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What is Varicose Veins (V.V.)?

Varicose means swollen or enlarged; because of some conditions/disease-condition when veins get swollen, enlarged, tortuous, it is known as Varicose veins. Many do not know that, unlike arteries, veins do have valves within their lumen which direct the flow of blood only in one way, i.e., from distal part of the body towards the heart. When these valves are damaged, blood flow is retarded and there is accumulation or back flow of blood within the veins resulting in dilated, swollen veins and the state is called V.V. Because of obvious reasons, V.V. is always seen in lower extremities.








1)Ordinarily V.V. needs no treatment unless some complication demands;

2)Aching legs, spider veins, swollen ankles, heaviness sensation are the common signs and symptoms;

3)Obese persons are mostly affected;

4)Pregnant ladies also have greater risk;

5)In extreme cases, surgical intervention is required;


There are a lot of medicines to treat patients with varicose vein in homeopathy. The most effective medicines are given here with indications of each of them. For selection of a remedy for a particular patients with V.V., general subjective symptoms with characteristics of the persons are most valuable. In fact, they point to the unique medicine for a case under consideration.   


Veins hard, knotty, sore, tender and painful; sometimes  ulceration may be there too. This medicine has proved to be a cast anchor for snap shot prescribers

2)Nux Vom.:

Veins hard, knotty; trouble of literary, studious persons with sedentary habits who keep awake late at night; Crave bitter things, chillies;


Sensation as if hot water passing in veins; persons having syphilitic miasmatic dyscrasia or who got primary infection in earlier part of life; all troubles worse in night.


Veins sore, painful, ulcerated; trouble of slow, indecisive persons with gentle, mild disposition; adapted to fleshy women with scanty and protracted menstruation;

5)Fluoric Acid:

Veins as if thrombosed, hard, ulcerated;  long standing cases; in women who have borne many babies; persons work a lot without feeling tired; want cold application on veins;   

6)Calcarea Hyp.:

Veins like whipcord;

7)Causticum :

Ulceration of varicose veins; persons having too much sympathy for others’ sufferings; persons feel better to pass stool standing; 

8)Arsenicum Alb.:

Cold feeling in veins; persons anxious, fearful of imminent death, with restless mind; change places frequently to get relief; but get no relief;

9)Rhus Tox.:

Cold feeling in veins; persons with great anxiety, restlessness and apprehension; fear that they would be killed by poisoning;  

10)Aconitum Nap.:

Cold feeling in veins; persons easily affected by atmospheric changes; persons fear to go out in crowd, to cross the road; fear make their life miserable; fear of death; predict time of their death;  

[Do not take any medicine without consulting your physician]



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