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Osteoporosis & Homeopathy


What is Osteoporosis?

One of the commonest diseases that the womenfolk suffer from predominantly;

Osteoporosis meaning ‘porous bone’ is a disease where bone density and bone quality is reduced. After birth, bone density constantly changes with age, reaching its peak value at about 20yrs. But as age advances more and more bone cells dissolve  the internal bony structure(bony matrix)called resorption ; at the same time, there occurs deposit of new bone cells (osteoid) called remodeling. If resorption is more than remodeling within a bone, bone gets gradually weaker and the value of Bone Mineral Density(BMD) lowers down. However, this is a painless change. So, this is called a Painless disease. Very often, osteoporosis is detectedonly when there is a sudden fracture and the BMD value is measured.







What are causes of Osteoporosis ?

As age advances, if resorption i.e., dissolution of bony matrix within the bone is more than osteoid formation, i.e., new bone cell formation, the bone density gets lower and lower and finally osteoporosis develops.

What are the risk factors of Osteoporosis?

Risk factors may be divided into two types:



Fixed risk factors include:

i)Women especially after cessation of Menses

ii)Age over mid-30s

iii)Family history of Osteoporosis

iv)Previous fracture

v)Rheumatoid Arthritis


vii)Hypogonadism in Men

viii)Low level of estrogen

 Modifiable risk factors include:

i)Low calcium intake

ii)Low vit-D intake



v)Low body mass index

vi)Lack of nutrition

vii)Sedentary habits (Idle life-style)

viii)Lack of active exercises

How cases of Osteoporosis are managed with homeopathy?

Looking at the fixed risk factors of the disease, it is certain that homeopathy has a considerable high edge over other systems of medicine. There are a lot of medicines which could be used as a constitutional remedy for patients of Osteoporosis, viz., Calcarea Carb. Calcarea phos., Causticum, Thyroidinum, Tuberculinum, Phosphorus, Natrum mur., Iodium etc.


Osteoporosis is basically a disease of senile degeneration and possibly of error of metabolism also. Persons having a hereditary tendency of the disease should be careful against Modifiable Risk Factors mentioned above. They should keep in mind, walking, jogging and running are good exercises.  As to diet, they should take foods rich in calcium and vit-D and avoid alcohol and smoking as far as possible. Keeping an eye to their BMI, they should adjust their diet and physical exercises.

In this context, it may be noted that various brands of calcium tablet are available in the market and all of them claim that they prevent Osteoporosis;  but the usefulness of their consumption is not free from controversy; the most important of which is that our body does not absorp synthetic nutrients directly unless it is  in sufficiently finer form and comes mixed with some other compatible thing.

I would rather personally suggest, in this regard, biochemic preparations of Calcarea Phos from 6X onwards are much better alternative, for, these preparations are really in finer forms, come mixed with milk of sugar, a very compatible form with our internal system and cost of these medicines are far less compared to calcium tablets. These are generally available in all homeopathic medicine shops and are dispensed in one grain mini tablet form; usual dose is Calcarea Phos. 6X, 4 tabs. thrice a day mixed with a  tea spoonful of warm water or milk or tea or coffee; in strict sense, these are not medicines, but minerals. These have no side effects of their own, if taken more than what is needed, these go out of the system through urine, sweat and stool.

Furthermore, Calcarea phos. 3X is also immense valuable for babies, children and adolescents; for babies & children, dose is 1 tab. thrice daily mixed with 1 tsf of warm milk or water; for boys & girls, 2 tabs. thrice daily in the same way as above. Adolescents may take 3 tabs. a day thrice daily in the same way.

Calcarea carb. & Calcarea phos. if administered homeopathically in proper dose and potency, can prevent Osteoporosis defintely in off-springs of families with history of Osteoporosis.

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