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Renal Stone & Homeopathy / Kidney Stone & Homeopathy


There are so many homeo-remedies effective for renal stones. Most effective from those with indications are given below:

Lycopodium Clav.,:

Right sided renal colic; pain in back; relieved by urinating; Confirmed indication: Hold morning urine in a glass jar; check after 5 minutes for red sand like sediment.Problem worse at about 4 – 8 pm.


Predominantly a right sided remedy; violent cutting burning pain extends from kidneys down through ureter; drinking even a sip of water increases pain; very small quantity of urine passes at a time with pain;  

Causticum: Urination difficult, frequent, painful; urine loaded with lithic acid & lithates; right sided renal pain; involuntary passing of urine with sneezing, coughing, blowing of nose;

Berberis Vul.:

Sensation as if urine, some urine remained after urination; thick, turbid, yellow or red sediment in urine; left sided renal colic; this medicine has the power to relax the circular muscle fibres of ureter to enable passage of stone; bubbling sensation in kidneys; radiating pain from kidney region to thighs. Person proud, miserly, obstinate, intellectually keen and physically weak.

Nux Vom.:

Pain extends to genitals; sensation as if some urine remained after urination; dribbling of urine of old people with enlargement of prostate; persons use to do a lot of mental work with anxiety & worry, but least physical work;


Urine on standing gives white deposits; urine with blood; severe pain at the close of urine; urine passes in thin feeble stream; pain extends from right kidney to bladder;

Urtica Urens:

Suppression of urine of persons with uric Acid diathesis; problem of kidney stone with high uric acid; urine acrid, causes itching wherever touched; kidney stone with acute gout;

What is Renal Stone / Renal Lithiasis / Nephrolithiasis/ Kidney Stone?

It is accumulation of sedimentation of dissolved minerals from urine on the inner lining of kidney. Generally these are Calcuim Oxalate crystals; however, Urate and Phohate may be there too.






What are causes of Renal Stones?

Researches prove that less intake of water of recommended quantity of 8 – 10 glasses of water a day is the main cause of formation of Renal Stone. Insufficient water intake causes the urine to be acidic which is conducive to the formation of Stone. There are few disease-conditions which increase the formation of stone like Crohn’s disease, Hyperparathyroidism, Renal Tubular Acidosis, Urinary Tract Infections etc.  

What are signs and symptoms of Renal Stones?

When stones are in the process of formation, there are no sings and symptoms, the process is absolutely painless. Troubles start when one or more bigger stones dislodge from the calyxes of kidneys and get stuck in the ureter – the tubal structure that connect kidneys to the urinary bladder. Common symptoms are:

1)Severe pain in the groin

2)Burning sensation during urination

3)Blood in the urine

4)Pus in the urine

5)Nausea and vomiting

6)Chill, rigor and fever

7)Increase in frequency of urine  

Is it a fact that kidney stones come out through urine while treating with Homeo-medicines?

Expelling out of minute stones always occur with urine naturally; problem arises when stones get bigger; sometimes these get stuck in kidney and assume big sizes. Normal lumen size of ureter is 3mm. Furthermore, there are many constrictions within the ureter.  When size of a stone becomes bigger than 3mm., it is stuck in the ureter, and excruciating pain is felt by the patient. Homeo-medicines have the power to dilate the circular muscle fibres of the lumen of the ureter whereby stones are released and often come out through urethra.

However, the process has got  its limitations. It is reported that a kidney stone may be as big as a golf ball. Let alone golf ball, if a stone assumes a size of 5 – 6 mm or more, medicines may fail quite aptly and the case becomes a surgical one.

So, choice of homeopathy is subjected to the sizes of stones lying within kidneys. However, if the stone size is smaller, homeopathy is the best option. Moreover, homeopathy is safe, non-hazardous and without any untoward side-effects.

How can Renal Stone formation be prevented?

Renal stone or kidney stone is quite a preventable disease. Just follow the regime below:

1)Drink water 2 – 2.5 L a day regularly;

2)Do some out-door exercises like walking, jogging, skipping, running etc.

3)Calcium rich food retards stone formation;

4)Sodium increases stone formation, so the less salt, the less sodi-bi-carb, the better;

5)Reduce intake of animal proteins, they helps in stone formation;

6)Avoid stone forming foods/drinks like beet, chocolate, spinach, tea, nuts;

7)Though vitamin – C is a friend of ours in many respects, but too much of it leads to citrate stone formation.   




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