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Headache & Homeopathy

10 Most Effective Homeo-remedies for Headache

1)Anacardium Or.: Mental exertion brings on a tearing headache; headache mostly on forehead and back part of head;

2)Actea Rac.: Headache pressing outward, upward as if scalp would fly off; or with pressing intense pain in eyes or down nape into spine.

3)Aethusa Cyn.: Violent headache as if brain would fly into pieces; with desire to have a tight band around the head;

4)Aloe Soc.: Headache across forehead aggravated every footstep; heaviness of eyes and nausea; pain situated over the eyes as if a weight pressing down the eyelids; after insuffiecient stool; alternates with lumbago(rheumatic pain of waist);

5)Antimonium Crud.:  Headache after bathing in river , ponds; from taking cold; after alcoholic drinks; due to deranged digestion, suppressed eruptions;

6)Argentum Nit.: Excessive congestion in the head with throbbing of carotids; compelled to loosen tie; sensation as if head is enormously large and bones of scalp would separate;

7)Bryonia Alba: As if head would split open; aggravated by motion, opening eyes, stooping; relieved from lying down still with closed eyes; with constipation; thirst for large quantities of water; mouth tastes bitter;

8)Lyssin: Headache after dog-bite; chronic headache from mental emotion or exertion; aggravation from sound of running of water or bright light; cannot bear sun-heat;  

9)Natrum Mur.: Splitting  and hammering in the frontal region; Headache with constipation; headache with fever; school girls’ headache; ciliary neuralgia appears & disappears with the sun;   Hysterical conditions; cannot tolerate consolation, gets angry on persons who try to console; sad, hopeless weeping about future;

10)Nitric Acid : Headache from pressure of hat; sensation as if a band around the head; Nervous debility from over-exertion of mind or from prolonged grief; Useful for those who grow too fast too tall;




Most Common Ailment

What is Headache and what are types of Headache?

Headache is sensation of ‘ache’ (dull pain) within head. This ailment as well as a symptom needs no more explanation. It is one of the most common ailments which every person of the world suffers from at least one day in his/her life.

International Headache Society has divided Headache into two types (i) Primary : where headache is not caused by any secondary condition (ii) Secondary: where headache is caused by some secondary conditions.

What are the causes of headache?

Primary headache is caused by pain-sensitive structures within head like arteries, veins, capillaries, nerves and muscles due to hyperactivity or some other problem with these. Headache may also arise from bio-chemical reaction within the brain matter. Of all types of headache, it constitutes 90%. Academically, there are many types of primary headache viz., Tension-type, Migraine, Cluster, Exertional, Stabbing, Cough, Sexual, Thunder clap etc. If you are interested you may refer to separate types of articles on Headche likeTension-type Headache,Migraine,Cluster Headache,    

Secondary headaches are actually symptoms of other underlying disease-state like brain tumor, blood-clot, high blood pressure, gas poisoning, glaucoma, concussion, hypoxia, hunger, stroke and overuse of painkillers etc. Study separate article onSecondary Headache 

Can you please throw some light on the terms ‘deep acting anti-miasmatic remedies’ and ‘Classical Homeopathy’? Are ‘Hahnemannian Homeopathy’ and ‘Classical Homeopathy’ identical?

Users may kindly consult article ‘Anti-miasmatic Remedies in Homeopathy’ under sub-menu ‘FAQ’ under menu “Patients’ Corner” of this site to know about ‘deep acting anti-miasmatic remedies’. For Classical Homeopathy/Hahnemannian Homeopathy, just consult the Home Page of this site. Yes, Hahnemannian Homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy are identical.

I have got a headache of many years’ duration. It does not trouble me continuously, neither does it leave me completely! What should I do? Can I go for homeopathy?

From your words, it appears that your headache is a chronic functional (primary) headache. However, to be sure that it is not of a grave type, you may consult an expert of Medicine / Neurologist for Neuroimaging investigation. Meanwhile, you may try Homeopathy too. 

Can a primary headache be Life-threatening?

Very occasionally; there is a primary type headache called ‘Thunder clap’ which may be associated with Subarachnoid Haemorrhage which is a Life-threatening trouble !

I like to know details about Headache, can you help me?

Try to consult the link:http://patient.info/doctor/headache-pro

Very often I rise in the morning with pain over one side of my forehead, either left or right, never on both side? What type of headache is this? Is there any help in Homeopathy?

It looks like Migraine! Yes, it has definite feature which Homeopathy can address quite squarely. We have a Separate article written on Migraine, you may consult : http://drghoshhomeo. com/ailments /migraine

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