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Piles & Homeopathy


What are Piles ?

Statistics tells that in almost all civilized countries 50% of the population suffer from piles in some phase of their lives !!

Piles are swollen veins of rectal venous plexus [RVP] also known as  hemorrhoidal plexus[HP]. Plexus means network of veins. RVP is situated just 3-4 cm above the anal orifice at the juncture of rectum and anus. Anal orifice is the opening through which we pass stool.Slight anatomical knowledge would be helpful to understand and help prevent piles i.e., one can avoid this menacing disease without any medicine – yes without medicine, just avoiding a group of foods & drinks.As such I venture to do this.





Through RVP free communication is there between the portal and systemic venous system. RVP consists of two parts, an internal plexus in the sub-mucous layer and an external plexus outside the muscular coat.

The veins of RVP especially those of internal plexus are contained in very loose connective tissue, as such they get less support and are less capable of resisting increased blood pressure.

There are varieties of piles, viz., internal and external; again internal plies have different degrees like 1 degree, 2 degree etc. etc. depending upon whether the piles is visible from outside or whether the piles-mass goes back inside automatically etc. etc.….these are not so important from layman’s point of view. What is important to laymen is the cause of the disease! How does the disease take shape?

What are the causes of Piles ?

In any standard book of surgery, the cause of piles has been assigned to the following: a) Constipation b) Diarrhoea/dysentry c) Pregnancy d) Ageing e) Hereditary factors etc. In almost all cases, these have been explained that extra pressure on the veins of RVP is the sole cause; the books refer to the physical pressure which we put on to the rectum to pass hard stool or the pressure that the expanding womb during pregnancy puts on the rectum, as the sole precipitating factor of piles.

One thing none of the books refers to is ‘engorgement in the liver’ may be a very strong reason of piles. How ? We know that from intestine portal system carries the essence of the food along with blood and finally drains the same in the liver; again systemic venous system meets the hepatic venous system in the RVP. So if there is engorgement in the liver, the blood pressure in the RVP will increase due to obstructed  flow of blood through the liver. If the engorgement in the liver is one of cause of piles, we can avoid piles if liver is kept free from engorgement.

How is the liver get engorged? The liver is engorged, i.e., the hepatocytes(liver cells) are engorged by the effect of micro-toxins (minute particles of poisonous substance) entered in the blood stream of hepatic venous system. These micro-toxins come in the blood stream from the foods and drinks we take.During our college days in Hospital, we realized it while reading anatomy.

Now, let us find out which are the common foods and drinks that we take almost day to day, look very innocent, yet carry a lot of micro-toxins. From an experience of consulting piles-patients for more than 25 yrs., now I can assert that if one avoids all these culprits, one can keep oneself far-off piles. These culprits are i) red meat ii) hard drinks iii) all fried snacks prepared with trans fat, burnt-oil, MSG(monosodium glutamate) iv) all cheap masaladar oily bhujia type foods like ‘chanachur’, ‘nimkis’, fried peas/’chhola’, groundnut etc with which we generally take ‘muri’(parched rice) in the afternoon/evening as refreshment.

Please, remember groundnut, gram (‘chhola’), dried pea fried over dry hot sand are really good for health, while the same when fried with cheap oil, trans fat, hot spices and salt, become highly toxic.

Another management I do pressurize patients of piles to adopt is to take enough fruits and green salads along with two principal dinners of the day. Just note one has to take these along with dinners, not separately; fruits and vegetables contains enough fiber, vitamins and minerals – all these are very much important for health. One can get the benefit if the same are taken separately, say after food, so why is it important to take these along with dinners?  Point lies in the fact that cellulose fibers of the fruits and vegetables are not digested in our G.I. tract, these pass off as stool and while doing so it absorb the toxic materials entered through oils, spices, other adulterants of foods and drinks. Thus, if taken with staple food, these serve two, nay three purposes of providing nutrients to the body as well as absorb toxic materials of digestive tract and keep constipation off! I usually take pride in saying that every sensible patient (who cares to listen to the advice of the physician) of piles (at least) has returned from my chamber cured of the disease! Along with selected medicineon the totality of symptoms, I always advise patients of piles in particular to steer clear of the above mentioned foods/drinksand also advise all other patients in general to avoidthose items. I also advise them to take adequate fruits and salads with dinners.

