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What is Typhoid/Enteric fever?

Typhoid/Enteric fever  is  an infective disease caused by bacteria Salmonella typhi. characterized by high fever, skin rashes, abdominal pain etc. which, if left untreated, may kill the subject one out of every four cases.








What is the cause of Typhoid?  

Bacterium Salmonella typhi. which resides in the bowel of the human is the cause of the disease. It spreads from human to human through foods/ drinks contaminated with faecal matter of an infected subject. 

What are signs and symptoms of Typhoid?

1)Running high temp. as high as 104deg.F;

2)Abdominal pain;

3)Skin rashes;


5)Fatigue / sense of unwellness;

6)In severe cases, there may occur Bowel perforation leading to Peritonitis(a serious illness of inflammation of lining of abdominal cavity)

How can a case of Typhoid be managed with Homeopathy?

There are many medicines which can be used following the principles of Totality of signs & symptoms of the patients. Commonly used medicines are: Anthracinum, Baptisia tinc., Muriatic acid, Arnica mont., Opium, Carbo veg., Carbolic acid etc. However, being an out and out acute bacterial disease with fatal tendency generally we do not suggest to go in for Homeo-management of such cases.

How can Typhoid be prevented?

1)Drink safe water always/boiled water or bottled water;

2)Take absolute care before taking foods/drinks handled by others;

3)Avoid street foods and drinks completely;

4)Avoid raw fruits/vegetables; peal them yourself;

5)While brushing teeth or washing mouth, check quality of water;

6)Do not take ice with drinks[Ice of unknown source is dangerous]

7)Before going to a high-risk area, take vaccine of Typhoid fever;

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