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Leucorrhoea & Homeopathy / WHITE DISCHARGE


What is Leucorrhoea/White Discharges/Vaginitis?

Leucorrhoea is one of the most common diseases that women suffer from; it is characterized by fluid discharge from vagina which may be malodorous. It is said that all women, in some phase of their lives, suffer from this irritating disease. Leucorrhoea is also known as Whites, White Discharge or Vaginitis.

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What are causes of Leucorrhoea?

  • Unhygienic practices

  • Malnutrition/Anemia

  • Bacterial and fungal infection

  • Injuries to cervix of the uterus

  • Irritation from internal contraceptive devices like copper T etc.

  • Irritation from external contraceptives of either sex partners

  • Diabetes

  • Malignancies like Cancer cervix etc.

What are common signs and symptoms of Leucorrhoea?

1)Discharge from vagina which may be watery, albuminous, whitish, yellowish or greenish;

2)Discharge may be as thin as water, thick as sago/ gum;

3)Discharge may be hot;

4)Discharge may be scanty or profuse running down to heels;

5)Discharge may be irritative, corrosive or simple;

6)Along with there may general symptoms of lethargy, headache, malaise, moroseness, bluish discoloration beneath eyelids, fretfulness etc;

How are cases of Leucorrhoea managed with Classical Homeopathy?

Scope of treatment of Leucorrhoea in homeopathy is very wide. There are numerous medicines which can be applied and rate of success is also very high; of course, in cases where it is associated with some neoplastic malignancy, we do not recommend homeopathy.

Let us take two live cases from our clinic.

Case 1:

Mrs. Chandana Palit, aged 42, a very thin-looking house-wife and mother of 2 children reported the following signs symptoms:

Present Complaints:

1)Watery discharge from vagina from last 10 months; to start with it was occasional, then it was almost always;

2)Discharge was very nasty with putrid smell; she herself  could not tolerate it;

3)Discharge was so heavy that it ran down to feet several times a day;

4)On Clinical Examination with vaginal speculum, it was noticed that cervix was in a very bad shape, constantly oozing; very obnoxious smell coming out it; adjoining tissues lost the elasticity and became very rigid; her glands around groins appeared normal;

5)She reported that she was losing weight for last few month, his appetite was poor and she did not get sound sleep for last 3 months;


From signs and symptoms as well as clinical examination, it appeared that she was affected with some form of malignancy.

Advice: She was advised to perform a Pap Smear Test immediately and report to the clinic with the report.

Follow up:

Mrs. Palit along with her husband retuned 2 days after with the report of Pap Test; It was diagnosed as Grade 2 Cervical Cancer.


Prognosis of such a case is bright if immediately taken to a Cancer hospital with modern facilities; The husband of the patient was privately intimated the details of the situation and he was advised to take his wife to a the City’s Cancer Centre without loss of time. He was also assured not to worry about her because there was definite cure of the case. We kept in touch with the patient and it was informed that the patient was operated upon in the City’s hospital within 15 days. When the husband of Mrs. Palit came to me 7 days after with the discharge certificate, it was found that the patient  underwent a “Total Hysterectomy with bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy”. It was also collected that the patient was doing well still then.

Case 2:

Miss Anita Misra, a thin young lady of 19 yrs. studying in 5th year M.Sc(PH) in University Science College of the city came to my chamber with her friend and reported the following:

1)She had been suffering from white discharges for last 6 months especially in the mid period of his menstrual cycle;

2)The discharge was thick fluid with chalk-lime colour, very embarrassing in nature; it was sticky and parts used to get corroded unless the same was washed off quickly;

3)She consulted a Gynecologist who prescribed a few antifungal tabs.  to be pushed in the vagina at night before bedtime but the same did not produce any permanent benefit, though there was definite relief.  

4)When asked whether this was the time she had been suffering from this, she told that off and on she used to suffer from this from her school days but never before she suffered so much as these days;

5)It was also collected that in those days she used to apply pads made of house-hold clothing since menarchae (the first menstruation). They had shifted to the city when she was in class XI, erlier they resided in rural area;

Menstrual history:

1)Scanty and always delayed;

2)Got very sad and gloomy in those days;

3)Morning headache and a type of fine fluterring felt in the chest;

 Past history:

1)She used to suffer from gum-bleeding and contraction of calves in sleep very often till class XII, thereafter, those were not felt;

2)Her skin around nails was dry and cracked all along;

3)Used to suffer from headache without any reason till now;

Mental Generals:

1)She did not like sympathy of others; if one tried to solace her when she was angry, she flied into more angry stage.

2)Her friend said, Anita was a perfectionist; very dutiful and emotionally delicate;

3)She did not like rudeness, criticism and humiliation;

Physical Generals:

1)She craved salt, salty food and drinks; she disliked oily and fatty foods;

2)She suffered from morning weakness all along her life;

3)She used  to feel extreme weakness of body and mind after physical exertion, say, walking one Km. at a stretch.

4)Thirst: OK; took water about 1500 ml. a day;


1)She was tall and lean, emaciated++ around neck; face pale and shallow;  

2)Wt: 45 kg; Ht:5’4”;

Family history:

1)Her elder sister suffered from malaria twice;

2)Her brother was also very lean and thin like her – actually they all three are lean and thin; All of them used to take a lot of free salt with foods from childhood days;

2)Father suffered from benign tumor on forehead for last 10yrs.

1St Prescription:

Natrum mur. 10M; 2 doses of medicine was prescribed in 30 ml of aqua dest. To be taken in the morning for 2 successive days;


1)To stop using home-made pads, instead use ready-made sanitary napkins from the market; she was made understand that infection was one of the cause of white discharge and home-made pads used to fetch infection easily;

2)Stop taking free salt immediately before irreparable damage brought in; she was informed of the bad effect of taking too much free salt; [Please read and study “A Pinch of Salt” under “General Advices” in this website]

3)Review: After 3 weeks;

Follow up:

Ms. Anita reported timely; she reported nothing happened except a feeling of betterment within; in fact, her discharge increased but it was not so corrosive as before. She was apprised that the medicine given was very deep acting and took some time to start its action; she was requested to keep patience. 15 doses of supportive medicines were given and advised to report after a month. When one month after she appeared there were remarkable change; during last phase of menstrual cycle, there was very scanty discharge, colour changed to water-like with no corrosiveness and feeling of irritation was not there. She did not need any more medicine; in fact, she did not turn up any more.

How can Leucorrhoea be prevented?

No definite prevention is there; only a few general practices as follow can be tried:

1)Good hygienic practices;

2)Healthy foods with vegetable and fruits;

3)Avoidance of too salty and sweet foods and drinks;

4)Perform regularly some kind of physical activities which put pressure on abdomen;

5)Daily intake of 2-2.5 L of water;

6)Sleep of at least 6-7 hrs.

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