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Menorrhagia & Homeopathy


What is Menorrhagia/Heavy Mense/Profuse Mense?

This is defined as profuse menstrual bleeding that makes the subject incapacitated for normal daily works. Generally a woman bleeds 30-40 ml. blood per menstrual cycle, during Menorrhagia this is increased to 80 ml. or more.






What are the causes of Menorrhagia?

i)Anovular menstruation(Menstruation without ovulation);

ii)Uterine polyps;

iii)Uterine fibroids;

iv)Hormonal disturbance;

v)Adolescent ladies who recently started menstruation;

 vi)Uterine malignancies;

vii)Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases(PID);

viii)Intra Uterine Devices;

ix)Pregnancy related complications;

x)Adenomyosis(when uterine endometrium/inner lining penetrates into myometrium/muslce);

xi)Ovarian pathology;

xii)Inherited blood disorders;

What are common signs and symptoms of Menorrhagia?

1)Heavy menstrual bleeding requiring support of double pads or requiring change of pad every 4 hours;

2)Change of pad requires even in night;

3)Bleeding persists for over a week;

4)Passage of bigger clots;

5)Lower abdominal/pelvic pain;

6)Inability of doing normal works;

7)Anaemia, fatigue and vertigo;

How are cases of Menorrhagia managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Despite availability of many a medicine for heavy bleeding in Homeopathy, the scope of treatment of full-fledged Menorrhagia is limited in this system of Medicine in as much as patients in such cases require immediate operative surgical help very often. Though, many homeopaths claim that they have in their armour medicines which acts as swift as modern medicines, I personally do not suggest Homeopathy in such cases. However, if such trouble occurs very often with less severity (where blood loss is less), particularly when associated with some chronic ailments like P.I.D. or ovarian troubles or polyps or fibroids etc., Homeopathy may proof a worthwhile alternative to operative surgery! Let me present such a case from amongst  the patients of my chamber in Kolkata.

Case 1:

Miss Sharmila Goutam, aged 21, a thin-looking lady came to my chamber with her mother and reported the following:

Present Complaints:

1)Severe pain in the lower abdomen started one day before onset of menstrual period each month for about last1 year; It is associated with heavy menstrual flow for 3 days compelling her cessation of normal day to day works; every day she required 4 pads; in some month, she went into semi-unconscious state;

2)She consulted an eminent gynecologist who opted for surgery but her family did not like to go in for it; so they came to us;

3)They produced blood report and USG of uterus of the patient;  a recent blood report showed the HB% was 10.5 gm% and USG showed presence of a small polyp in the uterus;

4)She felt a queer burning sensation all over the body in those days which was felt better by uncovering the abdomen;

5)Feeling of empty sensation in abdomen;

6)They were apprised that such cases should better be treated operative surgically; however, since they insisted on having treated with homeo medicines, we would do our best upon a condition that if we noticed the situation was going worse, we would refer the case to Surgeon at once and after treatment of 6 months, a repeat USG must be done so that we can assess the status of the fibroid.

7)The patient and his mother both agreed to our proposal in writing.

8)She directly asked me whether there was any cure for her in our system of medicine; she was told that no guarantee of cure could be given, however, our experience gave us conviction that we might be successful in her case provided she disclosed replies to all our queries and followed our advices scrupulously.

9)From query it was learnt that she had been using the best quality sanitary napkins during those days for last 5-6 yrs.

Appearance & Personal History:

1)She looked sufficiently thin;

2)Wt: 48kgs; Ht: 1.52 mts; BMI(Calculated wt/(Ht)^2 ): 20.77 (Normal Range : 19-23);

3)Despite her history of blood loss due to menorrhagia, she did not look much anaemic; her nail-beds and conjunctiva of  lower eye-lid were checked with much care – no definite signs of anaemia was there;

Past history:

1)Menarchae(First menstruation) at 10yrs. of age;

2)Had tendency to bleed profusely from even a small wound with delayed stop; 

Mental Generals:

From Miss Goutam’s mother the following was gathered:

1)She had been very irritable & nervous always;

Physical Generals:

1)She had disgust for foods, meat & fat;

2)She craved lemonade-like drinks or acid drinks;

2)She had ravenous hunger;

4She used  to feel extreme weakness of body and mind after physical exertion;

4)Thirst: OK; took about 2 L. water a day;

Family history:

1)Her elder sister suffered from abortion twice at the 3rd month;

2)Her mother informed that she in her younger days used to suffer from profuse menstruation with a sensation of crawling of insects all over the body;

1St Prescription:

Secale cor. 1M; 2 doses of medicine was prescribed in 30 ml of aqua dest. To be taken in the morning on empty stomach for 2successive days;


1)Enough vegetable and fruits with two main foods – these are must;

2)Review : After 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Ms. Goutam reported timely; she reported she was doing better; during last MP bleeding was almost normal; in fact, she did not need any extra guard. She was given Sepia 10M/2 doses to be taken as before; review after 1 month. On expiry of third week, she reported severe bleeding  continuously for 3 days, and a different type of itching sensation all over the body; however, her physical status was more or less stable as usual; She was administered Sulphur 1M / 2 doses; there after, no report was received from patient/party for 3 months; after 3 months Miss Goutam reported she was doing well in all respects; She came to know whether USG was at all required since she thought that she was cured. She was apprised that ‘feeling good or doing well’ was  not enough unless these were supported by pathological reports. She must have a ‘Repeat USG Lower LA’ for confirmation of the status of her uterus. However, the patient did not turn up any more.

How can Menorrhagia be prevented?

No definite prevention is there; only a few general practices as follow can be tried:

1)Good hygienic practices;

2)Healthy foods with enough vegetable and fruits;

3)Avoidance of too salty and sweet foods and drinks;

4)Perform regularly some kind of physical activities, particularly which gave massage and provided increased blood supply to uterus, viz, sit-up, legs raise etc.

5)Daily intake of 2-2.5 L of water;

6)Sleep of at least 6-7 hrs.

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