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Rheumatoid Arthritis & Homeopathy


What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

One of the commonest diseases that the human suffer from; in India, about 90 million persons suffer.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of most common type of ‘arthritis’ where ‘synovial tissues’around a joint are affected. It is an ‘auto-immune disease’, that is, a systemic disease as well, as such it can affect any organ of the body like heart, lung, and tissues like muscles, ‘cartilages’,‘ligaments’, ‘tendons etc. around the joint leading to severe pain, swelling and tenderness which often leads to permanent disability. Terms within quotations are defined below:

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and inflammation of a bony joint.

Synovial tissue is the tissue covering the bony ends of a joint within which a fluid called synovial fluid remains to lubricate the joint during movement.

Auto-immune diseases are diseases where body’s own immune system attacks the body cells / tissue taking those for foreign cells.

Cartilages are the soft paddings at the end of bones which act as cushions during movements of the joint.

Ligaments are the external tough band-like multiple structures that keep joints bound from all sides.

Tendons are rope-like ends of muscles that remain attached to the bone.

What are causes of Rheumatoid Arthritis ?

As already said, it is an auto-immune disease arising out of altered immune reaction of the body.

What are the signs and symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

To start with small joints of hands and feet are affected with following signs and symptoms:

1)Joint pain & stiffness

2)Joint hot, swollen & tender

3)In morning after night rest, stiffness increases which gradually settles down to a low level after two or three hours with movement

4)Sometimes, there are sudden increase of troubles called ‘flare-ups’. These are very critical time.

5)The signs and symptoms often disappear and again reappear. Depending upon the constitution of the patient, they may reappear to attack big joints with more virulence. And if left unattended, it often lead to permanent disfigurement of joints.

How cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis are managed with homeopathy?

General discussion:

Therapeutically there are a lot of medicines that may be used for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, like X-ray, Carcinosin, Causticum, Acid fluoric,Mercurius sol., Sulphur, Ledum pal., Rutagrav., Acid nit. etc. depending on signs and symptoms of the case.  However, it may be mentioned, therapeutic aims at managing acute stage of the disease only; since this website is dedicated to manage chronic patients by eradication of constitutional dyscrasia by classical homeopathy, we will take up a case or two of chronic in nature.

Case study 1:

Dr. KarmoPandit, a 50yr. oldnice-looking doctor of modern medicinecame to my chamber. To start with, he disclosed that he himself was a man of Medicine and he knew that there was no medicine in their system of treatment for his disease, so he came to our chamber for help. He presented himself with the following symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Rightwrist-joint swollen &disfigured laterally about 150 degree for about last 6 months; cannot hold things with right hand.

2)Inability to move the joint; joint almost fixed;

3)Left wrist joint affected but to a lesser degree;

4)Both knee-joints are also affected, but some how he was managing his daily routine; knee-joints were the last to affect;

5)Palms rough, scaly with cracks, occasionally bleed;

6)He was anxious that his whole body might be affected to make him a bed-ridden man in future.

6)Urine scanty with high pungent odour;

7)Dr. Pandit produced the following reports:

a) Hb%: 7.5%

b) ESR:150 mm 1st hr.

c) C-Reactive Protein:hs CRP: 5.5mg/L.

d)Rheumatoid factor: 16 IU/mL.

Past history:

1)About 25 yrs. back, he suffered from severe eczema; of course,  treated with modern medicine;thereafter, with a gap of every 2-3 yrs. he suffered from the same and treated also in the same way; now he has still one such eruption of the size of new 10 rupee coin on his left buttock;

Family history:

1)Mother suffered from psoriasis;

2)His elder brother had also psoriasis and still suffering from the same;

3)His paternal grandpa had suffered from severe form of rheumatoid arthritis leading to disfigurement of almost all joints of the body; however he died of sudden heart attack;

Mental Generals:

1)Loss of memory, esp. of names;

2)Sensation as if sore and lame all over;

3)As soon as he got into sleep, chill began to run along back preventing his sleep; no healthy sleep during last 3-4 months; felt drowsy but could not sleep;

Physical Generals:

1)Persistent tired feeling ++;

2)Trembling all over; 

3)Extremities went to sleep while he slept;

4)Perspired too much in bed;

5)Problems aggravated at night;

6)Stool constipated; has to take purgative very often;

7)Thirst: No thirst; but he used to drink 1.5 L a day;

8)Appetite:Less; in fact, he was an animal protein taker from his childhood. Recently, his wife did not allow to take any sort of animal protein, so he did relish his foods.

Personal history:

1)He used to take 2 pegs drinks every night now-a-days behind the eyes of his wife; previously he took 4-5 pegs;

2)He used to keep himself awake till 2-3 am before going to bed; he said that if he went to bed before that sleep did not set in;

3)Did not take any sort of physical activities.

1st Prescription:

X-ray 1M/2 doses in 15ml aq. dest; to be taken 1 tsf after mixing one dose in a cup full of mineral water in consecutive mornings for 2 days;


1)To stop alcohol totally;

2)To take green tea with cream-cracker (2-3 pcs.) in morning & evening.

3)To start walking at least 500 mt. in the morning and evening (to increase it to 2 km. gradually) – this will help him in setting sleep;

4)To start stretch and strength exercises like pressing against the wall, extending bands; but avoid any exertion during flare up;

5)To take delicious veg. soup cooked with spices full of anti-oxidants with staple foods of his choice in lunch and supper;

6)Supper must be taken before 9 pm; take 2 glasses of water after 1 hr. of supper before going to bed;

7)To take enough salad and fruits with lunch  and supper regularly;(MUST) – this will keep stool soft, no purgative will be reqd.

8)To take 2 L. water daily as a routine, even if there is no thirst; esp. after 1 hr.

9)Review : after 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Mr. Panditshowed very slow and definite progress; he insisted upon more powerful medicine for speedy recovery; he was apprised that generally speedy recovery did not persist; old troubles reappeared soon; realizing the nature of his disease, he ultimately kept quiet. X-ray is a very deep but slow acting remedy; if other medicine is administered while it is acting, the case gets jumbled up. First improvement was noted in his knees, walking got better; At the end of third month, his left hand started working normally; however, no remarkable change was noted in his right hand. It was still as it had been.He is still under our treatment and hopes seriously that he would do still better. We also hope so!


Rheumatoid arthritis is essentially an auto-immune disease. As such, there is no definite preventive measures. But, I would personally suggest that persons having a history of this disease in family, should follow the instructions as given in sub-menu ‘Body Immunity’ under menu ‘Patients’ corner’ of this website.



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