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Migrane & Homeopathy / HEMICRANIA

5 Most Effective Homeo-remedies for Migraine/Hemicrania

1)Sanguinaria Can.: Headache begins in back of head, spreads upward and settles over right eyes; pain increases and decreases with movement of  the sun; aggravation from light, noise; vomits out everything; buries head into pillow or presses head against something hard;

2)Spigelia Anth.: Left-sided neuralgic hemicranias affecting head, face and eyes; pains increase and decrease with rising and setting of the sun; watering of left eye; intolerable pressive pain in eyeballs; could not turn the eyes without turning the whole head;

3)Silicea: Chronic sick headache as if coming from spine and locating on one eye, specially the right; worse from draught of  air  or uncovering the head, during new moon; better from profuse urination; patient chilly, lacking animal heat;

4)Cyclamen: Aura precedes migraine; aura means seeing stars, fiery sparks and flickering before eyes; pain starts in the morning; over temporal regions with vertigo when standing; adapted to leuco-phlegmatic  persons with anemia.

5)Lac Can.: Useful when migraine changes sides from left to right, then again left; worse from seeing bright glazed objects; subjects very forgetful, despondent, weeping disposition, fear to be alone, of becoming insane.

What is Migraine/Hemicrania?

It is a type of headache which usually preceded by visual aura i.e., sparkling, fiery stars, zig-zag lines, dark spots before eyes; pain is usually throbbing type affecting generally one side of the head, but may spread to either side; vomiting, nausea, generalized itching over skin may be there.

Remember, all migraines are headache but all headaches are not migraine !






What are the causes Migraine/Hemicrania?

Exact causes of Migraine are still unknown; however, many patients suffering from Migraine report of some triggers which are:

1)Anxiety, depression, excitement;

2)Severe exercise, jet lag;


4)Irregular sleep;

5)Foods containing monosodium glutamate, nitrates(bacon, hot dogs etc);

6)Smoking, alcohol;

7)Exposure to smoke, bright light, high sounds;


Can you please throw some light on the terms ‘deep acting anti-miasmatic remedies’ and ‘Classical Homeopathy’? Are ‘Hahnemannian Homeopathy’ and ‘Classical Homeopathy’ identical?

Users may kindly consult article ‘Anti-miasmatic Remedies in Homeopathy’ under sub-menu ‘FAQ’ under menu “Patients’ Corner” of this site to know about ‘deep acting anti-miasmatic remedies’. For Classical Homeopathy/Hahnemannian Homeopathy, just consult the Home Page of this site. Yes, Hahnemannian Homeopathy and Classical Homeopathy are identical.

I have got a hemicrania of many years’ duration. It does not trouble me continuously, neither does it leave me completely! What should I do? Can I go for homeopathy?

From your words, it appears that your migraine is a chronic functional (primary) headache. You can jolly well go for Homeopathy. 

When must a patient suffering from chronic hemicrania seek medical help?

Chronic migraine has a fixed type of signs and symptoms those are quite known to the subjects; if some new symptoms, unusual worrying type that were not there previously, appear, subjects must seek medical help.

I like to know details about Migraines, can you help me?

Try to consult the link: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com /articles/148373.php


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