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Locomotor Ataxia / TABES DORSALIS


What is Locomotor Ataxia/Tabes Dorsalis?

It is the neurologic form of tertiary Syphilis characterized by deficient sensory and neuromuscular co-ordination along with diminished reflexes affecting mainly the limbs of the body (legs and hands).

What is the cause of Locomotor Ataxia?

Degeneration (destruction) of dorsal roots of the spinal cord; causative organism is the Spirochete Treponema Pallidum.







What are the symptoms and signs of Locomotor Ataxia?

i)Transient lightning pain of stabbing nature in legs;

ii)Progressive loss of muscular co-ordination leading to clumsy, stumbling gait;

iii)Inability of sense of pain, limb-position and temperature;

iv)Partial or full loss of bladder and bowel control;

v)Severe foot ulceration;

vi)Osteoarthritis of knee and hip joints;

vii)Loss of pupillary reflex to light; [Normally when light falls on our eye, our pupil contracts. There are some diseases where this reflex is lost, i.e., there is no contraction of pupil in response to light; Locomotor Ataxia is one of those]

How are cases of Locomotor Ataxia are managed in Classicalhomeopathy?

Locomotor Ataxia is the tertiary manifestation of Syphilis; as such the affection is completely chronic in nature and so, this is the real field of Classical Homeopathy to display its excellence. However, since the degeneration of nerves is generally irreversible in nature; complete cure may not be possible but further worsening can be stopped effectively without any more complication of the situation. And a word of hope! To the utter disbelief of many physicians of other systems of medicines, in many cases, partial positive reverse reactions were noted and reported in medical journals. There are many remedies  like Zincum met. Plumbum met., Alumina, Argentum met., Phosphorus, Picric acid etc., etc. that are quite capable to fight the situation. What is required is to take the case in details and choose the right remedy depending on the totality of symptoms collected from the patients in each case. We are describing a live case from our record book of the Clinic.

Case Record 1:

Mr. Alex Cook, aged about 62 yrs., a retired Captain of a Corporate Ship came to me with his daughter Miss Catherrine to consult about his problem; he reported the following:

Chief Complaints:

i)A peculiar burning sensation along the back within the spinal cord for last 8 months or so; the intensity was gradually increasing; trouble increased while sitting and felt less if he walked about in the room;

ii)Weakness of limbs specially of legs; could not walk normally; had to stumble here and there; 

iii)Could not hold urine; very often clothings got soiled;

iv)Movement of feet almost always while sitting, retiring in bed and even during sleep; told that a queer feeling in the legs compelled him to move the feet;

v)His pupillary reflex to light was tested and it was noted that the reflex was almost nil;

Appearance and Personal History:

i)Face pale, yellowish, sunken;

Following information were gathered from Ms. Catherine:

ii)His father has all along been a habitual drinker and smoker; till used to take 2-3 pegs a day and 5-6 cig. a day; did not listen to anybody’s advice;

iii)Till last year, he used to get walk in the morning and evening; but now could not do;

iv)Used to take about 2 L. of water a day;

v)Appetite was almost nil; did not want to eat anything except tea and biscuits;

vii)No history of high blood sugar and high blood pressure were there;

Past History:

i)About 25-26 yrs. ago he suffered from syphilis which was treated with modern medicine; also suffered from gonorrhea 7-8 yrs. after, treated with modern medicine;

ii)Married thrice; led a very lascivious life;

iii)In his young age, he was a very robust man;

Family History:

i)Father and elder brothers suffered from syphilis; in fact, in his paternal side syphilis was almost a family-disease;

ii)None could provide any history as to his maternal side;

Physical Generals:

i)Craved hard drinks, meat and rich spicy foods;

ii)Used to get water a lot round the year;

iii)Did not like milk at all;

Mental Generals:

i)Was very extrovert; now withdrawn, did not like to interact with any other;

1st Prescription:

Zincummetallicum 0/1, 12 doses in 120 ml distilled water; to be taken twice a day;


i)Mr. Cook was apprised that he must give up drinking and smoking all together if he intended to get well; rather, he might increase the water intake from 2L. to 3L. – this was a very nice practice that he maintained and we really appreciated it;

ii)Ms. Catherine was instructed to provide him a Walking Stick with multipedes and he should be encouraged to start walking immediately; someone should always accompany him during walking to provide assistance; 

iii)His diet and regimen should follow the routine given below strictly:

  • Morning walk: for at least 200M.(to increase gradually) Attendant must accompany him.

  • Morning 7am : 1 cup of green tea + 2 pcs. Cream-cracker(CC)

  • 9 am: Tanduri roti(2 pcs) + Veg.soup + plain curd(100 gms.) + fruits-salad[Soup should be prepared with green chilly, cardamom and little salt and fat to make it tasty]

  • 1–30 pm: Chapattis(2 pcs.) + plain curd (150gms) + fruit salad

  • 5 – 6 pm: 1 cup green tea + 2 pcs. C.C.

  • Evening walk : 200M (to increase gradually)[Attendant must accompany]

  • 9 pm : Oatmeal with almonds, pieces of orange/apple + 1 small sweet+ fruits-juice (musumbi/pomegranate)


After 2 weeks;

Follow Up:

Ms. Catherine reported that her father was  little better; his fidgety feeling in the lower limb decreased; burning sensation in the back almost same; now could go to closet for urination, though occasionally soiling of clothings were there; most interestingly, he gave up the habit of drinking and smoking in one go; all the family members were very much elated at this; he used to take food but only after persistent request. She told that his father asked her to enquire of us whether he could take a cup of usual tea with milk and proper liquor as he used to take before. She was informed in the affirmative, but only one cup and in the evening time only; Mr. Cook was given Zincum met. 0/2 to 0/4 with steady but very slow improvement. Then  a dose of Sulphur 1M was given as intercurrent to remove the block to be followed by Picric acid 0/1 to 0/6. Now he could walk alone with walking stick without any assistance and his gait  improvedconsiderably, soiling of clothing stopped completely; he was still under treatment.


Locomotor ataxia is the result of tertiary stage of syphilis; first, if syphilis can be avoided, ataxia can also be avoided; primary syphilis has always been  a disease of sexual type communicated through actual contact. This is quite preventable. However, when one gets syphilis, if proper homeopathic treatment is received, the syphilis can be eradicated from root and there remains no trace to appear later.

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