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Premature Ejaculation & Homeopathy


There are so many homeo-remedies effective for Premature Ejaculation.  Most effective from those with indications are given below; however, this trouble cannot be managed with medicines alone. Following a definite type of diet and regimen is a must which has been discussed later.


Persons habituated to onanism or sexual excesses; face sunken, abashed look; organ flaccid; craving for tobacco, brandy; heart palpitates from least motion; great inclination to perspire even when sitting; constant brooding on sexual subjects; voluptuous itching of scrotum; bad effect of masturbation for long;


Individual of tubercular parentage; symptoms changing always from one organ to the other—appearing suddenly and ceasing suddenly; takes cold easily – on least exposure, sometimes without knowing where and how; cosmopolitan nature, wants to travel; fears from dog; sensitive to music; craves smoke meat and cold milk; premature ejaculation due to practicing masturbation for many years;

Calcarea Carbonica:

Burning sensation after ejaculation; thinks that his disease is incurable; feels highly dejected; craves eggs, averse to meat; soles and feet raw due to constant perspiration; having tendency to masturbate frequently; grinding of teeth during sleep; perspiration smells sour; persons disposed to grow fat easily;


Relaxed penis with high sexual desire and excitement; Bordering on impotent with mental depression; persons averse to move, likes to lie down always;


Almost Impotent with high desire; ejaculation at first penetration; sometimes, ejaculation before sexual intercourse – during foreplay; hair falling off head, eyebrows, whiskers – from everywhere; ill-humored after incomplete coition; involuntary dribbling of semen and prostatic fluid from urethral meatus;

What is Premature Ejaculation?

It is the commonest male sexual dysfunction where ejaculation of semen occurs (orgasm) before it is wanted during sexual intercourse.






What are causes of Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

In most of the cases, PE is related to psychological factors such as :


2)Too much excitement

3)Novelty of the relation


5)Guilty feeling


7)Relationship stress

However, the following medical conditions may also be reasons behind:



3)Prostate disease

4)Compulsive Masturbating Disorder


6)Thyroid problem

What are the consequences of PE?

Consequences of PE are many fold:

1)The male member get frustrated, dissatisfied;

2)He suffers from a sense of guilty-feeling; he becomes ill-humored;

3)The female partner may be depressed and dejected;

4)Interpersonal relation among the partners gets vitiated;

5)Both partners may suffer from mental distress;

6)In severe and prolonged cases of  PE, there  may be break-up of the relation between the partners;

What type of diet and regimen should be followed by subjects suffering from PE? How can one control PE?

)(Take enough vegetable-salad and fruits along with easily digestible protein like chicken stew, fish soup in lunch and supper; avoid eggs, for, these produce often unnecessary excitement; take cashew nuts, pea nuts, milk & milk products, fruits in breakfast and with evening tea.

)(Alcohol, smoking and other addictions like gutka, tiranga etc. should be avoided COMPLETELY.

)(Take at least 2 - 2.5 litre of water daily.

)(Take a neem leaf a day in morning in empty stomach with a sip of water; you can practice it throughout your life.

)(Inner garments like tight underwear should always be on except in the night; it is a must for all who wish to acquire sexual potency; never keep the organs (scrotum and penis) loose; keep them as if chained always; but take care to change underwear everyday and clean it; otherwise, skin disease will add on the existing troubles.

)(Physical exercises particularly of lower abdomen and upper arm are mandatory; you can practice any time of your choice morning, evening or any other; just remember you cannot practice with full-abdomen.

)(Practice sit-up regularly at least 5 sets each of 10 or more;

)(Practice push-up 5 sets each 20 or more;






)(Run or jog for at least 2 Km. daily;

)(For individuals new to physical exercise, initially there may pain in the abdomen and upper parts of the trunk; simply ignore the pain and continue the practice, pain would die out naturally, if you stop practicing for fear of pain, the whole scheme fails.

)(Do not indulge yourselves in frivolous fun like viewing sexual pornographic pictures or videos. If you feel so, you can masturbate 2-3 times a week; but don’t indulge yourselves too much. Mind, masturbation is a healthy practice, if kept under control. You masturbate when you feel it is required to release your internal pressure, don’t allow masturbation to control you!

)(Sexual act is a serious matter. Preserve your energy fully. Keep yourself cool and collected.

)(Don’t take any medicine without advice of your physician.   



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