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Dysmenorrhoea & Homeopathy / Painful Period & Homeopathy


What is Dysmenorrhoea/Painful Period/Painful Mense?

These are defined as pain and cramps in lower abdomen sometimes spreading to lower back and upper thighs just before or during menstruation.

Clinically Dysmenorrhoea may be of two types:

1)Primary   2)Secondary

Dysmenorrhoea associated with normal periods or menstruation is called Primary and when it is associated with disorder of reproductive organs like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fibroids  etc. , it is called Secondary; we shall confine our discussion here in Primary Dysmenorrhoea or simply Dysmenorrhoea.   






What are the causes of Dysmenorrhoea?

During  menstrual period, uterus contracts severely; due to its contractions sometimes blood vessels supplying blood to the uterine muscles are so constricted that blood supply to the muscles of the uterus itself is hampered; in such a situation, due to lack of supply of blood to the muscles as well as nerve of the uterus, pain is felt by the subject.

What are common signs and symptoms of Dysmenorrhoea?

1)Pain and cramps in lower abdomen;

2)Pain may be felt in groins, thighs and lower back area;

3)Systemic signs and symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, fretfulness and diarrhea may be there ;

How are cases of  Dysmenorrhoea managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Scope of treatment of Dysmenorrhoea in homeopathy is very wide. There are numerous medicines which can be applied and rate of success is also very high; even in cases of secondary type, Classical homeopathy can do magic cure which is generally unexpected of any other systems of medicine.

Let us take one live case from our clinic.

Case 1:

Miss Ruksana Begum , aged 24, a plump-looking lady came to my chamber with her mother and reported the following signs & symptoms:

Present Complaints:

1)Severe pain in the lower abdomen started one day before onset of menstrual period each month for last 3 - 4 yrs.; the intensity of pain  was so much that, if she did not take any pan-killer, she lost her consciousness; almost every month she had to take two or three pain killer tabs; She felt that a ball was there inside the uterus which tried to come outside.

2)Pain lasted for 2 days; from 2nd day of period, pain subsided;

3)For every month, she became home-bound for two days during the Period; but brisk walking to and fro in the room gave her some relief;

4)Due to long suffering, she thought that her disease had become incurable;

5)She consulted many gynaecologists  but none could give her expected result except transient relief;

6)She directly asked me whether there was any cure for her in our system of medicine; she was told that no guarantee of cure could be given, however, our experience gave us conviction that we might be successful in her case provided she disclosed replies to all our queries and followed our advices scrupulously. She agreed to our proposal.

7)From query it was learnt that she had been using the best quality sanitary napkins during those days for last 5-6 yrs.

Appearance & Personal History:

She looked sufficiently fat  and chubby; face circular in shape; light bluish discoloration around her eyes; cracking in lower lip; Wt: 67 kgs; Ht: 1.55 mts; BMI(Calculated wt/(Ht)^2 ): 27.89 (Normal Range : 19-23); From query, it was learnt, she usually did not do any walking or other sort of exercise, led an almost idle life; Her mother added that she usually pushed her daughter to take some walking or jogging in the nearby parks but the latter did never pay heed to her instructions. She continued, it appeared, from the attitude of her daughter, that she had lost all interests in life. I tried to find out whether there was any case of broken love-affair but her mother confirmed that there was none. She took little water and did not want to take fruits; loves sweets, potatoes very much;

Past history:

Nothing useful information was available;

Mental Generals:

From Ruksana’s mother the following was gathered:

1)She had been very mild and soft from her childhood;

2)She was very much greedy and miserly; always tried to snatch things from her younger brothers;

3)She had been indifferent to her close relations even; once she loved her ‘Abbu’[father] very much, but now-a-day, she did not care for her -- this attitude hurt her mother very much; her mother was apprised by me that she should not be worried about it, this was just a symptom of her illness, if our medicine worked, it would disappear.

4)She was very sad and had weeping tendency to win others’ sympathy;

5)She feared to be alone; liked company always;

Physical Generals:

1)She was idle all along;

2)She got chilled so easily; and also fainted easily;

2)She suffered from morning weakness all along her life;

3)She used  to feel extreme weakness of body and mind after physical exertion, say walking one Km.

4)Thirst: Little; took water about 500 ml. a day;

Family history:

1)Her elder sister suffered from prolapse of uterus; she suffered from a natural  abortion towards close of pregnancy;

2)Her mother informed that she also in her younger days used to suffer from profuse menstruation with bearing down sensation;

1St Prescription:

Sepia 1M; 2 doses of medicine was prescribed in 30 ml of aqua dest. To be taken in the morning on empty stomach for 2 successive days;


1)She was apprised that her BMI was much above normal; if she really wanted to be cured, along with medicine she must  start walking in the morning and after-noon at least 2 kms. a day;

2)To take at least 1.5 – 2 L. of water a day;

3)Enough vegetable and fruits with two main foods – these are must;

4)Avoid taking too much of sweets and potatoes;  with high BMI values, if she continued taking of sweets and potatoes too much, she would fall prey to Type -2 Diabetes within a short period – she was warned;

5)To keep pain-killer tab. ready as an SOS remedy; however, this should be the last resort in case of excrutiating pain;

6)Review : After 3 weeks; 

Follow up:

Ms. Rooksana reported timely; she reported she was doing better; during last MP nothing happened except a feeling of mild pain within; in fact, she did not need any pain-killer tab. She was also following other advices out and out. She was duly appreciated for her compliance; she was also told that better feeling she was enjoying was due to her own sincerity. She was given Sepia 10M/2 doses to be taken as before; review after 1 month. She was still under treatment.

How can Dysmenorrhoea be prevented?

No definite prevention is there; only a few general practices as follow can be tried:

1)Good hygienic practices;

2)Healthy foods with vegetable and fruits;

3)Avoidance of too salty and sweet foods and drinks;

4)Performr regularly some kind of physical activities, particularly which gave massage and provided increased blood supply to uterus, viz, sit-up, legs raise etc.

5)Daily intake of 2-2.5 L of water;

6)Sleep of at least 6-7 hrs.

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