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Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Homeopathy


What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS) ?

IBS is a chronic dysfunctional disease of the digestive tract characterised by a group of signs and symptoms like abdominal pain/cramp, bloating (swelling due to gas accumulation), food intolerance and altered bowel habits etc.

What are IBS-D and IBS-C ?

When IBS is associated with repeated loose motion along with other symptoms & signs, it is called IBS-D (D for diarrhea).

When IBS is associated with infrequent motion with straining during stool along with other symptoms & signs, it is called IBS-C (C for constipation).

How does irritable bowel syndrome differ from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) like Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis etc.?

In IBD, there are definite damages in the tissue of digestive tract as are viewed in Colonoscopy but IBS is an out and out functional disorder, there is no damage in the tract.

What are the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

There is no definitive cause; as such it is idiopathic in nature. However, the following are supposed to be the precipitating factors :

1)Psychological depression/anxiety

2)Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

3)Full abdomen food intake

4)Sensitivity to particular foods/drinks

5)Genetics is considered a factor though no hereditary link with the disease is established

What are the signs and symptoms of the IBS ?

1)Abdominal cramp and pain

2)Repeated loose motion or infrequent motion with straining during passage

3)Unfinished sensation after motion

4)Bloating of abdomen

5)Altered bowel habit

6)Loss of appetite/ easy satiety

7)Aversion on sight of food

How is Irritable Bowel Syndrome managed with Classical Homeopathy?

General Discussion:

Therapeutically there are a lot of medicines that may be used for patients of IBS, like Merc sol., Acid nit., Arsenicum alb., Lycopodium clav. etc.  However, it may be mentioned, therapeutic aims at managing acute stage of the disease only; since this website is dedicated to manage chronic patients constitutionally with classical homeopathy, we will take up a case or two of chronic in nature. 

Case Study 1:

A lady patient aged 36 yr. married having 3 children reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

1)Suffered from sudden pain in abdomen with repeated loose motions twice a month on an average during about last 15 months; discharge offensive to the highest degree;

2)She thinks her disease incurable; she thinks she will die very soon.

3)She used to take tablets and capsules to get instant relief; however, the problem used to rake her about 2-3 days; thereafter, it subsides and  severe weakness follows;

4)During attack, she gets worried and anxious and walks to and fro in the room during first few hours; then gradually she catches the bed and after one day, she uses to remain in bed like a log unless forced to move to closet for sudden urge;

5)Burning sensation, throws covers off;

6)Tremendous roaring and howling in the lower abdomen;

7)Anxiously uses to take few sips of water but no relief;

8)During attack, passes stool involuntarily while passing wind;

9)During attack, uses to feel palpitation in the face;

Menstrual history :

1)Menarchae : at 11-12 yrs.

2)Before marriage she used to suffer from painful menstruation while cycle was OK;

3)Occasional bland leucorrea 5-7 days before onset of MP;

4)After marriage, menstruation gradually became painless but it got too early 9(15-20 day-cycle) also bleeding became profuse; leucorrhea became purulent and period of stay increased – almost through rest of the menstrual cycle; consulted Gynecologist, but no permanent solution yet received.

Past history:

1)Measles at 4 yr; chicken pox at about 10yr while she was in class V.

2)Severe jaundice attack twice at 12 yr. and again at 14yr. Physician treated her jaundice warned him to take absolute care about his foods and drinks to avoid least further damage of the organ.

3)Suffered from piles at 18-19yrs; treated by homeopathy;

Family history:

1)Sr. paternal uncle died of cirrhosis of liver.

2)Father has been a habitual drinker since his young days; physician said condition of his liver is not good.

3)Mother suffers from osteoarthritis of both knees;

4)It is collected from her in-law’s house that her husband suffered from Gonorrhea at 20 yr.

Mental Generals:

1)Very peevish, irritable;

2)Disposed to get angry at trifle;

3)Generally sad and keeps mum;

4)Fear : None

5)Sleep: OK

Physical Generals:

1)Cannot bear meat, even sight of it;

2)All discharges stool, urine, sweat, leucorrhea  are highly offensive;

3)All troubles increased in moist, wet weather;

4)Urine passes very slowly; has to wait a long while;

5)Thirst : less; she takes only 3 glasses of water in a day;

6)Appetite: less; has become very touchy about foods and drinks; thinks that every item would increase her trouble;

1st Prescription:

Arsenicum alb. 1M /2doses. 1 TSF to take in the morning empty stomach after mixing a dose with 1 cup full of water.


1)Get a report of Diagnostic Colonoscopy;[ to see the contour/health of tissue of colon for clinical diagnosis]

Get at least 5-6 glasses of water(Better mineral water of good brand); it is to be increased gradually to 8 glasses; try fresh fruit-juice at least 2 small glasses a day, but selection of fruit is to be done by ‘try a little and watch the reaction’ method – if it suits, continue and gradually increase; otherwise discard and choose another; start with a bland fruit like pomegranate; during dinner, fresh warm rice or thin chapatti with thin soup of potato & fish with least amount of spice and oil; take dinner 50% of the capacity; get 2 TSF of good honey with luke-warm water and lemon in the morning – try with little amount as described above.

Review:after 2 weeks;

2nd Prescription:

1)Produced report of Colonoscopy which showed that natural contour of the colon are maintained; no active lesion seen; thus IBS is confirmed.

2)Patient reported in due time that she got an attack towards close of the first week; she waited for the first whole day and the disease raved her as usual, on the 2nd day, she took the SOS remedy sent by the local physician; the disease ran its whole course unaffected;It appeared that the medicine did not touch her at all. The whole history of the patient was consulted again thoroughly; after 2nd thought, a new medicine appeared to be more appropriate in this case;

Muriatic acid 0/2; 12 dose in 120 ml aqua dest with 20 drops R.S.; one dose to be taken in the morning for 12 days; the bottle carrying the medicine is to be given 10 jerks by the right hand over the palm of left hand or vice-versa; then 1 dose of medicine is to be mixed with a glass full of water; after stirring the glass, one TSF medicine-mixed water is to be taken every morning in empty stomach; medicine was administered in 50 millesimal potency now

Review: after 3 weeks;

Follow Up :

Patient reported after 4 weeks; no more attack so long;Mentally very relaxed; appetite increased; urine flow increasedconsiderably; thought that she was cured; It was clarified to her and her husband, though she thought she was cured, actual position may be otherwise; the disease might have gone to dormant stage; it does not mean a ‘Cure’; however, if she thought that she was in no need of medicine, they were free to take their own decision and stop the treatment. Now, the husband came forward and said that they wanted to carry on the treatment.

Muriatic acid 0/4; 12 doses in 120 ml. aqua dest was prescribed; other advice as before; review : after 4 weeks;

Thereafter, the same medicine was given to the patient in 0/6 and 0/8 potency; meanwhile the patient did not experience a single of attack of the problem. She stopped coming to clinic.






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