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Sciatica & Homeopathy


What is Sciatica?

Sciatica means pain along the course of Sciatica nerve due to irritation of the nerve. Sciatica is the widest and longest nerve of human body running from lower back, buttock, down the back side of thigh ending below the knee on both sides. To be precise, this is not a disease in itself, but a symptom of another disease which irritates the nerve. It is a very common disease in which at least 50-55% persons of a nation suffer at least once in lifetime.








Risk factors:

i)Persons within 30-40 yrs. of age;

ii)Heavy weight lifters;

iii)Persons leading idle lives;

Depending on the duration of pain, Sciatica may acute (4-6 weeks) and chronic(over 8 weeks); 





What are the causes of Sciatica?

i)Due to herniated or slipped disc of lower spine;

ii)Lumbar spinal stenosis i.e., constriction of lumbar spine foramen;

iii)Tumor within spine;

iv)Infection of spine;

v)Injury in spine;

What are signs and symptoms of Sciatica?

i)Various types of pain along the course of nerve, pain may be shooting or mild soreness or excruciating type;

ii)Discomforts from sitting;

iii)Numbness in some places and pain in different place of leg;

iv)Tingling (pains and needles)in feet and toes;

How are patients with Sciatica managed with Classical Homeopathy?

In case of Acute sciatica where there is no involvement of other pathology, the patients are treated with Aconite nap., Belladonna, Rhustox., Colocynthis etc. depending on the totality of symptoms together with supporting management like i) Specific exercises/stretches ii)Hot and cold fomentation on painful parts.

In case of the Chronic Sciatica or where there is involvement of other pathology, totality of the symptoms of the patients are sketched in details to find out the constitutional dyscrasia of the patients and then treatment is conducted with selection of deep acting antimiasmatic medicines like Calcarea carb., Calcareaphos.,Calcareaars., Fluoric acid, Kali carb., Lac can., Nitric acid, Sulphur, Tuberculinum etc. Other supportive managements as mentioned above are also prescribed.

However, if after assessment as to the cause of Sciatica from study of MRI etc., it is found that there is obstruction which needs surgical intervention, patients are released with suitable instruction to contact Surgeons. 


i)Avoidance of heavy weight lifting;

ii)Maintenance of right posture during exercise, walking, sitting and standing so that unusual weight is not thrusted in spine;

iii)Avoidance of sedentary life: it has been noted that persons leading idle life are common prey to this disease. Persons with active life seldom attract this disease.

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