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Tonsillitis & Homeopathy


What is Tonsillitis / Sore Troat?

Tonsillitis is inflammation of one or two tonsils situated behind the throat. This is also commonly known as Sore Throat. Tonsils are two round lumps of lymphatic tissue residing in the back of the throat. They are easily visible if one looks inside the throat of another through the open mouth of the latter when they are inflammed! In healthy condition, they are not prominently visible.





What are the duties of Tonsils?

Yes, many of you may not know, but tonsils have definite duty. Tonsils are the first line of defense of our immune system. Together with adenoids they guard the entry passage into the windpipe and esophagus like doorkeepers. However, during performance of their duties, they often get attacked by various microbes like bacterial, virus etc. giving rise to sensation of pain, roughness and uneasiness in the throat if the person’s immune system is not enough healthy.

In fact, repeated infection of tonsils is a warning signal of the body to attract attention of the person concerned that his body needs proper care and treatment to raise the level of immune system.

Is it judicious to operate the tonsils off surgically?

A group of physician think that repeated infection of tonsils is a threat to the person’s health. They think that if a part of the body cannot perform its duty properly and becomes a problem to the body itself, it is better to cut it off, i.e., they prefer tonsillectomy. There is logic in their thinking.

However, classical homeopathy always thinks that surgical operation of tonsils is not desirable, for, in such a case, the door becomes wide open to the microbes to go inside the body and create trouble without an iota of resistance. There will be no resistance because the first line of defense is not there, neither will there be any warning that the person’s body has been invaded by external inimical microbes.

Homeopathy thinks that let us strengthen our doorkeepers  rather than driving them away altogether. So classical homeopathy attempts to rectify the dyscrasia in the constitution of the person by properly treating the latteron the basis of totality of symptoms.It realizes the event of repeated infection of tonsils as a signal of the body indicating that proper treatment of the individual is required.

The reader can take now his own view whether operation of tonsil is judicious!

What are common causes of Tonsillitis?

Infection by bacteria like streptococcus bacilli, virus like adeno virus, rhino virus, Epstein-Barr virusetc. are the common causes. Now there is  a cause behind a cause! If one tries to realize why a particular person is attacked by microbesagain and again! Then, the cause behind the cause comes out. It is the person’s constitution which is at stake. Person’s diet, regimen may need adjustment or the personmay need proper medical treatment.

What are common signs and symptoms of Tonsillitis?

1)Sore throat, pain, sometimes pain to ear;

2)Painful deglutition;

3)Tonsils appear swollen and more red, sometimes whitish or yellowish patches are visible;

4)Swollen lymph node in neck;

5)Fever may be there;

6)Foul breath;

How are cases of Tonsillitis managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has a wide scope in managing tonsillitis. Let us take a live case from our clinic.

Miss.A.Narayan, aged 14, a student of class IX of a local High School came along with her mother whonarrated the following symptoms:

1)Repeated fever with throat pain; Amalahas been suffering from two episodes of fever & throat on average in a month during last 15 months. Took a lot of modern medicine which acted nicely to cover the current problembut repeated attack is continuing; in fact, she has come here to make an end to this menace.

2)On Examination it was noted that Miss Amala was running a low temperature of 99 deg. F. Pulse rhythm and strength normal, rate quite commensurate with body temperature;  Her tonsils look angry with swollen size about 1.5” diameter each. White spots on the tonsil were visible. The two lumps have almost blocked the total passage. She was breathing by mouth. There was foul smell in her breath.

3)Amala looked very much morose and lacked the girlish go!

4)It  was collected that her mile-stone development were late; specially, fontanelles remained open for a pretty long time;

5)She used to perspire a lot wetting the pillows widely during night;

6)She used to eat chalk, earth etc. secretly up to class VI. Now, it is stopped;

7)She got her menarchae about6 months ago; last few months she menstruated early and bleeded profusely;

8)She also suffered from milky leucorrhea for about one year last; 

So far, Amala’s mother was reporting for her. When Miss Amala was query upon personally and the following information were elicited:

Mental Generals:

1)She thinks that she won’t be well again;

2)During evening her mind became full with fear;

3)She used to grind teeth during sleep;

Physical Generals:

1)She craved for eggs but did not  like milk;

2)Her palm was always moist and very cold;

3)Her soles perspired profusely;

4)Thirst: almost nill; did not take water more than 400 ml. a day;

5)She easily became out of breath during going upstair;

6)Weight: 60 kg; height: 5’;


Dark circle around eyes; Fat, fleshy with visible sweat within her hair;

Family history: (collected from her mother)

1)Her elder brother aged about 18 yrs. suffered from rachitis in his childhood;

2)She herself(Mother) suffered from uterine polyp and nasal polyp.

Further information were not collected, since all the symptoms of Miss Amala and her family members pointed to a single remedy without an iota of doubt.

1St Prescription:

Calcarea carb. 0/1; 12 doses of medicine was prescribed in 120 ml of aqua dest. To be taken for six days twice a day; one dose at night one and a half hour after supper and another in next morning in empty stomach dry mouth;


1)Start taking warm milk mixing with equal amount of water for a cup after supper every day;

2)Take at least 6 glasses of water a day;

Follow up:

Miss Amala was given Calcarea carb. up to 0/8 over a period of one yr. There was only one episode of reappearance of fever and throat in the 2ndmonth of treatment; Thereafter, no trouble; now she used to take milk twice a day; and she liked it too. There was a definite change in her face and outward appearance too. Dark circle around her eyes completely gone. She weighed 57.5 kg.

How can Tonsillitis be prevented?

  1. Avoid sudden chilling with cold bath, cold drinks, cold foods; while taking such drinks or foods, take a small portion in mouth, keep it there for some time and then swallow it.

  2. Take enough of fruits and veg. with Vitamin C.

  3. Gurgle with warm water (250 ml. with a pinch of salt) in the morning at least once a day.

  4. Take morning-bath daily; it helps a lot in preventing adenoiditis /tonsillitis; use normal water, not hot / warm even in winter; if necessary, use less water, but normal water. Please remember, practising bath in warm water daily lowers the body-immunity;however, if you cannot do without warm water, warm the water to a temperature slightly less than your body-temperature.



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