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Insomnia & Homeopathy


There are a lot of remedies for Insomnia in homeopathy, of them, only a few of the most effective ones are described here with indications; but only medicines cannot control the whole situation, other diet and regimen should be followed strictly to get permanent and quick result which have been discussed later.

1)China Off. 30, 3 hrly:

Insomnia after loss blood;

2)Arnica Mont. 30, 3 hrly:

Insomnia after an injury to the body;

3Hypericum 30 3 hrly:

Insomnia after an injury to spine;

4)Coffea Cruda 6, 3 hrly:

Insomnia due to high excitation;

5)Ignatia 3 or 6, 3 hrly:

Insomnia due to bereavement;

6)Chammolia 30, 3 hrly:

Insomnia of babies during dentition; babies wanted to be carried in arms always; babies very irritable;

7)Cina 200, 8 hrly:

Insomnia of children due to intestinal worms;

8)Kali Phos. 6x, 4tabs. thrice daily:

Insomnia of students before examination;

What is Insomnia / Sleeplessness?

Insomnia refers to a group of sleeping disorders where there are both lack of quality of sleep as well as its quantity. It is also called Sleepless- ness. Very often, it is not a disease in itself, rather a symptom of some other trouble.





Insomnia are of three types:

1)Transient Insomnia: where symptom persists for a few days;

2)Acute Insomnia: where trouble persists for weeks;

3)Chronic Insomnia: where trouble persists for months;

Who are common prey to Insomnia?

1)Drug users

2)Shift workers

3)Elderly people

4)People leading absolute idle life

5)Pregnant ladies

6)Adolescent students

7)Persons having mental problems

What are the causes of Insomnia?

1)Break in usual biological rhythm as found in shifting duty, air-travel etc;

2)Mental disorders like bipolar, depression, anxiety disorder;

3)Due to hormonal surge;

4)Medical conditions like COPD, GERD, Sleep Apnea, Angina, Asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease etc;  

5)A lot of modern medicines like alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, corticosteroids, statins etc;

6)Sometimes stray events like over-excitation, environmental disturbances like high pitch sound, open air stay arrangement under bright light, lying beside a high snoring sleeping person may cause transient insomnia;  

What diets and regimen are to be followed during Insomnia?

The following advices are to be followed by the patients except for babies and children.

  • Take some physical exercises daily like brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, skipping etc.

  • During afternoon/evening, if possible, get physical exercises of upper part of the body like Push-ups, Chinning, parallel bar;

  • Take enough green vegetables, fruits, curd along with foods round the day;

  • Take less animal protein but enough milk and milk products;

  • Take at 2.5 liter of water daily;

  • Take supper before 8-30 pm;

  • Take a glass of warm milk diluted with water 1:1, unless otherwise forbidden, at 9 pm;

  • Take about 400 ml. water before going to bed;


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