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Hepatitis & Homeopathy


What is Hepatitis/Jaundice?

Hepatitis is inflammation of liver. Though, a misnomer, yet colloquially it is also known as jaundice.










What are causes of Hepatitis?

Causes of hepatitis are many likes:

1)Microbes e.g., virus, bacteria, parasites, consumption of alcohol, accumulation of fat in liver, altered immune reaction of the body and drugs and other toxic substances. 

According to the causative organisms or other factors, there are so many types of hepatitis like:

1)Viral hepatitis

2)Bacterial hepatitis

3)Parasitic hepatitis

4)Alcoholic hepatitis

5)Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis(NASH)

6)Auto-immune hepatitis

7)Toxic/Drug induced hepatitis

What are most common forms of Hepatitis? How are they spread and how can they be prevented?

Most common hepatitis is viral hepatitis which may be of the following types depending on type of virus causing it:

1)Hepatitis-A  2)Hepatitis-B  3)Hepatitis-C  4)Hepatitis-D & 5)Hepatitis-E

It is very much important to note how they spread and how they can be prevented which is described below:

Hepatitis-A & Hepatitis-E :

Spread: through foods/drinks and drinking water contaminated by feces of an infected person.

Prevention:Vaccinations are available in the market; Besides, good hygiene, sanitation and avoidance of drinking water from unsafe source are most important

Hepatitis-B & Hepatitis-D :

Spread: through contact with blood or other body fluids like saliva, semen, vaginal fluid etc. Sharing injection needles, nail-cutters, tattooing or other body piercing tools, razors, sex, kisses with infected person must be restricted.

Prevention:Vaccination of hepatitis-B is available. Though vaccination of hepatitis-D is not available, but vaccination of hepatitis-B would serve the purpose because hepatitis-D virus infects only those who are already infected with virus-B. 


Spread: through blood-to-blood contact only.

Prevention:No vaccine is available; thus, sharing injection needles, nail-cutters, tattooing or other body piercing tools, razors with infected person must be strictly restricted.

Of all viral hepatitis, B & C very often transform into liver cancer. Hepatitis-A is very virulent as an acute type.

What are the signs and symptoms of acute Hepatitis?

1)Yellowish discoloration of skin, white part of the eyes;

2)Poor appetite;



5)Abdominal pain;


7)Acute hepatic failure(death);

In some cases, there may not be any symptoms. Very often acute hepatitis may resolve on its own and again transforms into chronic hepatitis with time;

What are the signs and symptoms of Chronic Hepatitis?

1)All the above symptoms are generalized;

2)Scaring of liver;

3)Liver failure/Cirrhosis of liver;

4)Liver cancer;

Hepatitis results more than a million deaths a year.

How are cases of Hepatitis managed in Classical Homeopathy?

Classical homoeopathy can manage both acute and chronic forms of hepatitis in a befitting manner. In acute mild cases, Chelidonium, Myrica, Carduasdo excellent job if selected with proper leading symptoms; again in case of acute virulent type, Crotalus, Phoshorus, Hydrastis, Mercurius serve the purpose.As usual, cases of chronic hepatitis are the fields of classical homeopathy as will be clear having gone through the following case record:

Mrs. L. Mondal, aged 39 yrs, mother of two children, a teacher of a renowned H.S. School reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)Sensitiveness around hepatic  region for last 2 yrs.; gradually intensity increasing;

2)Felt very chilly, lacks animal heat;

3)Dr. Samanta, a renowned Gastroenterologist checked her clinically and concluded, she had enlarged liver and spleen – prescription produced;

4)She herself remarked, she had become pot-bellied for last 3 yrs.

5)No appetite for last 9-10 months; at present cannot tolerate smell or sight of foods;

6)Perspires too much at slight exertion;

7)Itching on body surface here and there without eruptions;

8)Talks loudly in sleep; suddenly wakes up screaming;

9)Strong aversion to physical work;

10)Patient produced reports of LFT(Liver Function Test), CBC(Complete Blood Count), Abdominal CT(computerized tomographic) scan and USG (UltrasonoGraph) liver  confirming chronic alcoholic hepatitis;

10)When asked why she has come to homeopathy for treatment of such a grave disease, she replied that she knew what she was suffering from. To start with she took help of modern medicine but she thought that the same was not suited to her. As such, she came here to know whether homeopathy could be of any help to her ! She smiling reminds us, she won’t care a fig to leave this clinic too, if treatment here proves to be of no help within 2-3 months !!

Menstrual history: Nothing abnormal detected; except that menstrual period is on the wane now-a-days;

She never suffers from mentionable leucorrhea till day;


1)Very much fleshy, corpulent type;

2)Yellowish spots on the face, yellow saddle-like appearance  on nose & both cheeks;

3)Facial skin & sclera yellowish; 

4)Lower lip cracked;

5)Ht: 5’2”, Wt:72kg.

Addiction: Hard drinks 2 – 3 pegs  a day before sleep for last many years; however, for last 6 months she decrease it to 1 peg a day as per doctor’s advice;

Past history :

1)Attacked with malaria twice at age 12 & 15 yrs.;

2)Suffered from natural abortion twice before 1st child born;

Family history :

1)Grandpa died of Liver cancer;

2)Paternal uncle died of liver cirrhosis;

3)Grandma suffered from total hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy following detection of 2nd stage cervical carcinoma.

Mental Generals:

1)Likes to dance, music affects her mind;

2)Enjoys thunderstorm a lot;

3)Likes to sleep in knee-elbow position;

4)Mild and easy disposition;

5)Great sadness and weeping disposition;

6)Cannot stay alone;

Physical Generals:

1)Very idle; even does not like to think;

2)Have tendency to faint from slight reason;

3)Cannot tolerate anything around throat like muffler or comforter, sensation as if these would suppress her breath;

1st Prescription: Sepia 0/2; 12 doses in 120 ml. Aq.dest. to taken as directed personally; the patient was advised to observe the following diet and regimen strictly:

1)Stop taking hard drink immediately;

2) Morning walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

3)Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker

4)9 am: Fresh-Rice(100 gms) + Fish soup / Veg.soup + plain curd(50 gms.) + fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate)

5)1–30 pm : 25 gms.parched rice + wet germinated gram (20gms) [no salt] powdered cardamom may be taken

6)5 – 6 pm: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. CC

7)Evening walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

8)9pm : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+ fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate);

9)To take water (preferably mineral water): 1.5 to 2 L. a day;

Follow up:

The patient was treated with Sepia upto 0/12 with occasional intermittent Nat.mur.0/2 & Nat.mur.0/4 till date; the improvement was very much striking; let alone 2-3 months, Mrs.Mondal has been with us for last 14 mons. And her treatment is continuing.


Most of the cases of viral hepatitis can be prevented with proper vaccines taken before hand. For other cases, proper precautionary cares can be adopted to keep the liver healthy which are available in contents of sub-menu ‘Keep Liver Healthy’ under menu ‘Patients’ corner’.

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