

i)She was still menstruating normally; no abnormality reported except occasional scanty bleeding;

ii)No history of white discharges;

iii)Appetite & thirst: Normal;

iv)She appeared much heavier compared to her height; face: pale and swollen moon-like; Ht: 1.59 mt; Wt:67 kgs; BMI : 26.5 (normal 23.9 – 19)

v)Used to walk in the evening daily;

vi)She generally took supper at 11-30 pm &went to bed at 00-30 am;

Past history:

1)In her girlhood days she used to suffer from big painful boils;

2)She suffered from chronic otorrhea in her childhood;

Family history:

1)Mother died of esophageal cancer;

2)Her elder brother has no issue, probably he  suffered from impotency;

3)Father died of Tuberculosis.

Mental Generals:

1)Loss of memory; but very much anxious;

2)Oversensitive physically and mentally; lost temper at trifle; had tendency to throw thing in anger;

3)Spoke hastily, ate & drank fast;

4)She loved music very much; and loved to dance in tune with music;

Physical Generals:

1)Sweat day and night profusely but felt no relief; sweat acidic, offensive;

2)Perspire too much, however, no relief;

5)Problems aggravated at night;

6)Desire for high seasoned foods, acid drinks;

1st Prescription:

Heparsul. 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml. aq. Dest; to be taken following standard procedure;


1)Test for T3, T4, TSH; Test for Blood Sugar (Fasting);

2)She was apprised of her increased BMI as advised to control her weight; otherwise, more complication may arise; since she walked regularly, she was told either to increase walking or decrease food/drinks;

3)She was advised to take supper much much earlier, say. before 9pm; at once she objected saying other family members used to take supper at 11pm; so it was practically impossible to do so; I personally rang to her husband and passed the information that for the sake of her health she should take supper before 9pm from now on and requested him to look after this matter; she was also instructed to go to bed as early as possible;

4)Review: After 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Mrs. Roy produced both the reports three weeks after; from 1st report it was ascertained that she was suffering from mild form of hypothyroidism and from 2nd one, it was known that she was on the border line of high level of sugar for healthy person. The significance of reports were made clear to him. As to her physical status, she informed that though pain was still there, but she was getting sound sleep without interruption in the night; she started walking in the morning too; and in the night she started taking light food like parched rice and milkat about 9 pm and used to go to bed at 11pm. She was given the same medicine up to 0/6 when it appeared that the case had come to a deadlock position. She was then given Carcinosin 10M/ 1dose; thereafter, she did not turn up, neither any information was received from her.


Frozen Shoulder is basically a disease resulting from other types of disease like diabetes, hypothyroidism etc.  and direct injury and fracture etc., so prevention must follow taking action accordingly such that situations leading to frozen shoulder does not come at all. Along with these, simple exercises like handrevolving around the shoulder jointback and forth, alternate hand raising up to the shoulders/head etc. help a lot to keep the shoulder joint mobile.

Furthermore, the disease appears to be related with uric acid level of the subject also. As such, serious readers are requested to go through the content of the article ‘Control Uric Acid’ under menu ‘General Advices’ of this website.

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