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Are Cancers cureable in Homeopathy?

It is not possible for me to reply in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ form. If you put this question to even modern ‘Oncologists’[experts in management of Cancer by Modern Medicine] "Are Cancers cureable in Modern Medicine?", possibly they would also hesitate to answer in 'Yes' and 'No' form, if they like to remain true to their dignity. Before replying to your question, they would ask for TNM grading and many other pathological reports, only then they would give you a reply.  

As a Homeopath, I consider that  a Cancer case of internal organ like liver, lung, pancreas, ovary etc. with involvement of distant lymph nodes(N) and metastasis (M) to other vital organs is seldom fit for treatment in this system of Medicine.However, there are ample evidences of cure of skin cancer, breast cancer(before node involvement and metastasis to other organs) in Homeopathy. During my student-life I, myself, saw such cases, which were cytopathologically confirmed as squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma, completely vanished under homeo-treatment. One such recorded fact, interested reader may kindly check, is available in the book ‘Clinical Case Reports on Constitutional Prescribing’ written by Dr. S.P.Dey (First edition) case no. 41 titled ‘Carcinoma of Penis’ at page no.190.   

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