What are the signs &symptoms of Piles ?

  • Pain and  irritation in anus; sometimes, there may be no pain.

  • Blood-strained stool or free red blood after/before stool.

  • Uneasiness & heaviness in the anus

  • Itching in anus

  • Secretion of mucus from anus.

How are Piles  managed with Classical Homoeopathy ?   

General Discussion:

Therapeutically there are a lot of medicines that may be used for patients of piles, like Aloe soc., Acid nit.,Aesculus hip., Muriatic acid., Tuberculinum.,etc.,etc.However, it may be mentioned, therapeutic aims at managing acute stage of the disease only; since this website is dedicated to managing chronic patients with classical homeopathy, we will take up a case or two of chronic in nature.

Case Study 1:

Mrs.D. Shepard. Age 32+, mother of 2 children reported that she was suffering from piles for last 10 months or so. Took a lot of medicines which acted only transiently.

Chief complaints:

1)Occasional  bleeding per rectum(BPR) after passage of stool;

2)Uneasiness and mild pain after stool which remains hours after;

3)she is generally constipated;

4)During ablution with cold water, she felt relieved.

Menstrual history :

[Note: while recording this history, the patient raised  a point that she had come for treatment of piles; why should he give this history? She was apprised that Constitutional treatment with classical homeopathy always treats the patient as a whole not by names of the diseases. As such it is for her own interest that she should disclose everything; he was also apprised that, very often, it is noted that the patient has become trouble free for some complaints which he /she has not come to treat. Since selection of remedy depends in such cases depends on the totality of symptoms, she should report everything about her health and such history would always remain secret, she may be assured of that. At this, the patient agrees and gives the following history: ]

1)Menarchae at 15 yrs.

2)Before marriage her MP was eventless, cycle was Ok, no trouble without slight molimina during the days;

3)After about a year of marriage, her period became very painful; cycle was ok, severe pain before onset, pain stays for first 1-2 days then subsides;

4)Severe leucorreal  discharge with burning pain almost every month after 10-12 days of the MP

Past history :

1)Undergone MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) about 7 months before;

2)Blood dysentery at 10yrs of age.

Family history :

1)Could not confirm whether any relation had or has been suffering from piles.

2)Maternal uncle died of TB.

3)Grandma died of Rectal cancer.

Mental Generals:

1)Likes fuss; likes music ++;

2)Fears dogs;

3)Sleep: OK;

Physical Generals:

1)Fond of fatty foods, red meat;

2)Does not like washing;

3)Appetite : Less; Thirst : less, takes less than a liter water a day;

During query, it is noted that the patient has a tendency to modify her earlier statements when challenged; it was also confirmed that she had been suffering from piles from a time few days after the MTP was done;

1st Prescription :

Sulphur 200/ 2 doses to be taken on two consecutive morning in empty stomach;


1)To avoid red meat, fried masaladar foods as far as possible;

2)To take enough fruits and greensalad with dinners;

3)To drink water at least 1.5 litre a day;

Review : after 3 weeks.

The patient turned up after 4 weeks and reported that she was better; no BPR so far; leucorreal discharge reduced, no burning was there; MP is expected within a day or two; however, day before yesterday, she suddenly suffered from severe constipation and pain which remained an hour after stool. She looked very much worried.

2nd Prescription :

Sulphur 1000/2 doses to be taken one TSF after mixing 1 dose with a cup of water in empty stomach on consecutive 2 morning. Other advices to continue as before.


Since, the disease is mainly caused by toxication of liver, persons interested to keep the disease away may follow the instructions under sub-menu ‘Keep Liver Healthy’ under menu ‘Patients’ Corner’ of this website.


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