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Anxiety Disorder / Neurosis & Homeopathy


What is Anxiety Disorder/Neurosis?

Anxiety Disorder/Neurosis is not a single disease, rather it represents a cluster of mental disorders characterized by anxiety and fear along with a set of physical symptoms like shakiness, restlessness, heart-throbbing, listlessness etc. Anxiety is a worry about future and fear is a reaction to present event.

Following six (6) types of most common mental disorders are included in it: 1)Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) characterized by mental exhaustion, fatigue, insomnia(loss of sleep) and difficulty in concentration.

2)Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) characterized by repetitive obsessive thoughts which make patients to perform routine activities repeatedly like washing hands, locking doors, counting moneys etc.

3)Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) where patients feel that they are being judged, observed or scrutinizedby others, as if they are antisocial, too shy or introvert. So, patients avoid goingoutside, mixing with others, skip going to office, refuse to leave home.

4)Panic Disorder (PD) characterized by sudden intense attack of fear manifested by breathlessness, sweating, giddiness, trembling, hot flushes, nausea and agoraphobia (environment perceived as unsafe).

5)Phobias where patients (generally ladies, adolescents, children) become overwhelmed with fear of certain types of man, place, object, situation that appear quite normal to other persons without phobia.

6)Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) where patients show severe anxiety from flashback of experiencing a life threatening incident, event of horror, helplessness etc.








What are the causes of Anxiety Disorders ?

Researchers opine that these disorders are the results of combination of biological, psychological and other individual factors.

How cases are of Anxiety Disorders managed in Classical Homeopathy?

Anxiety Disordersis essentially an individualistic systemic disease where the constitution of the patient is deformed. Since classical homeopathy aims at constitutional treatment of an individual,  it has definite management in classical homeopathy. Let us take a case record.

Mrs. Y. Yagnik, a 57 yrs. graceful lady, the Principal of a renowned Ladies’ College of the city, came to my chamber accompanied by one of her friends Mrs. Sen; the latter remarked that Madam(the lady Principal) had been suffering from a peculiar megalomaniac complex for last few years.  She(Mrs. Sen) had come because Madam might not be able to narrate her troubles precisely and since she knew her(Madam) most intimately for last many years, she could help her in this regard. The following signs and symptoms were collected from them in respect of Mrs.Yagnik:

Chief Complaints:

1)Very irritable; trifle matter made her upset;

2)Used to go beside herself with mildest criticism;

3)Prone to carry out decisions thought over for long despite strong opposition;

4)Extreme restlessness; great anxiety and mistrust, thought she was surrounded by a group of persons with malafide intention;

5)Most of the time stayed silent and reserved; she thought as if some unpleasant and disagreeable new would come;

6)Couldn’t stay alone; loneliness brought extreme anxiety; always wanted somebody beside her; could not go to sleep due to anxiety;

7)Anxiety & fear ++ at about 8 p.m.; felt impulse to commit suicide by drowning; 

8)As per Mrs. Sen, Madam had become most an unpleasant and difficult person to deal with, though, she was not so 3 yrs. ago.


Mrs. Yagnik looked like a statue of moroseness with semi-cachectic appearance; during case taking, she mostly kept silent; in response to almost all our queries, she looked at the face of Mrs. Sen who answered on behalf of her behalf.(Ht: 5’1”  Wt: 41 kgs.)

O/E: Tongue: Covered with greyish yellow thick coating;

Past history:

1)Suffered from laryngeal TB about 10 yrs. ago;

2)In girlhood days she suffered from repeated attack of septic tonsils;

3)At the age of 15, tonsillectomy done;

4)No history/ habit of hard drinks;

5)No history of diabetes;

6)Maintained sedentary habits all along;

7)Menopause: Uneventful (normal);

8)Had one daughter & son; they resided abroad;

Family history:

1)Father died ofPulmonary TB;

2)Sister committed suicide because of failure of a love-affair;

Mental Gernerals:

1)As described above;

Physical Generals:

1)Appetite: no desire to eat; except tea; takes tea 15-20 cups a day;

2)Thirst: almost nil; took hardly 500 ml. a day;


Though the patient appeared to be a strong tubercular background, but the presenting symptoms syndrome directed to a very common yet unbelievable remedy for Dr. Hahnemann Himself had given such a sketch of it in HIS MATERIA MEDICA PURA;

1ST Prescription :

Drosera rot. 200/ 1 dose in 15 ml.(Yes only 1 dose because Dr. Hahnemann HIMSELF forbade to give 2nd dose!) with supportive medicine 28 doses.


Following diet and regimen to be observed strictly:

      Morning walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

  1. Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker

  2. 9 a.m.: Fresh-Rice(100 gms) + Fish soup / Veg.soup + plain curd(50 gms.) + fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranade)

  3. 1 – 30 p.m. : 25 gms.parched rice + wet germinated gram (20gms) [no salt] powdered cardamom may be taken

  4. 5 – 6 p.m.: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. CC

Evening walk : 1km (to increase gradually)

  1. 8-30 p.m. : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+ fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranade);

  2. Drink at least 1.5 – 2.0 L. of mineral water daily;

Review : After 1 month;


Mrs. Sen reported after a month that Madamshowed remarkable recovery; gradually she was returning to her old pleasant personality, but her appetite was still very weak; the attending lady to Madam reported her that Madam was very reluctant to get daily food as prescribed by the doctor. Mrs.Yagnik was subsequently treated with Tuberculinum 200 to 50M potency along with Calc.phos 12x biochemic as support from 2nd prescription onwards. According to last report, everybody was happy to get their old Madam back!


Since the exact cause of the disease is predominantly lies in psychic level of an individual, the best prevention lies in the calculated opposition to prevent the person to go to that level; that is possible if one follows the instructions as given in the content of sub-menu ‘FightAnxiety’ under menu ‘General Advices’. Please CLICK HERE

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