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Can Homeopathy cure all diseases?

There are so many systems of Medicine in the world. No system claims that it can cure all diseases! Neither homeopathy claims this. Few over-enthusiastic persons may think so! And they are totally mistaken!

Like all other systems of Medicine, homeopathy has its own scope and limitations. However, because of its diverse sources of medicines and availability of medicines low as well as high potencies in different scales, its scope of treatment is definitely quite large. It can manage most of the acute cases and in the field of Chronic diseases, till to-day it has no competitor!

On the other hand, it has limited scope in emergency medicines, say, if a patient needs to get under unconsciousness because of excruciating pain he is suffering from, homeopathy may prove quite ineffective; again, there is no operative surgery in homeopathy! In the realm of overwhelming viral or bacterial infection of acute nature, the scope of homeopathy is also limited.

Nevertheless, homeopathy has a very rich source of medicine to be used as first-aid medicines. And, though there is no operative surgery in homeopathy, there are lots of medicine in homeopathy that are used following any operative surgery for quick and easy recovery as we know from different books written by one and unique Dr. Dorothy Shephard where she narrated her experience of treating numerous war-wounded patients in different hospitals during 2nd world war.

Last, but not the least, for a long range of diseases idiopathic in nature(where cause is unknown), homeopathy has got an edge over all other systems of Medicine!


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