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Slipped Disc & Homeopathy


What is Slipped Disc / Herniated Disc?

This is a very painful disease of spine where the cartilage in between the vertebra(with which spine is made up of) is damaged and the inner-gel-like substance comes out and both or any one puts pressure on the nerve or the nerve-root coming out of the spinal cord.The disease is also known as Herniated disc.








What is the cause of Slipped disc?

Spinal cord is a bundle of sensitive nerve fibres that pass though the central hole of the spine(back bone). Again spine is made up of small pieces of bone called vertebra. Between any two vertebrae lies a cartilage with an outer hard structure and inner jelly-like substance. Due to some reason, when the cartilage is damaged and inner jelly-like substance comes out; the latter puts pressure on the nerve or nerve root that comes out of the spine and causes Slipped disc.

What are the factors that precipitate Slipped disc?

1)Age – Aged persons are more susceptible;

2)Bending awkward;

3)Heavy lifting;

4)Sitting awkwardly for a long time;

5)Overweight and obese;

6)Weight-bearing sports;

7)Injury and fall;

What are the signs and symptoms of Slipped Disc?

i)Acute pain and stiffness of spine;

ii)Inability to move spine freely;

iii)Numbness and tingling sensation around;

iv)Generally neck region or waist region is affected;

v)Sometimes, there may be loss of bladder and bowel control and paralysis of legs;(in case of affection of Cauda Equina[nerve-ending of the tail of spinal cord])

How is a case of Slipped disc is managed with Classical Homeopathy?

General discussion:

Whatever may be the causative factor of Slipped disc, basically it is a disease of malnutrition of Calcium either due to insufficient intake or some systemic or constitutional dyscrasia of the person concerned; of course, there may be instant cause like injury, fall to be taken care of. As such totality of signs and symptoms of the patients are to be consulted before arriving at a medicine; together with supportive treatments like physiotherapy, massaging, proper rest, movement should be there.

Case study 1:

Mr. A. Bhattacharya, 45 yrs., a senior teacher of a local H.S.School presented himself with the following signs and symptoms:

Chief Complaints:

1)Had a fall on back during the sports event of the school day before yesterday;

2)Inability to move the body; acute painfelt in the lower portion of spine;

3)Tingling sensation and numbness around hip and genitalia;

4)Report :MRIspine revealed Herniated disc between L2 & L3;

Past history:

1)His milestone developments specially dentition was late ;

2)Scalp fontanelles remained open till late childhood;

3)In first part of his conjugal life, he suffered from impotency, later he was treated and problem gone;

Family history:

1)His elder brother suffered from rickets in his boyhood;

2)Father died of heart attack;

3)Mother, maternal aunts – all were patients of uterine tumors;

Mental Generals:

1)Fearful anxiousness about future;

2)Morose & low spirited;

Physical Generals:

1)Did not like milk & meat; Little thirst; however,

2)Perspire too much, specially of scalp & back

3)Stool ashy, hard;

1st Prescription:

Symphytum 30/ 8 doses in 30 ml. aq. Dest; to be taken 4 doses daily[to tackle instant cause]

Review after 3 days.


  1. To consult physio, if required;

  2. To start gradual movement, not to stay bed-ridden always;

  3. To take warmmilk (about 200ml) mixed equal amount of water  daily as a routine, after lunch and supper;

  4. After lunch, gentle stroll in verandah for 15 mins.

  5. Supper should be taken before 8 p.m. and thereafter 15 mins. gentle stroll.

  6. Review : after 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Mr. Bhattacharya’s pain dramatically subsided and he appeared too much enthusiastic to resume his duties; he was administered Calcarea Carb. 200 / 8 doses to be taken 1 dose in early morning empty stomach for consecutive 8 days[his constitutional medicine ]; he was advised to remain at home for 2 days more with active gentle movement in the morning, after lunch, in the evening and after supper. Advised to continue taking warm milk-water as advised before.

The treatment was closed with administration of Calc.carb. 1M and 10M with precautions about the disease as given below under Prevention.


The disease can be prevented with proper care and awareness. Persons of middle-age and onward should not:

1)Put sudden jerks and pressure on the trunk of the body;

2)Sit constantly in an awkward postion; rather change the position frequently.

They are required :

3)To take special care while they are in bath-room;

4)To get calcium-rich foods and drinks;

5)To take regular walking, jogging as per capacity to maintain an active life.

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