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What is Sinusitis?

Within the thickness of the skull bone, there are four pairs of air pockets behind facial bone internally lined by mucous membrane. These are called Sinuses, or more precisely, Paranasal Sinuses. Inflammation of these sinuses is called Sinusitis or Rhinosinusitis. Kindly consult the image below:






Position of Sinuses

Depending on the period of trouble, Sinusitis may be of three types:

  • Acute ( up to 4 weeks)

  • Sub-acute (4 – 12 weeks)

  • Chronic (12 weeks or more : keeps appearing again and again)

What are signs and Symptoms of Sinusitis?

  • Nose block and or nasal discharge;

  • Difficulty in nasal breathing;

  • Areas around nose and eyes felt swollen and heavy;

  • Facial pain;

  • Headache;

  • Fever;

  • Bad breath (Halitosis);

  • Nasal pus (specially in chronic cases)

  • Earache;

  • Cough;

  • Loss of sense of smell;

  • General malaise;

What are the causes of Sinusitis?

  • Infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi etc;

  • Allergy such as Hay fever;

  • Nasal polyps;

  • Deviated nasal septum;

What are the complications of Sinusitis?

  • Meningitis;

  • Problems of vision;

How are cases of Sinusitis managed with Homeopathy?

In many a times, it is noted that acute sinusitis subsides within a few days if proper rest, diets and home-treatment like Steam-inhalation, Saline Rinse of Sinuses are taken. But sometimes treatment is required due to acuteness of the problem.Homeopathy can tackle all types of Sinusitis, viz., Acute, Subacute and Chronic most competently. In Acute and Subacute cases, there are a lot medicines;common medicines used therapeutically are: Aconitum nap., Belladonna, Bryonia alb., Dulcamara, Allium cepa, Antim crud., Arsenicumiod., Arsenicum alb.etc etc. However, since this Website caters to the  treatment of Chronic patients by Classical Homeopathy, I would narrate a chronic live case below:

Case Record 1:

Mrs. AlpanaMohanty, a house wife of 32 yrs, came to my chamber and presented the following symptoms:

1)For last 1 yr. or so she had been attacked with spells of nose block,  heaviness of forehead, running temperature and loss of sense of smell;

2)Each spell stayed about 7 weeks, she used to take antibiotic treatment which gave relief; but the same used to return within a gap of 2-3 weeks;

3)These days the problems were not amenable to the same treatment; higher dose of powerful medicines were being prescribed; if left untreated the problems went on aggravating;

4)She consulted one renowned ENT specialist who inspected her thoroughly and remarked that there was no case of ‘Deviated nasal septum’ or ‘Nasal Polyp’ in her case; the report was shown to us.

5)She had come here to get rid of the tendency of the disease reappearing again and again;

Patient’s make-up and Personal History:

1)She was of average height and weight appeared less; she looked rather thin;did not take any physical exercise like running and jogging; followed an idle life; at home there were many servants, so she did not require to do any domestic works; no addiction except two cups of tea;

2)When asked about her menstrual history, she asked what had her menstrual history to do with her problem of sinusitis; she was told that ‘Chronic treatment in Homeopathy treats the patients not the disease, that is, for proper treatment she has to disclose all her sufferings in one go; if she has no problem to any query, she can say that there is no problem; but we have to check all spheres even psychological and mental sphere. If she thinks that these are not possible for her, then Chronic Treatment is not possible, she has to leave us’. We noted her state to be confounded. Then she was assured that information, she would share with us, would remain secret and no third person would get access into the same ever.At this, she permitted us to carry on;

3)Her menarchae(first occurrence of menstrual period ) happened a bit late when she was about 15, was studying in class VIII; the episode was very painful, basically she was a chilly person and in those days she felt more chillier and had been so much exhausted physically and mentally that even she could not speak; thereafter, till her marriage she used to get exhausted with chilly  feeling in those days and could not do her normal works, however, with time it became somewhat bearable to her;now she was mother of  two children. She also suffered from profuse thin leucorrhoeathat ran to her ankles during day time while she was on the move, but during night it stopped automatically; the discharge appeared hot and acrid type, skin over it flowed smarted unless washed with water.

4)She suffered from constipation also; she did not feel any urge to pass stool unless there was large accumulation; after 3-4 days she used to pass stool like long berry, hard, knotty with much strain; these days she used to take 2tsf of laxative every night;

5)She took little water, may be, at most 1L a day;

Past History :

1)She had a problem of eructations for years which was not amenable to any medicine for a long time; thereafter, it subsided of its own;

2)She had abnormal appetite for chalk, mud, charcoal etc. in her girlhood days which went many fold during her conception periods before child-birth;

Mental Generals:

1)She had variable moods; but generally cheerful and mild disposition;

2)Had tendency to commit suicide on seeing knife;

Physical Generals:

1)While in bed, she felt itching all over the body and had to scratch until skin bleeded;

2)She was unable to walk with eyes closed; if tried, she would invariably totter and fall down;

3)She had been very much chilly, always hugged warmth;

4)She could not tolerate potatoes, diarrhea must follow;

5)Her trouble increased during new moon and full moon;

6)She could not tolerate any irritating drinks, they produced cough;

Family history:

1)Her father was reported to die from lead poisoning;

2)Mother and all her maternal aunts had severe constipation;

1st Prescription:

Alumina 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml distilled water; to be taken 2 times a day, in the morning at empty stomach and before bed time;


1)Decrease daily dose of laxative to 1 tsf a day (Objective to stop it gradually);

2)To take enough of vegetable and fruit salads with staple foods; she was apprised to the fact of getting fruits and veg salad with staple foods. (Readers may kindly read ‘Take fruits with food’ under menu “General Advices”);

3)To drink at 2L. water a day;

4)To walk at least 2 kms. a day; 1 km. in the morning and 1km. in the afternoon;

5)Review: 3 weeks after;

Follow Up:

The patient reported before time, at the end of 2nd week; she was very happy because she thought that she was right in coming here. She came early to get medicine so that improvement continued. when queried on each issue, she told that she was much better in all respects; despite taking less amount of laxative, she could pass stool with ease; her last menstrual period ended a days ago, she experienced this period so smooth as never before; no spell of Sinusitis till this day; just one bad thing occurred, old problem of eructation reappeared but that did not pose any serious problem. She was given a few doses of supporting placebo and was advised not to be so excited because during treatment of chronic disease, very often situation might change to worse even; she was requested to come after 2 weeks; meanwhile , all advices to be followed strictly.  

Mrs. Mohanty was treated with higher doses of the same medicine up to 0/7. She got all round improvement of her health. There were few attack of Sinusitis but spells were remarkably short and trouble was within bearable limit; She was still under treatment.

How can Sinusitis be prevented?

Unless there factors like Deviated nasal septum or Nasal polyps, this disease may be prevented to a large extent following these steps:

1)Take care not to be exposed to too hot and too cold weather; take suitable guard, if you have to negotiate such situations;

2)If you suffer from Allergic Rhinitis and in the history of your family disease like Tuberculosis, Pleurisy, Chronic Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis are there, try to get yourself treatedof Allergic Rhinitis from some Sincere Chronic Disease Specialist of Homeopathy.

3)Study and follow the ‘Basic Rules of Health’ under menu “General Advices” carefully.

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