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Tinnitus & Homeopathy / RINGING IN EAR


What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a subjective sensation of hearing of high-pitched ringing in the ear of the subject. The sound may be hissing, blowing or whistling type  also. Generally, it occurs unilaterally and it is an old age problem.

What are the causes of Tinnitus?

Root cause: Damage and loss of the tiny sensory hair cell within the cochlea of the inner ear.






Damage is caused by :

  • Aging process

  • Prolonged exposure to high pitched sound

  • Ear infection

  • Head and neck injury

  • Medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, certain antibiotics, diuretics act as ototoxic

  • Temporomandibular joint disorder

  • Diabetes

  • Hardening of middle ear bones (malleus, incus and stapes)

  • Brain injury

  • Heart diseases

What are the risk factors?


2)Sound exposure from business place, earphones, and explosives etc.

3)Men affected more than   women;

4)Older aged persons;

5)Persons having family traits of Tinnitus;

How are cases of Tinnitus managed with Homeopathy ?

Here I would narrate a case from my chamber. Mr. R. Banerjee,  a decent young man of 35 yrs. with robust health reported the following:

Chief complaints:

1)Since last one year he used to hear various sounds, sometimes crackling, sometimes ringing, tinkling of bells etc. in his right ear;

2)Consulted ENT specialist who found nothing abnormal with the ears and suggested that the same might be due to Spondylitis and instructed him accordingly;

3)Got a X-ray of Cervical Vertebra and consulted a GP of the city; the GP reported, no problem with CV and suggested that it might be related to mania;

4)I asked him to check his acuity of hearing in each ear one by one: closing the rt. ear while checking the left and closing the lt. ear while checking the right. After several sets of experiment, he came to conclusion that he had hard of hearing in the right ear, i.e., the ear where he was experiencing tinnitus;

5)There was no other signs & symptoms; he was absolutely healthy except that problem;

6)I tried to check for other causes of tinnitus; there was no history ear infection, injury, history of taking specific medicines which might cause Tinnitus, no diabetes, no history of smoking; I was a bit perplexed as to the cause of Tinnitus; he was so young and so healthy.

Appearance & Personal Histry

Past History : Almost clean, except an episode of Chicken pox 25 yrs. ago, in his school days; 

Family History:

1)His father used to have hard of hearing in one ear for 30yrs; before his death, he lost hearing ability in both ears;

2)Elder brother had also hard of hearing in both ears;

3)Paternal aunt still living, hearing very poor, used hearing aids;

4)Both paternal uncles had problem in hearing;

5)He reported that he had learnt from his father that grand pa had died of Syphilis;


I thought that I got  a definite  clue for treatment of the young man; so that I did not venture to collect the Mental Generals and Physical Generals from him.

1st Prescription:

Syphilinum 10M/2doses; to be taken on two consecutive mornings in empty stomach.

Review : After one month;

Follow Up:

The young man turned up 8 weeks after and reported that he was 60% better; He was given supportive placebos for next 6 weeks. Review: after 6 weeks. In this way the treatment was continued with gradual increasing potency of the same medicine and in each case there was gradual improvement of hearing of the patient. At the last he was given the same medicine CM/1 dose; it was reported thereafter still he considered he had 10% hard of hearing in the affected ear compared to the unaffected one. His treatment was closed.



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