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Psoriasis & Homeopathy


What is Psoriasis?

One of the common dreadful diseases that the human suffer from; in India, about 10 million persons suffer.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune inflammatory skin disease characterized by red, flaky, crusty patches covered with silvery scales that shed easily.Auto-immune means where body’s own immune system attacks the body cells taking these for enemy. It is very important to note that IT IS NOT A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE, though it looks like to be so.



What are the causes of  Psoriasis?

As already said, it is an auto-immune disease arising out of altered immune reaction of the body. So real cause is unknown; however, research says stress, anxiety, injuries to skin, infection, hormonal changes and hereditary factor play significant roles. 

What are the signs and symptoms of Psoriasis?

1)Redness of skin;


3)Elevated patchiness of skin;

4)Scaliness and flakiness of skin;

5)Itchiness and pain ++;

6)Severe discomfort feeling;

7)Sleep heavily disturbed;

8)Exfoliation of scaly surface with raw surface under appearing which again turned into dry scaly surface to exfoliate again, this cycle goes on & on;

Sites of common affection are:




4)lower back

But, it is said that it may affect any part of the body. And both sexes are affected equally; most of the patients are within age range 19 – 60+. 

How cases of Psoriasis are managed with homeopathy?

General discussion:

Being an idiopathic and auto-immune type of disease, cases of Psoriasis can be managed with classical homeopathy by physicians of high acumen only; Out and out a complex chronic disease, the totality of patients suffering from this disease must be scrupulously sketched, then along with constitutional medicine, diet and regimen of the patient should be regulated properly. Let me discuss a case of my chamber :

Case study 1:

Mrs. Jamuna Rai, a 35yrs. old unmarried lady came to my chamber for treatment of her inveterate skin disease. She presented herself with the following symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Outer sides of her both elbow joints were covered with dry elevated flaky skin eruptions for last 2 yrs.; very gradually spreading out;  

2)Severe burning sensation & discomfort feeling over the affected areas;

3)Smarting sensation over the area;

4)Exfoliation of scales with raw surface beneath which gradually turned into old, dry, elevted, scaly surface only to exfoliate again, these steps go on cyclically;

4)Severe nightly aggravation of all troubles, especially around 1-2am;

5)Almost no sleep in nights after nights;

6)Mrs Rai almost bursted into tears to say, doctor, please give some good sleep; she literally tried catch hold of my feet to beseech; I assured her of my best services and made her easy.

7)She felt some relief if hot fomentation applied on the affected surface with dry cloth;

8)She was anxious lest this trouble engulfed her whole body;

9)She became restless in night and moved around in her room to find some peace;

10)During night she always want somebody beside her, could not stay alone;

11)Fear of death haunted her always; sometimes she thought that she should commit suicide;

12)Felt much thirst cold water but took a few sips of water very often, never a glassful of water;

13)She thought it was useless to take medicine and she would die soon;

14)Tremendous exhausted and feeling of fatigue always;

15)Could not take foods, everything appeared giving rise to some smell which was repulsive to her;

Appearance & Personal history:

1)Thinly built; Wt: 45 kgs; Ht: 160 cms; BMI = 17.58;

2)Menstrual history: No abnormality detected; for last few years, bleeding  just remained for the 1st day, but no other troubles; very little occasional white discharge with no trouble;

3)She had been a connoisseur of art, a very fastidious person; at home, she wont tolerate little disharmony of every object around her;

4)Did not take any sort of physical activities; mind did not permit;

5)Foods & Drinks: She used to take coffee and biscuits three times a day – in fact, that was her food in a day; 25-30 sips of water was her drinks;

Past history:

1)About 10 yrs. back, she suffered from severe eczematous eruption; of course,  treated with modern medicine; thereafter, with a gap of every 2-3 yrs. she suffered from the same and treated also in the same way;

Family history:

1)Father suffered from psoriasis;

2)His elder brother had also psoriasis and still suffering from the same;

3)His maternal grandpa had suffered from severe form of rheumatoid arthritis leading to disfigurement of almost all joints of the body; however, he died of sudden heart attack;

Mental Generals:

1)Tremendous fastidious in nature;

2)Thought her disease incurable;

3)Extreme despair & worry;

3)Sensation as if insects crawling all over skin; burning sensation all body; no healthy sleep during last 3-4 months; felt drowsy but could not sleep;

Physical Generals:

1)Prostation ++;

2)Thirst ++ but could not take a glassful of water; few sips quenched her thirst; 

3)Problems aggravated at night;

4)Stool constipated; has to take purgative very often;

1st Prescription:

Arsenicum alb. 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml aq. dest; to be taken 1 tsf after mixing one dose in a glassful full of mineral water in every morning for 12 days; to lessen smarting and burning over skin, simple olive oil may be used but medicated ointment is strictly forbidden.


1)To stop coffee totally; avoid all sorts of animal proteins for the time being;

2)To take green tea with cream-cracker (2-3 pcs.) in morning & evening.

3)To start walking at least 500 mt. in the morning and evening (to increase it to 2 km. gradually) – this will help him in setting sleep;

4)She is advised to take delicious veg. soup cooked with spices full of anti-oxidants like coriander etc. with staple foods of her choice in lunch and supper; to start with just take 1 chapatti with soup in lunch as well as in dinner;

5)Supper must be taken before 9 pm; take 1 glass of water after 1 hr. of supper before going to bed; if not possible to take in one go, take it in 3 - 4 spells; this would help in setting sleep;

6)To take enough salad and fruits with lunch  and supper regularly;(MUST) – this will keep stool soft, no purgative will be reqd.

7)To take 2 L. water daily as a routine, even if there is no thirst; 8)Review : after 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Mrs.  Rai’s overall status remained same except some positive feeling in mind; extreme despair was gone; could sleep for 2 – 3 hrs. at night; Repeat the same medicine 0/2, 12 doses, to be taken on alternate day; other advices to continue;. Review: after a month. Mrs. Rai, on her next visit, reported that burning and smarting sensations were reduced; sleep increased in duration but skin itching and exfoliation were as before. The same medicine in gradual higher potencies were given.

At the end of 0/5 potency, she reported that peripheral skin of eruption-area showing a remarkable change; On Examination, it was noted that there were sporadic islands of exfoliated region beneath which normal looking skin was peeping. Her face was beaming with a sense of relaxation. But she continued,   she felt a peculiar sex irritation not felt so far, these days leading her to self-abuse (nymphomania ?). She looked very much hesitant and a bit irritable; she was told that this might be a passing phase of the medicine, she did not need to worry about it. However, she was also apprised that self-abuse was not a vice at all. In fact, medical science says, it was a healthy practice if kept under control and about 80% of women-folk practice it in one phase of their lives. While 90% of men-folk do it in the same way.  She was given Phosphorus 10M/1 dose; to report after 6 weeks. Thereafter, Mrs. Rai did not appear.


Psoriasis is essentially an auto-immune disease. As such, there is no definite preventive measures. But, I would personally suggest that persons having a history of this disease in family, should follow the instructions as given in sub-menu ‘Preserve Body Immunity’ under menu ‘General Advices’ of this website.


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